BUSI 342 test 3

Soltura Products Inc. has a training program for customer service representatives that tests trainees on their knowledge of company products. Every time a trainee answers a question, he/she learns whether the answer is right or wrong. This is called:Immediate confirmation
Attitude survey data are typically used in_______ analysis of training needs.Organizational
What is the most common reason managers fail after being promoted to managementPoor team work with subordinates and peers
Clarence is the Assistant Vice President of quality control for a medical equipment manufacturing firm. However, Clarence is currently teaching science in a high school in Haiti. At the end of the school semester, Clarence will resume his job duties with his employer. Clarence is:Sabbatical leave
Carmelo, the editor of a business department of a national news magazine, went through a sequence of jobs in the company before he achieved this position. He joined as a staff reporter, then got promoted to technology reporter, then to editor of the business department, and then to deputy managing editor before achieving his current position. This is:The result of organizational career planning
Active practice occurs whenJob related tasks and duties are performed trainees during training
Davidson is the manager of the IT department of his company. He has appointed a consultant for helping him improve his interpersonal skills. The consultant is also working with Davidson to devise collaborative decision-making strategies that are efficient and effective. Davidson’s consultant is best described asLeadership coach
Which of the following is true of appraisal interviewsManagers must communicate both praise and constructive criticism
Which of the following is true of career plateaus?An employee who defines career success as upward mobility would view a career plateau as a sign of failure
The _____ method lists the individuals being rated from highest to lowest based on their performance levels and relative contributions.Ranking
A centralized Web site for news, information, course listings, business games, simulations, and other training materials is called a(n)Learning portal
To qualify as a tax-preparer for a seasonal job at a tax-preparation chain, Martin must answer written questions on tax terminology covered in the e-learning course provided by the company. This evaluation best exemplifies a _____ measure.Learning – level
The _____ occurs when a manager uses only the lower part of the scale to rate employees.Strictness error
Zara, an HR manager at Fluxin LLC, is responsible for implementing a guided self-appraisal system using management by objectives in her organization. She has developed specific standards for performance. Which of the following is typically the next step for Zara?Setting of objectives
Which of the following is a common mistake made by organizations during succession planning?Allowing CEO to direct the planning process
The _____ occurs when a rater gives greater weight to information received first when appraising an individual’s performancePrimacy effect
Margaret is a 54-year-old manager in the client support services department of a heavy equipment manufacturer. She has been with the company throughout her career and has had a steady rise in the hierarchy through promotions. She has performed well in numerous training and development programs. Margaret currently meets performance expectations. In the judgment of Margaret’s superiors, she has “topped out” and will not be qualified for further advancement. Which of the following statements is most appropriate for Margaret’s situation?In the future Margaret should consider more lateral moves
Individual-centered career planning primarily focuses onAn employees characteristics and his/her life and work goals
Which of the following belongs to the behavioral dimensions in graphic rating scales?Communication effectiveness
A panel of division managers evaluating a supervisor’s potential for advancement in the organization is known as_____Outsider ranking
Wilderness excursions as a development tool:Can create a sense of teamwork via the shared work and challenges
Which of the following is an example of results-based informationSales volume
When a key part of performance management, the performance appraisal, is used to punish employees, ______.Performance management is less effective
The _____ occurs when a rater scores an employee high on all job criteria because of performance in one areHalo effect
_____ require that managers directly evaluate the performance levels of their employees against one another, and these evaluations can provide useful information for performance management.Comparative method
The “cognitive” component of intercultural competence is the person’s:Knowledge about a foreign culture
_____ is a relationship in which experienced managers in a company aid individuals in the earlier stages of their careers.Management mentoring
Which of the following is a comparative method of performance appraisals?Forced distribution
Joshua, the director of training, must demonstrate to the top management the amount of financial benefits the company has realized from the expenditures on the mechanics training program. Joshua needs to prepareA return on investment analysis
Which of the following best exemplifies cooperative trainingA community college program in solar panel instalation partners with a solar panel instalation company providing internships
The first step in the succession planning process is toDefine the positions that are critical in the organizational strategy
The best way to determine if a change in performance resulted from training or from other factors is to use a control group combined with:Pre/post measure
_____ is the most widely used means of rating employeesSupervisory rating of subordinates
The loan review department at a major regional bank has an exceptionally high turnover of both administrative assistants and analysts. Several analysts have quit within six months of taking the job. In this scenario, a(n) _____ analysis would most accurately reveal if there is a need for training in this department that would reduce the level of turnover.Organizational
When is a career plateau most likely to occur?When an employee cannot advance upward in an organization
The most common method of delivering training at all levels in an organization isOn the job training
The _____ is the tendency to rate people relative to one another rather than against performance standards.Contrast error
In general, women’s career advancement is negatively affected byGlass ceiling
For the less-experienced manager, the last stage in a successful mentoring relationship is_______ with the mentorFriendship
Development is distinguished from training, in that:Development is broader in scope, focusing on individual capabilities that prove useful for current and future jobs
Kelly spent four days at a training program centered on the use of improved hygiene procedures to reduce infections in long-term care facilities. Six months later, Kelly has not been able to implement these methods due to resistance from the nursing staff and the lack of interest of the medical director. The HR term for Kelly’s experience is:Encapsulated development
At GetHelp Inc., after customer service representatives complete training, their phone calls are monitored to determine if the they are applying the lessons about gathering pertinent information from callers. This evaluation best exemplifies a _____ measureBehavior level
Cole, the director of training for a manufacturer of heavy equipments, is designing a training program for new sales representatives. The sales representatives need to be able to memorize and recall the exact details from the company catalog regarding types of equipment, their functions, their appropriate and inappropriate uses, pricing, and financing packages. Cole’s training program would be most effective if he designed it based on____Mass practice
Dr. Smith, a veterinarian, has hired Carlos as an assistant. On Carlos’s first day at work, Dr. Smith shows him the technique of holding a cat for vaccinations. First, Dr. Smith describes the technique, and then he practically shows the process of vaccination. Later he asks Carlos to hold the cat and corrects his mistakes. This is an example of:On the job training
One way to aid transfer of training to job situations is to ensure that:Training mirrors the job context as much as possible
Which of the following is true of lecture-style classroom instruction?Employees have fewer opportunities to participate than in other types of instructions
Which of the following is typically a responsibility of managers in performance appraisals?Identifying development areas
If the rater has seen only a small specimen of the person’s work, an appraisal may be subject toSampling error
Which of the following is true of organizations that practice a performance-driven approach?Performance evaluation links results to employee compensation results
At Plantsman’s Eden nursery, new workers are trained in proper techniques for planting rooted cuttings. As part of the training, each of the workers are given ten seedlings to plant. Their planting techniques are then checked by the trainer. This best exemplifiesActive practice
In order to reward talented technical people who do not want to move into management, many companies have established:Dual Career ladders
The _____ occurs when a rater gives all employees an average ratingCentral tendency
Which of the following statements is true about e-learningE learning provides access to more employees than conventional training
Which of the following is typically the first stage in implementing a guided self-appraisal system using MBO?Job review and agreement
Which of the following is true of performance appraisal?Performance appraisal is a process of determine how well an employee can do their job relative to a standard and a communication that informs them
The “emotional” component of intercultural competence is the person’sLevel of sensitivity related to cultural issues
The ______ occurs when a low rating on one characteristic leads to an overall low rating.Horns effect
Molly, a customer service representative for an insurance company, was rude to one of her customers. The customer immediately contacted Molly’s supervisor and lodged a complaint. Molly’s supervisor then reprimanded Molly and recorded the incident in her file. Molly has made a conscious effort ever since not to repeat the same mistake. This best exemplifiesThe law of effect
What impact does development have on an individual’s career?The employee is likely to aquire abilities to handle a variety of assignments that might not be required for his or her position
_______ are tools to help people identify their interests, what they do well, what they like, and their strengths and weaknesses.Self assessment test
A_____ is a sequence of work-related positions a person occupies throughout lifeCareer
The ____ provisions have added more demands that boards do CEO succession planningSarbanes-oxely act
When using _______ to evaluate training, HR professionals in an organization, typically gather data on training and compare them to data on training at other organizations of similar size in their industryBenchmarking
Combining short, fast-paced, interactive computer-based lessons and teleconferencing with traditional classroom instruction and simulation is called:Blended learning
Which of the following belongs to the descriptive category in graphic rating scalesQuantity of work
_________ recognizes that for many jobs, employee performance is multidimensional and crosses departmental, organizational, and even national boundaries.360 degree rating
Which of the following is behavior-based information?Timeliness of response
Which of the following statements is true of job sequencingIt is a pattern where an individual steps off the career path or plateaus to accommodate raising children
Senior managers and executives are often hired from outside a firm becauseIt takes time to develop senior managers in house
Which of the following is a comparative method of performance appraisals?Forced distribution
Josh, an HR manager at RoxCom LLC, is responsible for implementing a guided self-appraisal system using management by objectives in his organization. He has reviewed the job description and the key activities that constitute the employee’s job. Which of the following is typically the next step for Josh?Development of performance standards
The simplest methods for appraising performance are _____, which require a manager to mark an employee’s level of performance on a specific form divided into categories of performanceCategory scaling methods
_______provides employees with specific, identifiable knowledge and skills for use in their present jobsTraining
Assistant positions are useful as a management tool mostly becauseThey allow employees to work with outstanding managers
Which of the following is a disadvantage of paid sabbaticals?The nature of the learning experience is often outside of the organizations control
In the _____ phase of the training process, organizational and employee performance issues are considered to determine if training can help.Needs assessment
As a development technique, the best lateral transfersEncourage employees to learn new skills and increase their marketability
Unions view cross training unfavorably primarily because:It threatens job jurisdiction
The high rate of turnover of nursing staff is a major concern at Briar Mountain Regional Medical Center. Many experienced nurses resist moving into management, but exit interviews indicate that many of the best nurses leave Briar Mountain because they feel they cannot advance in the organization. Which of the following steps would be most efficient in reducing the turnover of nursing staff?Implementing a dual Career ladder for nurses
Jeanne is 54 years old. She had worked as a medical research librarian for ten years before quitting in her late forties. She wants to re-enter the workforce. However, she is worried about applying for an open position at the library she was previosly working at because of the major changes in information technology that have taken place in library management. She also feels intimidated by computers. The HR director of the library feels Jeanne is highly qualified for the position in question. Given this scenario, what would be the main barrier to her learning the job tasks?Jeanne low sense of self efficiency regarding the use of computers
Lifelong Learning Accounts:Combine funds from employers and employees to used for employees education
If talent management is effective in a firm, it is most likely that:BuThe firm has a succession plan in place for all holder of critical jobs
The HR department at Total Utilities is planning an internal career day which will feature workshops on various careers at Total Utilities, opportunities for work in the overseas locations of Total Utilities, and presentations by HR staff on training and development opportunities available at Total Utilities. This is an example of:Organization centered career planning
Which of the following is true about on-the-job training (OJT?)It can disrupt regular work in an organization
Which of the following statements is true of organizations that practice the entitlement approach?Employees reward vary little from person to person and are not much based on individual performance differences.
Plateaued employees may be a problem for an organization becauseThey affect morale if they become negative
Andrew is enrolled in a university course on project management. His class meets at the local community college and the instructors present their lectures from universities in other cities using two-way television. This best exemplifies:Distance learning
For the employer, the two major advantages of cross training employees are employee development andFlexibility in assigning work
Which of the following is a narrative method of performance appraisals?Critical incident
The fire fighters of Lake Hogan Fire Department train constantly to keep their skills honed so that they can respond quickly to sudden changes in an emergency situation. This best exemplifies:Over learning
Which of the following statements is true of objective and subjective measures of performance appraisals?Objective measures can be observed and subjective measures require judgment on the part of the evaluator
Employees working in isolation or possessing unique skills may be particularly suited to _____Self rating
is a series of activities designed to ensure that the organization gets the performance it needs from its employees.Performance management
Which of the following is a disadvantage of the on-the-job training (OJT)?Incorrect information from the supervisor can be transferred to the trainees
Which of the following is an objective measure of performanceThe total number of washing machines sold by an employee
When opportunities for promotion are scarce, a good way to keep employees motivated and develop their talents within the organization isTo rotate through lateral transfers
The most elementary way in which people learn is _____, which involves copying someone else’s behavior.Behavior modeling
The _____ occurs when a rater gives greater weight to the latest events when appraising an individual’s performance.Recency error
Web sites that list careers in an organizationShould tap both the internal and external pool
The most common approach for making individual analysis is to:Use performance appraisal data
Managers learn by behavior modeling, which involves:Imitating the behavior of their own managers
Organizations in many industries create value by using the organization’s intellectual capital. This is called _____ management.Knowledge
A problem with the pre-/post-measure of evaluating training isKnowing if the training was responsible for any of the changes in performance
A group of oil refinery supervisors from the U.S. attend a class on Spanish language every Thursday afternoon. Their main purpose is to use Spanish to communicate with their contractors whose primary language is Spanish. This best illustrates _____Spaced practice
In the context of training, self-efficacy refers to:A person’s belief that he or she can successfully learn the training program content
Which of the following is typically the last stage in implementing a guided self-appraisal system using MBO?Continuing performance discussion
___ is especially useful when supervisors do not have the opportunity to observe each employee’s performance but other work group members do.Peer rating
When an organization ties formal succession plans to career paths for employees, itImproves employee retention and performance motivation
The _____ method requires a manager to write a short write-up describing each employee’s performance during the rating periodEssay
Which of the following statements is true of developing a performance focused culture throughout the organizationFirms with performance focused culture have better performance than those without maintenance orientation
The use of _____ can cause rater error because the form might not accurately reflect the relative importance of certain job characteristics, and some factors might need to be added to the ratings for one employee, while others might need to be dropped.Graphic rating scale
_____ is a technique for distributing ratings that are generated with any of the other appraisal methods and comparing the ratings of people in a work groupForced distribution
In the _____ method, the manager keeps a written record of both highly favorable and unfavorable actions performed by an employee during the entire rating period.Critical incident
Long-term succession planning in an organization should go beyond just high-level executives and:Include mid level and lower level and key non management employees
Gerald is confused as to why his 28-year-old daughter is changing jobs for the third time since she graduated from college. His daughter tells him that she has learned everything she could from her current job and that it is time to move on. Gerald’s daughter is in the stage of her career where most people’s needs and concerns are:To identify interest and aquire capabilities
If employers do not require a(n) _____, performance appraisal ratings often do not match the normal distribution of a bell-shaped curve.Forced distribution
EarthShapers Inc., a manufacturer of heavy construction equipments based in U.S.A., maintains large sales and support operations overseas. Before sending new employees to its operations in Japan, it requires the employees to take courses in Japanese history and culture so that they can adjust more easily to living in Japan. This training focuses on the _____ component of international competence training.Cognitive
Which of the following is true of the administrative and developmental roles of performance appraisals?The rater plays the role of a judge in the administrative role and the rater plays the role of coach in developmental
Which of the following statements is true about glass ceilingIt has resulted in very few corporate office positions being held by women compared to men
The _____ occurs when ratings of all employees fall at the high end of the scale.Leniency error
For employers, one of the advantages of cross training employees isEmployee development
The planned introduction of new employees to their jobs, coworkers, and the organization is referred to as _____Orientation
In her evaluation sheet, Theresa, a trainer in a company, gets very high ratings in the areas of class enjoyability and trainee willingness to take the program again. This evaluation best exemplifies a _____ measure.Reaction level
Which of the following statements is true of training and developmentCapabilities learned in development may not apply to the current job
Which of the following is a subjective measure of performanceA supervisor’s rating on an employees integrity
A fitness center is planning to invest in a specialized exercise equipment. This equipment is highly effective, but the club members could be injured if the equipment is not used correctly. The fitness center is sends its exercise instructors to a certified training program to learn how to use these machines correctly. This is best classified asJob technical training
Which of the following is true regarding global competitivenessFor U.S. employers, the challenge related to training a globally competitive workforce has increased because of the decline in specialized skilled and technical workers.
Cross training occursWhen people are trained to do more than one job
Ambrose is discussing his college major with his best friend. Ambrose says that his parents want him to be a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) just like them when he graduates. However, Ambrose says, “I just don’t see myself as an accountant!” Which of the following can be concluded from the information given in this scenario?Ambrose self image is not congruent with his parents image of him
Which of the following is true about on-the-job training (OJT)It is flexible and relevant to what employees do
Henry, a trainer at a chemical company, schedules a training on handling hazardous materials for the new batch of employees in the production unit of the company. The training complies with OSHA regulations and was already provided to the other employees of the company. This best exemplifies _____ training.Required and regular
Which of the following has been identified as a problem with mentoring?The proportion of racial and ethnic minorities holding senior management positions is low
Josh is 32 years old. He worked for a financial organization for seven years after graduating with a bachelor’s degree. He received three promotions during that period. Recently, he was fired by his employers and is now working part-time as a bartender while training as an X-ray technician. Josh is experiencing:A career transition
____ involves the planning, training, and reassignment involved with returning global employees to their home countries.Repatriation
Organizations must continually train their current employees because of:Rapid technology innovation
Which of the following is true of performance standards?Performance standards should be established before the work is performed
Which of the following is typically a responsibility of the HR department in performance appraisalsTracking timely receipts
Which of the following is trait-based information?Disposition
An artificial surgical environment in which a surgeon could practice a new type of operation without harming a human being or sacrificing a laboratory animal would be called:Simulation