anthro final quiz questions

One anthropological explanation for the incest taboo is that such taboos prevent sex with close relatives from causing disruption within the family.true
The extended family seems to have clear advantages:In stable cultivating societies where ownership of land is important
The fact that neolocal families are common in many industrialized societies is related toThe high levels of mobility common in such societies.
Where the levirate and the sororate exist, they testify to the importance of:Marriage as an alliance between families, rather than between individuals
According to Chavez, the Mexican and Central American immigrant populations in San Diego have roughly the same age and sex distribution as the American populationfalse
To replace the population, women must have, on average, between 2.1 and 2.5 children.true
Which of the following are Na men very unlikely to do?Invite a lover to visit them in their homes.
Polyandry is adapted to a number of different economic and demographic circumstances. Among the Toda of South India, it is an adaptation to the:Shortage of females, created by female infanticide.
When a society practices polygyny:Some men will have more than one wife.
According to Chavez, the main reason why undocumented immigrant families tend to cluster residentially in the U.S. is because they dislike Americans and American culture.false
Which of the following is what Chavez calls a binational family?A family containing both undocumented immigrants and legal U.S. citizens.
According to Chavez, what eventually led to the removal of the undocumented immigrants living in Green Valley was not an INS raid, but rather the use of Health codes to condemn housing occupied by these workers.true
Marriage is the way most societies arrange for the products and services of men and women to be exchanged and for the care of children.true
According to Chavez, rural Mexicans typically expect to begin their full-time working lives at age 18, when they graduate from high school.false
The Sapir-Whorf hypothesis suggests that:The vocabulary and structure of a language influence how its speakers perceive reality.
In some cultures, the speech form used depends on the relative social status of the individuals speaking.true
If a person speaks a more “proper” form of English (such as SSAE instead of AAVE), then their thought process will become more complex and rational.false
When we say that human language is “conventional,” we mean that:The words in human languages have no inherent relationship to the things they stand for.
The relationship between language and culture is illustrated by the fact that:The vocabulary of a language emphasizes those features of the environment that are culturally most significant.
Which of the following is an example of code-switching?Conversations in which people talk to some people in one language while talking to others in a different language.
According to Chavez, which of the following is a disadvantage of employment as a domestic worker for an undocumented immigrant?All of the Above:
Domestics are isolated socially from other immigrants,
Domestics experience a decline of Spanish speaking skills, Pay-related abuses, such as not being paid or being paid less than promised, are more common, The pay typically is lower than in other jobs
In English, bit and pit have different meanings. Thus, /b/ and /p/ are:Phonemes
Linguists view African American Vernacular English (AAVE) as:Neither superior nor inferior to SSAE.
Human children appear to be programmed to learn language instinctively before the age of:6 years
Animal forms of verbal communication are called:call systems
According to Chavez, one of the great benefits of being an undocumented Mexican immigrant in the United States is the access these individuals enjoy to excellent, low cost healthcare.false
According to Chavez, policies that restrict health and education services to unauthorized immigrant women and children seek to reduce costs associated with labor reproduction while preserving production by protecting the advantages employers enjoy when employing unauthorized immigrant labor.true
In the next four decades, almost all the growth in urban populations is expected to occur:In the world’s poor nations.
All of the following are common violations cited to Foxconn in its sweatshops in China, Brazil, Mexico, and other countries except:Closing the factory without notifying the workers.
According to Chavez, a major factor hindering the personal incorporation of undocumented immigrants into U.S. society is the discrimination directed towards them by American natives.true
Probably the most important way that migrants contribute to the places they leave are:Remittances sent to family back home.
Multinationals play an important role in pollution because:They are wealthy and powerful enough to circumvent national laws designed to control pollution.
Studies of Chinese workers who have migrated to cities in search of factory jobs have demonstrated that:They prefer factory labor, even under harsh conditions, and rarely return to the countryside if they lose their jobs.
One of the problems with efforts at development based on recreating the historical experience of the wealthy nations is that:They often fail to consider that much of the wealth of the industrialized nations was based on exploiting the poor nations.
Which of the following correctly compares energy consumption and environment in wealthy and poor countries?Wealthy countries consume more energy but have less polluted environments than poor countries.
The success of Gerald Murray’s forestry projects in Haiti was based on:Treating trees as a cash crop.
Which of the following correctly describes neoliberalism?The belief that governments should be small and should promote free trade, and individual initiative.
Why is Apple Corporation not cited more frequently for labor abuses in the production of its goods?Apple outsources all of its production to another corporation that does engage in labor exploitation, but Apple is not directly involved
According to Chavez, unauthorized immigrant children in the United States must be educated by the state even though it is illegal to employ them.true