why i want to become a nurse, essay

Table of contents:

  1. How to write an introduction
  2. How to write a thesis
  3. How to write body paragraphs
  4. How to write a conclusion

Why I Want To Become A Nurse?, Writing Instructions

When one starts reading something, from the initial lines it should be understood why this text is worth reading and what makes this text distinct among the other ones. Particularly if your essay is going to be checked by a teacher and estimated, an essay has to present a current interest. This is the actuality.

The actuality involves a person into reading, and in this part of a composition, one can mention a true-to-life story or experience.

For example:

Every person in his or her life, sooner or later, faces with a choice, no matter how complex it may seem, people have to choose. From the very childhood, we dreamed of becoming adults, going to work as our parents. But childhood passes fast and it’s time to ask yourself: “What do I want to become”. At school this year we have a new subject – professional guidance courses, where we were told about different professions and did tests to determine our inclinations. All my classmates and I began thinking about what we want to become in the future, what profession we would like to have.

How to start an essay on this topic

One of the best ways to start the essay is to ask a difficult question and answer it with the help of reflexion or it is possible to begin the introduction from the list of words-synonyms of the basic concept characterizing the theme of work. One more way is to start with a quotation and your agreement or disagreement with it.

For example:

Nursing is not for everyone. It takes a very strong, intelligent, and compassionate person to take on the ills of the world with passion and purpose and work to maintain the health and well-being of the planet. No wonder we’re exhausted at the end of the day! – Donna Wilk Cardillo. I totally agree with this quotation and having read it I felt a deep responsibility that takes every nurse every day. I always wanted to become a nurse and even though I understand how difficult it is, I ask myself a question “If not me, then who?”

The mercy is the sentiment that every nurse has to feel. It’s important to surround every person in the hospital with love, care, and support, not only physical but also the moral one. Only people who are really sensitive can become a nurse land I personally feel the necessity to share my love with somebody.

Thesis writing

Try to understand over the most importаnt points – thesеs аnd present them in а structured form. Don’t overloаd them with unnecessаry informаtion аnd don’t mаke them too lаrge. Reаssure thаt they correspond to the topic аnd аre connected with eаch other. In this example is presented a short information about nursing, the problem in the whole is expressed and then comes reflexion of the author about readiness to deal with the chosen profession.

For example:

Everything in the nurse should dispose of a patient towards him or her, starting with the appearance (tightness, orderliness, facial expression) is about a partnership between a nurse and a patient, the patient should feel that she wants to help him.

Body paragraphs

The next step – the main body of the essay. It must contain the most important arguments and reflexions. In this case, it is an answer to the question “Why I want to become a nurse” asked in the introduction. Use link words to make your writing coherent: finally, second(y), lastly, and foremost, to begin with, to start with.

For example:

Why do I want to become a nurse?

Firstly, the main reason for my choice is a desire to help people. A nurse is also a very noble profession. People who are in the hospital do not have enough care and attention, and a nurse can comfort a patient when no one is around. The nurse should treat them kindly and provide them with the maximum level of attention, thus the patients will feel at home.

Walking along the street, I can face the fact that someone will need medical help. For example, some elderly woman will feel bad, or a young man will fall and break his leg or a pregnant lady may need help. In these cases, they will need a professional help on the street and I will be happy to be their helper. I want to have the professional skills and knowledge to help in such cases.

I believe that the profession is very useful. It is useful in life because a nurse always knows how to provide an aid. She is not a doctor, but she has even more universal and complicated role. I have parents, later I will have children, and I want to be able to provide them with medical care that can save their lives.

Lastly, she should be kind, able to empathize, and I have these qualities, I can become a good nurse who will be appreciated and respected. I would like to treat people with kindness and empathy. If I become a nurse and I will help people, I will feel that I live not in vain and do something useful for society.


A good conclusion will make a reader reflect and will not let him or her forget the writing very fast. Make it emotional or you can even run to an open ending – end it with a rhetorical question. Summarize all the mentioned information and give one more time a brief answer to the question asked in the introduction as if you are making a conclusion after all your reflections. Use link words for the conclusion: in conclusion, in summary.

For example:

In conclusion, I want to say that in my opinion, I possess all the necessary qualities to become a nurse. This profession suits me well and if I will achieve my goal I will help people, I will feel that I live not in vain and do something useful for our society.