BCOMM Exam 1

Which of the following statements about business messages is true?Providing required information is essential because not providing enough information can leave your reader wondering how to respond.
Typically, in the context of developing effective business messages, the priorities of the targeted audience…tend to shift more often than values.
Which of the following is true of credibility?It is an important basis for effective communication.
Which of the following statements accurately describes the role played by character in the establishment of credibility?Character is especially important in long-term, collaborative relationships.
How does the use of figures of speech (such as idioms and metaphors) in business writing affect readers?It can confuse readers because they contain nonliteral meanings.
Which of the following should you do while constructing your list of references?Provide the current contact information of each of your references.
Which action demonstrates that Joaquin acts with transparency?He shares all relevant information with stakeholders.
Tulip has been asked to create an effective business message aimed at making the employees understand the benefits of working in a group. In the process of creating the business message, she studies the background of the employees and their needs and priorities. This action belongs to which step of the AIM planning process used for developing influential messages?audience analysis
The inductive approach to writing a business argumentprovides the supporting reasons first before the primary message.
While conducting the FAIR test, which of the following questions will help you analyze whether your message demonstrates respect for the inherent worth of your audience?Have you shown that you value others?
Which of the following is most likely to lower a person’s credibility?exaggeration of facts
Which of the following statements uses clichés to show enthusiasm for a potential position?The financial analyst position you posted on your website is my dream job.
The use of familiar words in business messages is most likely tohelp the readers to process the information easily.
In the course of creating an effective business message, excellent business thinkers are most likely toidentify and articulate key questions and problems.
Jerry, the CEO of Turbo Inc., is a successful business leader with a reputation for caring. Which of the following statements would prove this?He strives to understand the interests and aspirations of his employees.
In the business world, caring can be demonstrated byconsidering the needs of customers and employees.
How should you position your contributions in a résumé?Most important contributions should be positioned first.
Which of the following actions by an interviewee is most likely to sabotage the interview process?dressing provocatively
Which of the following techniques is most likely to make business messages more positive?displaying a confident attitude
At the U.S. division of Bluebell Inc. the productivity of the employees is going down. Kinsey, the branch manager conducts thorough research and learns that most of the employees were involved in social loafing. If he wants to use the deductive approach, how should Kinsey structure his report to senior management?state the primary message; lay out supporting reasons; conclude with a call to action
Which of the following is most likely to be true about excellent business writers?They spend a significant amount of time reviewing their work.
While conducting the FAIR test, which of the following questions will help you analyze the impact of your business message?Have you thought about how the message will affect stakeholders?
Which of the following should ideally be one of the goals of a business communicator?to express the message in a way that respects others
A business leader can cultivate a sense of community byhaving a communication style that is we-oriented, not me-oriented.
People who speak out constructively about differences of opinion are most likely to havehigh relationship management skills.
In the context of attributes that establish credibility during the job application process, being ______ is associated with competence.resourceful
To keep their writing natural and engaging, business writers should avoidout-of-place words.
In all business messages, communicators should ideally aim toproject concern for others.
Which of the following suggestions should be followed to build a well-reasoned business position?Use strong analogies.
Which of the following is a sign of a person paying attention?a nod to indicate acknowledgement
What is the most likely impact of slanting facts?It reduces the credibility of a business message.
Which of the following is true of competence?A person’s reputation for competence is influenced by his or her communication skills.
The less specific you are while writing your business messages, the greater the possibility that your readers willscan and skim your message.
Which of the following is the effect of using active voice while writing business messages?It emphasizes the business orientation of action.
When you are trying to read another person’s nonverbal clues, which of the following should you focus on the most?the eyes
Matt and LaRita grew up in communities that view authority in very different ways, so they have difficulty understanding each other at times. The problem is being caused primarily because ofa filter of lifetime experiences.
Which of the following is one of the advantages of using the FAIR test to review business documents?It helps ensure that there are no logical errors in the message.
Which of the following statements effectively quantifies accomplishments in a previous job?organized a workshop for 100 sales representatives
In order to make business messages more positive, writers should focus on actions they can accomplish and demonstrate a realistic optimism. However, they should be carefulnot to exaggerate facts.
In his résumé, Mac lists the attributes “a proven track record of success” and “gives 110%.” The use of such clichés will most likelygive the impression that Mac has inflated beliefs about his abilities.
A sense of caring is demonstrated by an employer whoprioritizes the development of his or her employees’ skills.
To help business writers make their messages easier to read, they shoulduse short sentences.
While examining the pros and cons of introducing a stress-busting yoga program for the employees of Hillock Inc., Juanita learns that the pros far outnumber the cons and decides to recommend implementation of the yoga program. Which of the following statements is most likely to increase the positivity of her proposition?The yoga program would increase the efficiency of the employees.
Which of the following employees is most likely to be an extrovert?Len meets everyone in the department by his third day on the job.
When writers use long paragraphs in business messages, itshows disrespect for the reader’s time.
Which of the following is true of contemporary organizational culture?Most organizations are moving toward flatter communication structures.
Which of the following is an effective way of responding to questions during an interview?saying “I” instead of “we” when talking about accomplishments at work
When personal values and corporate values are aligned, employees have moreintegrity.
Frank is having difficulty hearing the point his coworker is making because of loud hammering outside the window. What type of noise is Frank experiencing?physical
Terence works as a software developer and is very particular about maintaining the quality of his work. He has set a very high standard for himself as well as those working under him. Terence’s high ideals are referred to asvalues.
Daniel has to prepare a report outlining the reasons why his company is going to shut down two factories in the United States. How will Daniel structure the report if he wants to use the inductive method?lay out the supporting reasons in careful order; state the primary message
How can a business leader create an environment of transparency?by acknowledging the concerns of employees
Which of the following is most likely to be true about the people who exhibit high self-management?They spend a higher percentage of work conversations on work-related topics.
To break out of the reputation of an inexperienced newcomer, you shouldask your boss for ideas about improving your professional reputation.
Which of the following should you avoid while constructing your list of references?including current supervisors who are not happy that you are leaving your current position
To build well-reasoned business positions, one shouldavoid faulty cause/effect claims.
During job interviews, telling stories about your ______ can create a positive connection between you and your potential employers.successes in the past
Which of the following is characteristic of learner mind-sets?viewing differences of opinion as normal
While analyzing the advantages of orientation programs for new employees, Carter learns that these programs can make new employees more comfortable in their jobs and thus help them focus on their work. This in turn increases employee efficiency and reduces the likelihood that they will quit their jobs. Which of the following statements should Carter avoid making because it exaggerates the facts?Orientation programs eliminate the likelihood of new employees quitting their jobs.
Which of the following statements from a résumé best describes experience in a way that emphasizes action?assisted with the processing of client orders
The use of uncommon words in a business message is most likely tomake it more difficult for readers to interpret the message.
Which of the following factors reduces the incidence of unethical behavior?a transparent atmosphere