Why I Chose Nursing

Why I Choose Nursing (APA)

Nursing provides the individuals within a healthcare setting with an opportunity to build a career and also bring positive changes in the lives of the people. A nurse, while at work, obtains a chance to work for the wellbeing of the people. The study thus intends to highlight the various advantages of nursing as a career and further presents the factors that are to be evaluated before making a decision of becoming a nurse.


Nursing as a Profession

The primary reason, based on which I chose nursing as a profession is that it offered various options for working such as part-time, full-time, day shift, night shift, evening and morning shifts as well. The working hours are also adjustable from 4-12 and regarding location, the job is also found to be transferable, i.e. a nurse can work in any region throughout the world. As a nurse, I am always open to opportunities, where I can specialize myself in another specialized area of nursing. The nurse can further enjoy outstanding mobility in career, irrespective of whether the nurse is registered or simply a practitioner. They can travel to different places and even work as a front-line caregiver in traumatic situations. One can also work in public or in community health centers as an educator. It can be also stated that nursing provides job safety, career and mobility (Manzoor & Daud, 2010). Furthermore, the nursing profession offers a variety of work settings. The demand for nursing professionals tends to rise with the hike in population, and hence there is rarely a scarcity of this job evident across the globe (Nurse Journal, 2018).

Other Benefits of Nursing

Nursing as a profession also provides an individual with mental satisfaction and also gives meaning to their life, and this is what interests me the most in helping others. Nursing is one of those professions, where people even lays-off their lives in the hands of the nurse and trusts them blindly. It is a blessed feeling that as a nurse I have an opportunity to support and assist them in bringing new lives on earth, thereby witnessing it in the long run. As a nurse in a community people can access my help provide men with an opportunity to bring changes in people’s life. They are acquainted with a quality education that not just builds their career or not just earns for oneself, but by choosing nursing as a profession, they can make use of their knowledge to serves each and every individual in the world (Nurse Journal, 2018; Practical Nursing, 2018). Most importantly, nurses are empowered with acquired knowledge that can enable them to serve their community and save the world.

Factors that are to be evaluated before choosing nursing as a profession

Although nursing is one of the best career choices, there tends to remain certain essentials aspects that are to be understood before making. One such necessity is to analyze the reason behind choosing nursing as a profession and to determine whether it is a personal interest to serve people or for its scope, salaries or job security. Besides, a nurse should never be biased on the grounds of race, color or status and must be able to treat every patient as valuable. Sometimes, a nurse may face a difficult situation in handling people in pain and even at the last stages of their life. In such cases, they must not panic and must rather treat them with patience and care. At the time of working in a team and helping each other, the nurses may also have to struggle due to the frustration of patients and their behavior but must have the patience and mental stability to deal with them and situation effectively (University of Buffalo, 2018).


It can thus be inferred that students who can fulfill all the conditions of being a nurse including working under difficult situations or treating the patient as valuable or helping them irrespective of any case and differences can opt for selecting nursing as his/her career.


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