Apex Quiz 1.2.4

The calculated average of letter grades earned in high school is called _____.A grade point average
A cumulative grade point average differs from a grade point average because it factors in:Grades earned in all semesters up to the most recent semester.
The basic formula to calculate a student’s GPA is the:Addition of all grade points in completed courses divided by the number of classes completed.
A postsecondary school that has a set of requirements for admission is called a:Selective college.
A selective college usually requires more years of _____ than a high school requires.World languages
All of the following are normally required for admission to a selective college except:Job shadows and internships.
The official record of a high school student’s performance is called:a high school transcript.
Which of the following is listed on a high school transcript?Immunization information
Who at the school maintains students’ high school transcripts?The registrar
A grade of A is worth _____ grade points.4.0
A grade of B is worth _____ grade points.3.0
A grade of D is worth _____ grade points.1.0
A(n) _____ GPA includes the additional grade points provided to a student for completing advanced, honors, dual enrollment, AP, or IB courses.weighted
Which of the following would not count toward a weighted GPA?High school biology
The highest GPA you could achieve if your school allows for weighted credit is:4.0.
Many colleges review students’ scores on the _____ or _____ before deciding whether to offer them admission.ACT; SAT
ACT scores and _____ are often included on high school transcripts and college admissions boards may use that information to determine whether to offer you admission.SAT scores
A transcript must bear a(n) _____ to be considered official.Signature or school stamp
A subject area in which students learn the fundamentals of a foreign language such as vocabulary, verb conjugation, and grammar is called _____.World languages
Which of the following is a focal point of world languages in high school?Culture
All of the following are features of world language courses except:The psychology of native speakers of a language.
A postsecondary school that does not have a set of admission requirements such as a minimum GPA or test scores is called a(n):Open college
Which of the following is an example of an open college?A community college
What is the minimum requirement to enroll in an open college?There is no requirement.
The official at a high school who maintains students’ personal and academic records is called a(n) _____.high school registrar
The registrar does all of the following except:register students for school.
A registrar can be found at any of the following except:voting registration polls.
The measure of how a student’s performance compares with that of other students in his or her class is called _____.class rank
All of the following are reasons why class rank is important for your academic success except:only students ranked in the top 20 percent can attend college
What is another way to express class rank?Percentile rank