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Writing a “Why This College?” essay in inevitable!

Out of the thousands of colleges in the world, you chose a particular college; now, you need to make it known to the College admissions committee why you chose them. While this may sound like a relatively straightforward question; surprisingly, it can be hard to navigate. Besides, it can sound like a chore, and will certainly require a substantial amount of work and time. Most times, selective collegeeceive applications from a lot of worthy students with similar grades- just like you. Therefore, this essay along with extracurricular activities and reference letters is what they use to identify what sets you apart from the rest of the talented candidates.  A “Why This College” essay gives the Admissions team the sense of whether or not you are familiar with and value their school. Moreover, verbalizing why you are applying gives you the opportunity to really think it through, decide what you want to get out of your college education and experience, and whether the target school fits your aspirations and goals.

What sets you apart? You have a unique personality, background, and interests. This is your shot to them know who you are. The best way to do this is by creating a thoughtful, personal essay about what’s meaningful for you. Be genuine and honest, let your unique personality shine through, and focus on being yourself to win the hearts of the admissions team. Besides, Colleges are simply searching for motivated, thoughtful students that will add value to their institution and all you need to do is prove that you are the one.

What You Should Include in “Why This College?” Essay

DO:  Create an Essay Describing  “Why we are Suitable for Each Other”

When drafting a “why this college essay,” you have to explain why you want to go to a particular college. You cannot simply say “because you are the best”. You need to be a little more precise. You do this by thoroughly researching the school, then coming up with a list of bullet points explaining your easons why you and the college are a perfect match for one another.  For instance, if the school has a journalism club, expound on why you think this is the perfect club for you. Or probably you are interested in learning Spanish; you can identify whether the institution offers something related to learning Spanish, whether extracurricularly or academically. Specificity is important in creating a unique, top-notch essay.

DO: Mention Particular Classes, Clubs, Professors, and Activities That You Will Be Really Excited to Be Part Of

Imagine yourself as a freshman on campus. What activities are you getting involved in? Who are you having conversations with? And what kind of conversations are you having? This will come in handy to create a relevant and appropriate essay. Make sure also to understand whether you have adequately researched the institution, whether you are proving that you are familiar with the college, whether you are exhibiting your intelligence, and whether you are connecting what you have to what they have.

DO: Remember This Is Another Shot to Exhibit a Few More of Your Passions/Interests/Talents/Skills

Create a list of the key things you need the college to know about you. Ask yourself whether all these values/qualities are in your main essay or another supplement. If not, this may be the avenue to include several details about who you are. However, you have to connect it to an amazing program/ opportunity/ offering either on or off campus.

What Things to Avoid in the “Why This College” Essay

DON’T: Write About the School’s Location, Size, Weather or Reputation

You cannot write about the school’s known features because that’s whatvery other applicant is writing about, and the admissions team is tired of reading this over and over. Therefore, do not turn this essay into a laundry list of the common reasons for wanting to join the college. “I like UCLA because of the spectacular weather!” You know where else has amazing weather? Every other UC college, the south, and about a hundred other places. “I want to go to Michigan because it is a major research facility with amazing sports,” so does every other Top 10 colleges and hundreds of others. This lacks the wow factor, which is what you need to stand out.

DON’T: Reframe the Question

Do not fall into the trap of making your essay about the college. These institutions do not need an ego boost; they already know how great and amazing their school is. Instead, focus on yourself, and proving why you are a perfect match for each other.

why this college, essay sample

“Why This College?”, Essay Sample

I have been an Internet guru since I was 12. When I turned 15, I started designing websites for my local community, and my school as a pastime and personal hobby. As a matter of fact, Intel Corporation hired me as a webmaster in the summer of 2015. Additionally, I volunteer most of my free time to run the website of Key Club, which is the biggest community service club at my high school. Initially, my interest in Internet technology was merely out of curiosity, but this interest has steadily grown into an intellectual passion defining the person I am today.

For the past three years, I have been designing Internet applications and websites – doing what I love, what I am good at. I have pursued my dreams and developed a passion for Internet technology as a means for communicating knowledge and expressing ideas. I have learned firsthand how powerful this technology is in reaching out and connections with people to cause change and make a difference globally.

There is a no better institution to learn Internet technology that Stanford, home to the majority of Silicon Valley’s most innovative organizations including Yahoo!, Google, and Sun Microsystems. I want to be part of a learning environment that teaches creativity, fosters a spirit of entrepreneurship, and encourages innovation. I want to go to a college where I get to live among peers who share a similar appreciation to learn and a drive towards excelling just like I have.

My dream is pushing the scope of Internet Technology beyond its existing boundaries and limits, to bring about fresh ideas and innovations to the international marketplace. Where else other than Stanford can I achieve this dream? Nowhere! With prestigious programs such as the Mayfield Fellows Program and Stanford Technology Ventures, state-of-the-art research facilities, equipment, and a world-class organization, Stanford is the ideal institution for a thriving Internet entrepreneur like me to succeed both socially and academically.

There is still so much I can learn about the Internet and software, and hope that I’m on the forefront of contemporary developments. Besides, I will also get to participate in off-campus volunteer opportunities that help make the world a better place including the American Red Cross Silicon Valley, which I have prior experience in, as well as join the Basketball club since I love to play basketball. I am not scared of breaking tradition or doing things differently from how they have been done before in order to achieve my dream of attending the leading university in Internet Advancement.

Why The Essay Above Is Good and Can Help the Student Succeed?

This essay should guarantee the student because the student has shown that he or she has a sense of what makes his or her dream College special and different. He or she has done this by describing specific activities and programs that happen at the school, as well as describing himself or herself being comfortable with the College’s traditions and the general feel of student life there.

Additionally, he or she has demonstrated that he or she will be a good fit for the school because his or her interests correspond with the institution’s strengths. His or her hobbies and passion also mesh well with the clubs and programs offered at the school, and he or she will contribute to college life by pursuing his or her dream course and getting involved in co-curricular activities. Finally, based on what he or she wants to achieve, he or she has demonstrated that the College is a good fit for him or her since it can offer him or her with the course he or she wishes to study, academic programs, extracurricular clubs, and volunteer programs he or she can take advantage of. He or she has proven that he or she will succeed academically here since the college is at the right pace and rigor for his or her ideal learning environment.