ARH2000 intro quiz

the first part of this question is true; the second part is falseJanet Echelman’s Her Secret Is Patience is a site-specific work that was intended to relate to it’s desert environment, but one critic said it looks like a giant cotton-candy tornado
an artistic tradition that forbids the use of the figureThe term ‘aniconic’ means
trueYour instructor for this course says that ‘art has power’
he artist’s feelings of a divided selfYong Soon Min’s ‘Dwelling’ is an assemblage that may attempt to express which of the following?
falseThe work ‘Heartland’, which looks like a giant quilted heart, denies/negates traditional notions of the femmage
conceptual artJoseph Kosuth’s ‘One and Three Chairs’ is an example of
designWhich of the following is a result of the process of arranging, selecting, and ordering?
formalArt theory that focuses on the composition and influence of the work, and NOT the artwork’s historical context
cartoonThe original meaning of the term ____________ is a type of preparatory drawing that is a full-sized guide for a larger work.
temperaA type of painting that uses egg yolk as a binder is
ChinaThe ancient process of printing originally came to Europe from
color prints faded over timeColor photographic film was available to artists in the early 20th century, but many preferred black-and-white film, because
experimental filmIn filmmaking, Oskar Fischinger’s ‘Circles’ is considered to be the first
drawing and storyboardingMovie director Ridley Scott, trained as a visual artist, states that ______ is an important part of his creative process
QR (Quick Response) codeA 2009 building in Japan incorporated an interactive design onto its surface that provides information about the building and business. The term used for this new technology in design is
additive and subtractiveThe process of making a sculpture generally falls into these two categories
warp and weftIn weaving, lengthwise and cross fibers are called the
the skyscraperThe United States’ contribution to 20th century architecture was
true‘The Liberation of Aunt Jemima,’ is best described as challenging the traditional roles of black women in America
trueThe subject of ‘He Got Game’ by Robin Rhodes is a black man playing basketball