America’s Entry into the War

How did the United States demonstrate its isolationist policy before World War II?by avoiding alliances and other international relationships
Which of the following was a reason the US adopted a policy of isolationism before World War II?the large number of American casualties in World War I
Why did the 1939 cash-and-carry amendment to the Neutrality Acts favor Britain over Germany?Britain had a larger fleet of ships to carry arms than Germany.
How did the Destroyers for Bases agreement President Roosevelt signed help Britain and its allies?The agreement put US bases on British territory.
What action broke off US negotiations with Japan?Japan’s invasion of Indochina
Which piece of Roosevelt’s legislation, passed in 1941, stirred up the most controversy?the Lend-Lease Act
Why did Germany sign a nonaggression pact with the Soviet Union in 1939?Hitler wanted to prevent a two-front war.
What made Germany’s invasions of Europe difficult to stop during World War II?Germany’s air attacks and fast-moving ground troops
What saved many British and French forces from the Germans in 1940?the Evacuation of Dunkirk
During the 1930s the United States followed a foreign policy of isolationism. Which is the best example of that policy?avoiding alliances with other nations
The United States formally entered World War II following the Japanese attack onpearl harbor
Roosevelt’s Four Freedoms speech signaled a shift in US foreign policy from isolationism tointernationalism.
During which decade did the US pursue a policy of isolationism?1930s
This map illustratesthe countries occupied by Germany.
Where did US military officials expect the Japanese to attack during World War II?Asia