70 – 410 Lessons 10 – 12 Study Questions

TunnelingWhich of the following is the primary method for transmitting IPv6 traffic over an IPv4 network?
Unique Local Unicast AddressWhich of the following is the IPv6 equivalent to a private IPv4 address?
TeredoWhich of the following is an automatic tunneling protocol used by Windows operating systems that are located behind NAT routers? subnet mask would you use when configuring a TCP/IP client with an IPv4 address on the network?
Classes A, B, and CWhat are the classes of IPv4 addresses used to provide support for networks?
Uses a subnetting method that divides between network bits and host bits anywhere, not just between octetsHow does Classless Inter-Domain Routing (CIDR) help reduce waste of IP addresses?
Automatic Private IP Addressing (APIPA)There are three alternatives to assigning an IPv4 address. Two are manual configuration and DHCP. What is the third?
colon-hexadecimal formatInstead of the four 8-bit decimal numbers separated by periods that IPv4 uses, IPv6 addresses use a notation called____.
Two consecutive 8-bit blocks of zerosWhat does a double-colon in an IPv6 address signify?
The computer assigns itself a link-local unicast address.What is the stateless address autoconfiguration process, during a Windows computer start?
Administrators are hesitant and reluctant to change.What is the primary reason IPv6 has not completely replaced IPv4?
Proxy servers offer additional functions such as they can scan, cache, and filter certain types of data.What is the primary difference between a NAT server and a proxy server?
Windows Server 2008, Windows Server 2012, and Vista have IPv6 running by default.Your company environment includes Windows Server versions 2003, 2008, and 2012. Desktops range from Windows XP and Vista. To transition to IPv6, what versions have IPv6 support running by defailt?
Remote Access supports IPv6 routing and advertising, and the DHCP Server role can allocate IPv6 addresses.What Windows Server 2012 services and applications offer IPv6 support?
ISATAP emulates an IPv6 link for use on an IPv4 networkWhat is Intra-Site Automatic Tunnel Addressing Protocol (ISATAP)?
Relay agentsWhich of the following is not one of the elements of the Domain Name System (DNS)?
Each individual domain name can be no more than 63 characters long. The total FQDN (including the trailing period) can be no more than 255 characters long.What is the maximum length for a fully qualified domain name, including the trailing period? of the following would be the correct FQDN for a resource record in a reverse lookup zone if the computer’s IP address is
Full Zone Transfers & Incremental Zone TransfersWhich of the following are types of zone transfers supported by the DNS server in Windows Server 2012?
ContosoIn the fully qualified domain name www.sales.contoso.com, which of the following is the second-level domain?
Conditional ForwarderThis DNS configuration item will forward DNS queries to different servers based on the domain name of the query.
AAAA recordThe IPv6 DNS host record is referred to as a(n):
Authoritative answerA DNS server that hosts a primary or secondary zone containing a particular record can issue the following response to a query for the record:
Zone TransferData from a primary zone is transmitted to secondary zone using the following:
Secure dynamic updatesThe following feature is available only on Active Directory-integrated DNS zones:
All Internet applications working with host names must use DNS to resolve host names into IP addresses.What client applications utilize Domain Name System (DNS) to resolve host names into IP addresses?
Name caching enables the second name resolution request for the same name to bypass the referral process.What is the primary purpose of name caching?
Specifying a TTL that is too short can overburden root name and top-level domain servers with requests.What are the dangerous consequences of a poorly chosen Time To Live (TTL)?
Reducing the traffic and making efficient use of available bandwidth across the network perimetterWhat is the primary benefit of a DNS forwarder?
Avoid an excessive number of domain levels.What are some best practices when creating internal DNS namespaces.
DHCPINFORMWhich of the following message types is not used during a successful DHCP address assignment?
DHCP servers using identical scopesWhich of the following is not one of the techniques you can use to provide fault tolerance for DHCP servers?
distributedWhich of the following DHCP infrastructure designs requires the largest number of DHCP server implementations?
manual allocationWhich of the following types of DHCP address allocation is the equivalent of a reservation in Windows Server 2012?
DHCPDISCOVERWhich of the following DHCP message types is sent first in process of obtaining an address lease?
Application layerAt which layer of the OSI model does DHCP operate?
T1A DHCP client first attempts to reacquire its lease at half the lease time, which is known as:
superscopeThe following is an administrative grouping of scopes that is used to support multiple logical subnets on a single network segment:
MACThe following is a hexadecimal address that is uniquely associated with a specific Network Interface Card (NIC):
routers; Windows Server 2012 computersWhich of the following network components are typically capable of functioning as DHCP relay agents?
This process prevents accidental duplication of permanently assigned IP addresses.One method a Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) server allocates IP addresses is called manual allocation. This process involves manually assigning an IP address to a particular server. What is the key benefit of DHCP manual allocation over manually configuring the address directly on the server?
Deploy additional DHCP servers on the most burdened subnets.Your DHCP servers are burdened with heavy traffic, most related to IP address renewals. Unfortunately, virtually all the IP addresses in each of your subnets are allocated. Which of the following options is the best way to lower the renewal traffic?
Install Windows 8 using Pre-boot Execution Environment (PXE) and Windows Deployment Services (WDS).You are preparing to deploy Windows 8 to a large number of new workstations. Which of the following options would be best?
The DHCP server on the network must have a custom PXEClient option (option 60) configured with the location of the WDS server on the network.To make use of Pre-boot Execution Environment (PXE) and Windows Deployment Services (WDS), what special configuration do you require on the server and client?
Web servers, DHCP servers, and domain controllersWhat servers should not be DHCP clients?