Chapter 2 Practice Quiz

What research method was used in Philip Zimbardo’s study, the “Stanford County Prison”?An experiment
Which sociological research method saves the time and expense of data gathering, but the researcher has no control over possible data bias?Secondary analysis of existing sources
From a research point of view, what is the problem with the question, “Do you think that the government should spend less on defense and spend more on health care?”Two different questions are being asked, so that a simple “yes” or “no” may distort the subject’s actual opinion.
Deductive logical thought involves ________Turning theories into hypotheses suitable for testing
People can mislead others with statistics by _______Interpreting the data to lead their readers to a desire conclusion
In the process of measurement, reliability refers to _______Whether repeating the measurement yields consistent results
If you read a study that draws conclusions about all of humanity based on research using only females as subjects, you would correctly point to the problem called ________Overgeneralization
The use of existing data and documents makes most historical research possible.True
Which sociological research method is best used to study what cannot be directly observed, such as attitudes and values, among large numbers of people?The survey
A variable that causes change in another variable is called the “dependent variable.”False
_________ refers to measuring exactly what one intends to measureValidity
Whenever two variables are statistically related, a cause-and-effect relationship always existsFalse
Max Weber urged sociologists to strive toward the goal of being value-freeTrue
Lois Benjamin’s research on the life experiences of high-achieving African Americans suggests that _______Racism remains a burden even among privileged African Americans
“A statement of a possible relationship between two or more variables” is the definition of which concept?Hypothesis
In real life, sociologists always achieve complete personal objectivity in their workFalse
E. Digby Baltzell’s historical study, Puritan Boston and Quaker Philadelphia, illustrates which research method?Secondary analysis
Interpretive sociology refers to sociology that ______Focuses on the meaning people attach to behavior
The sociological perspective coupled to research reveals that ________Much of what passes for “common sense” in the United States turns out to be at least partly wrong
Interpretive sociology focuses less on action itself and more on the meaning people attach to their actionsTrue
Science is a logical system that is based in intuition and insightFalse
A researcher doing participant observation may often “break in” to a setting more easily with the help of a ______Key informant
A small number of people that are used to represent a much larger population is called a _______Sample
A false correlation between two variables caused by a third variable is described as a “spurious” correlationTrue
Carrying out research on Hispanic people, Asian people, or people of any distinctive ethnicity or category requires that researchers be sensitive to how these subjects will interpret a researcher’s words and actionsTrue