Chapter 13 World History

Which of the following distinguished the empires of Western Europe from other empires?They were initiated by maritime expansion
Which of the following regions experienced the least racial mixing and was the least willing to recognize the offspring of interracial unions?British North America
Which of the following was a reason that Portugal, Spain, France, and British were the first to expand into the New World?These lands were on the Atlantic coast and were closer to the Americas
Why did some Native Americans aid the Spanish in their initial invasion of the New World?To gain an advantage against their own enemies
The colonial economy of the Spanish Empire in former Aztec and Inca lands was…Based on commercial agriculture and mining.
How did many Native Americans in Mesoamerica and Peru respond to Spanish missionaries’ efforts to convert them into Catholicism?They blended their old customs into Catholic practices
Which of the following motivated Europeans to venture across the Atlantic Ocean?Rivalries between competing European states
Which of the following describes slavery in Latin America?Slaves could not be set free by their owners nor could they buy their freedom
In contrast to the Portuguese and Spanish colonists in Latin America, British colonists in North America…Sought to escape rather than re-create European traditions in the Americas
what contributed to the higher literacy rates in the British colonies in North America than in the Spanish and Portuguese colonies in Latin America?Protestantism, which was practiced by most British colonists, encouraged reading the bible for oneself
Which of the following describes a feature of Qing China’s policy toward its possessions in central Asia?Respect for the different cultures of the region
How did the Chinese and Russian expansion into Central Asia affect the nomadic peoples inhabiting the steppe lands?They no longer enjoyed political independence and economic prosperity
The Mughal ruler Akbar favored policies the promotedA cosmopolitan and hybrid Indian-Persian -Turkic culture
Which of the following was a result if the Ottoman Empire’s policy toward the Christian population in southeastern Europe?Christian communities enjoyed considerable autonomy over their own affairs
Which of the following was an outcome of the establishment of European empires in the Americas?The emergence of an Atlantic world connecting four continents
Which of the following contributed to the great dying in the Americas?Native Americans’ lack of immunity to European and African diseases
What did the introduction of domesticated animals into the Americas make possible?Ranching economics
How did the silver trade from the mines of Mexico and Peru affect international commerce?It enabled Europeans to by Chinese tea, silk, and porcelain
Which of the following in an example of the Columbian exchange?The introduction of corn and potatoes into the Afro-Eurasian Diet
Which of the following policies reflects mercantilist thinking?Accumulating precious metals
Which of the following dominated the agricultural economy in British North America?Small-scale independent farms working their own land
Which of the following was a reason Russia expanded beginning in the sixteenth century?To secure its borders from attack
Which of the following describes what happened to the native populations of the Steppes and Siberia as a consequence of Russian imperial expansion?Assimilation
In which of the following empires did the process of expansion occur at the same time that a distinctive state was taking shapeThe Russian Empire
Which of the following polices contributed to the growth of Hindi opposition to Mughal rule by the late seventeenth century?Reinstatement of the Jizya
Which of the following offered Christian men a means of upward mobility within the Ottoman Empire?Devshirma
In the conflict between the Islamic and Christian worlds, which event in the fifteenth century signaled that the Islamic world held the upper hand?The Ottoman conquest of Constantinople
Which of the following resulted from Russia’s westward expansion in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries?A program of westernization in Russia
Which of the following contributed to the great dying in the Americas?Native Americans; lack of immunity to European and African diseases.
When did the empire constructed by Russia between 1500 and 1800 finally collapseIn 1991 with the dissolution of the Soviet Union
Which of the following statements best reflects the Spanish colonial economy in the former lands of the Aztecs and the Incas?The economy was based on the twin pillars of mining and commercial agriculture.
Which of the following became part of the Russian Empire in the early modern period?Siberia
How did conquistadors who helped to carve out the Spanish Empire in the Americas describe their motivations for doing so?They went to serve God and the king and also to get rich