Assignment 3

Suppose you discovered a new amino acid. Its R-group contains only hydrogen and carbon atoms. Predict the behavior of this amino acid.It is hydrophobic.
Proteins are polymers of _____.amino acids
What type of bond joins the monomers in a protein’s primary structure?peptide
Which of these illustrates the secondary structure of a protein?string with only two curls
The secondary structure of a protein results from _____.hydrogen bonds
What name is given to the process seen in this animation?dehydration synthesis
This animation illustrates the functioning of a _____ protein.transport
Arrow A is indicating a(n) _____ protein.structural
Arrow D is indicating a _____ protein.receptor
Which of these does NOT contain a structural protein?ovalbumin
Defensive proteins are manufactured by the _____ system.immune
Which of the following best describes primary structure in proteins?It is the sequence of amino acids in the complete protein.
An isomer of a particular molecule isa molecule that has the same formula, but a different structure.
Classify these amino acids as acidic, basic, neutral polar, or neutral nonpolar.basic: arginine
neutral polar: asparagine
neutral nonpolar: alanine
Classify these amino acids as acidic, basic, neutral polar, or neutral nonpolar.acidic: glutamic acid
neutral polar: threonine
neutral nonpolar: tryptophan
At the pH found in cells (about 7.0), what happens to the carboxyl group on an amino acid?It acts as an acid and loses a proton, giving it a negative charge.
Complete the following vocabulary exercise relating to the level of structure in proteins.1. Quaternary structure is the result of two or more protein subunits assembling to form a larger, biologically active protein complex.
2. Secondary structure describes the alpha-helices and beta-sheets that are formed by hydrogen bonding between backbone atoms located near each other in the polypeptide chain.
3. Primary structure is the sequence of amino acids in a protein.
4. Tertiary structure is achieved when a protein folds into a compact, three-dimensional shape stabilized by interactions between side-chain R groups of amino acids.
Which one of the following is not a component of each monomer used to make proteins?a phosphorous atom, P