Anatomy & Physiology 101 Mastering A&P Ch 13 Practice

Which CNS structure is a thick tract of white matter that interconnects the two cerebral hemispheres?corpus callosum
The limbic system:is also known as the motivational system.
Which is correct regarding the prefrontal cortex?It coordinates information relayed from the association areas of the cortex.
Which general sensory receptors are fast-adapting receptors and are most sensitive to pulsing or high-frequency vibrating stimuli?lamellated corpuscles
Which of the following lies between the cerebrum and the brainstem?diencephalon
________ are chambers within the brain that contain cerebrospinal fluid.Ventricles
Sensory information is processed and relayed to the cerebrum by thethalamus
Autonomic centers that control blood pressure, heart rate, and digestion are located in themedulla oblongata
The neural tissue is isolated from the general circulation by the ________.blood-brain barrier
The layer of the meninges that closely follows every gyrus and sulcus is thepia mater
The cells that cover the outer surfaces of CNS capillaries cells are theastrocytes
What is produced by the structure labeled “2”?cerebrospinal fluid
Absorption at the arachnoid granulations returns CSF to thevenous circulation
Which of the following is not a function of cerebrospinal fluid?provides ATP for impulse transmission
What structure is covered by many blood vessels and adheres tightly to the surface of the brain?pia mater
What contains a spiderweb-like network of cells and fibers through which cerebrospinal fluid flows?subarachnoid space
Identify the structure labeled “8.”arachnoid granulation
Which structure coordinates complex motor patterns through feedback loops?cerebellum
The pons containssensory and motor nuclei for four cranial nerves.
nuclei concerned with the control of respiration.
tracts that link the cerebellum with the brainstem.
all of the above
The control of heart rate and blood pressure is based in themedulla oblongata
Overseeing the postural muscles of the body and making rapid adjustments to maintain balance and equilibrium are functions of thecerebellum
The ________ provides the principal link between the nervous and endocrine systems.hypothalamus
Which of the following is a function of the thalamus?process sensory information and relay it to the cerebrum
Joe begins to experience mood swings and disturbed thirst and hunger. Imaging studies indicate that a brain tumor is the likely cause of these disorders. In what part of the brain is the tumor most likely located?hypothalamus
Which of the following is a function of the hypothalamus?coordinates day-night cycles of activity/inactivity
controls autonomic centers
regulates body temperature
secretes hormones
all of the above
Terry suffers from dissociation of memories from their emotional content as the result of an automobile accident. What system of the brain is probably damaged?the limbic system
Which of the following is not a property of the limbic system?functions in maintaining homeostasis in cold weather
The basal nucleiprovide the general pattern and rhythm for movements such as walking
The basal nucleiprovide the background patterns of movement involved in voluntary motor activities
Divisions of the cerebral hemispheres that are named after the overlying skull bones arelobes
The primary motor cortex is the surface of theprecentral gyrus
The surface of the postcentral gyrus contains the ________ cortexprimary sensory
The hemisphere of the brain that performs spatial visualization and analysis is the ________ hemisphere.right
The auditory cortex is located in thetemporal lobe
The highest levels of information processing occur in thecerebrum
Bob is struck on the left side of the head and is knocked unconscious. When he recovers consciousness, he can hear individual words but cannot understand the meaning of phrases or sentences. This implies damage to hisgeneral interpretive area
In most cases, the general interpretive center and the speech center are located in the ________ cerebral hemisphere.left
After suffering a stroke, Mary finds that she cannot move her right arm. This would suggest that the stroke damage is in the area of the ________ lobe.left frontal
The visual cortex is located in theoccipital lobe
The region of the brain responsible for predicting the consequence of events or actions is theprefrontal cerebral cortex
The general interpretive areaallows us to interpret what is read or heard
After suffering a blow to the back of the head, Phil loses his vision. The blow probably caused damage to theoccipital lobe
________ centers receive information from many association areas and direct extremely complex motor activities such as speech.Integrative
Olfactory receptors send axons through the cribriform plate and synapse on neurons in theolfactory bulb
There are ________ pairs of cranial nerves12
You suspect your friend has damage to cranial nerve I when he is unable tosmell his food
________ is a conscious awareness of a sensation.Perception
The term general senses refers to sensitivity to all of the following, excepttaste
The general sensesinvolve receptors that are relatively simple in structure
A receptor that responds to chemicals dissolved in solution is a ________chemoreceptor
The ________ is the area monitored by a single receptor cell.receptive field
A receptor that contains many mechanically gated ion channels would function best as atactile receptor
________ is a reduction in sensitivity in the presence of a constant stimulus.Adaptation
Thermoreceptorsare found within the dermis.
are free nerve endings.
for “cold” are structurally indistinguishable from those for “warm.”
all of the above
Receptors that monitor the position of joints belong to the category calledproprioceptors
Mechanoreceptors that respond to changes in blood pressure are calledbaroreceptors
Mechanoreceptors might detect which of the following sensations?pressure
muscle length
all of the above
Autonomic motor neuronsconduct impulses to smooth and cardiac muscles and glands
Each of the following effects is associated with stimulation by sympathetic nerves, exceptdecreased heart rate
Stimulation of the reticular formation region of the midbrain results inincreased consciousness
The respiratory rhythmicity center is located in themedulla oblongata
The cerebellum adjusts motor activity in response to all of the following, exceptsmell sensations