Why is the metastasis of malignant tumors so dangerous?The metastasized cells can develop into secondary tumors throughout the body.
What factor increases the risk of most cancers?smoking
A mammogram identifies a growth in a patient’s breast, and a biopsy shows that it is cancerous. After the growth is removed, surgeons also check the lymph nodes of the patient. No cancerous cells are found. What does this indicate about the patient’s cancer?The tumor did not metastasize
Which action would increase the levels of antioxidants in the body, and thus decrease the risk of cancer?Eating a high-fiber diet
Through which body system are cancer cells able to travel to different locations in the body?circulatory system
Which step occurs during anaphase?Sister chromatids separate
metaThe root means change or between
meioThe root means to make smaller
mitoThe root mito-means a thread
oncohe root means cancer
protoThe root means prior to or before.
soma (or -some)The root means a body
teloThe root means the end or completion.
Which statement describes cancer?Multiple mutations in a cell’s DNA may be required to cause cancer.
Tumors are the result ofunregulated cell division
Consider a strand of DNA with the sequence GAATTCGGCA. What is the sequence of the complementary strand?CTTAAGCCGT
Mitosis takes place during M phase of the cell cycle, which is longer than interphase.false
A certain species of animal has six pairs of chromosomes. How many DNA molecules are present in the nuclei of these animals during G2 phase?24
Which of the following checkpoints does not occur late in G1?A check that chromosome replication has been successfully completed
Which nucleotide sequence will be replicated from a stretch of DNA with the sequence GCAGCGGAT?CGTCGCCTA
What action occurs during telophase?Nuclear envelopes re-form
A cell with a mutated receptor goes through cell division. A normal tumor suppressor protein repairs the damaged DNA in the cell. What will result from these processes?Overstimulated cell division forms a benign tumor
Which factor increases the risk of many types of cancer?smoking tobacco
What structures are always changed by mutations?DNA
DeShawn is examining dividing cells under a microscope. He sees a cell with separate sister chromatids that appear to be moving to opposite sides of the cell. In which phase of mitosis is the cell that he sees?anaphase.
Only individuals with cancer have proto-oncogenes.false
Cell cycle control is regulated by various checkpoints along the way. What items are necessary for the checkpoints?proteins
is a carcinogen that promotes colon cancer.fat
Which description would fit cancer?unregulated cell replication
An environmental substance that is known to cause cancer is called a what?carcinogen
Radiation emitted from which of the following two sources are most alike?microwaves and cellphones
You are trying to discover if the pesticide atrazine is a mutagen. Where are you looking for mutations?DNA
Cancer-causing substances work in many different waystrue
Which of the following best summarizes current scientific opinion regarding cellphones and brain cancer?While most studies indicate that cellphones do not cause brain cancer, more research needs to be done as cellphone use increases.
The graph shows that 10% of those diagnosed with this cancer are cigarette smokers and 2% are alcohol drinkers. This means that 5 times as many people who smoke cigarettes are diagnosed with this cancer than are those who drink alcohol.true
People who both smoke cigarettes and drink alcohol could cut their risk of getting this cancer in half by quitting drinking alcoholtrue
A synergistic effect between smoking cigarettes and drinking alcohol increases the risk of this cancer in a multiplicative manner rather than in an additive manner.true