BIO 201 Exam 3: Integumentary & Bones

Secretions from __________ glands contribute to the acid mantle that inhibits bacterial growth on the skin.merocrine sweat
The replacement of damaged tissue with scar tissue is calledfibrosis
Skin covering the __________ has sweat glands but no hair follicles or sebaceous (oil) glands.fingertips
This layer of the epidermis consists of up to 30 layers of dead cells.stratum corneum
Which of these is an inorganic component of the bone matrix?hydroxyapatite
Wolff’s law of bone explains the effect ofmechanical stress on bone remodeling.
Which two strata of the epidermis are most susceptible to cancer?spinosum and basale
What would you find in the marrow cavity of the diaphysis of an adult humerus (arm bone)?yellow bone marrow
Mature bones are remodeled throughout life by employingappositional growth
This image shows structures of the skin and subcutaneous tissue. ________ are found in the layer of the skin represented as “2”.Collagen and fibroblasts
Arteriosclerosis is one example of ectopic ossification, which meansabnormal calcification of a tissue
A hair cycle consists of three developmental stages in the following order:anagen, catagen, and telogen
_____________ are bone-forming cells.Osteoblasts
_____________ burns involve the epidermis, all of the dermis, and often some deeper tissue.Third-degree
Variations in hair color arise from the relative amounts ofeumelanin and pheomelanin
The hair present only prenatally is called ___________, most of which is replaced by ____________ by the time of birth.lanugo; vellus
The expanded head at each end of a long bone is calledan epiphysis
Calluses or corns are the result of accelerated multiplication ofkeratinocytes
In endochondral ossification, the precursor connective tissue is _____________, which is replaced by bone.hyaline cartilage
Macrophages __________________ in the healing of a skin wound.phagocytize and digest tissue debris
When ____________ become enclosed in lacunae, they become cells called _____________.osteoblasts; osteocytes
Leather is mostly made of the __________ layer of the dermis, which is very tough due to the high concentration of ____________ fibers.reticular; collagen
These are all tissues that are a part of a long bone excepttransitional epithelium
Each hair grows in an oblique epithelial tube called a(an)hair follicle
These cells stand guard against toxins, microbes and other pathogens.dendritic (Langerhans) cells
The skin does not includethe hypodermis
____________ is synthesized by the combined action of the skin, kidneys, and liver, and is important to the deposition of bone.Calcitriol
The skeleton does notstore red blood cells
___________ have a ruffled border with many deep infoldings of the plasma membrane, whereas ____________ have long, thin, fingerlike cytoplasmic processes.Osteoclasts; osteocytes
The most immediate threat to the life of a patient with severe burns isfluid loss
The fastest rate of mitosis happens in thestratum basale
The hypodermis usually has an abundance of this tissue.adipose tissue
These are all types of cells found in the epidermis exceptfibroblasts
Intramembranous ossification produces theflat bones of the skull
The least common but most deadly type of skin cancer ismelanoma
Bone elongation is a result ofcartilage growth
A bone is covered externally with a sheath called ______________, whereas the internal surface is lined with _____________.periosteum; endosteum
Hypocalcemia can causespasms
The oil of your scalp is secreted by __________ glands associated with the hair follicles.sebaceous
Ethnic differences in skin color are primarily caused by differences inquantity of melanin produced
____________ is/are formed partly from the secretions of glands in the external ear canal.Cerumen
Blood vessels in the _________ provide a hair with its sole source of nutrition.dermal papilla
____________ provide(s) hardness to bones, whereas ____________ provide(s) some degree of flexibility.Hydroxyapatite and other minerals; proteins
Parathyroid hormone (PTH) does notlower blood calcium
The ___ are a source of sex pheromones.apocrine glands
Bilirubin causes a skin discoloration calledjaundice
The ___ is absent from most epidermis.stratum lucidum
_____________ is the process of dissolving bone and returning its minerals to the bloodstream.Resorption
The _____________ is a marginal zone of the epiphyseal plate where, in children and adolescents, bone can be seen replacing the hyaline cartilage.metaphysis
Spicules and trabeculae are found inspongy bone