Che. 8 GEOG 231

german, english, dutch, swedish, norwegian, danish, icelandicSpecific languages of Germanic
italian, french, spanish, portuguese, catalan, romanianSpecific languages of Romance
cyrillic, latinSpecific languages of Slavic (2 alphabets)
privitization, government subsidies disappeared, loss of raw materials, factories collapsed and shut downWhat are the causes of the economic hard times facing Eastern Europe today?
collectivizationassemblage of small, privately owned farms into large, state owned farms
KosovoWhich European country has the highest percentage of people living in poverty?
RomanianWhich European Romance language contains many Slavic words?
200 millionThe number of speakers of Romance and Germanic languages in Europe is roughly equal. About how many speakers does each group have?
german, englishWhat is the 1st and 2nd most widely spoken Germanic languages in Europe?
religionWhat is the major factor determining whether a particular Slavic language uses the Latin or Cyrillic alphabet?
ItalyWhich European country has been most successful in dealing with its environmental problems?
one of the world’s greenestWhere does Europe rank in the world in terms of its environmental sensitivity and its efforts to improve its environment?
Rhine RiverWhich river divides the unglaciated part of the European lowland in the south from the glaciated plains in the north?
European LowlandsWhich part of Europe is the region’s unquestionable focus of intensive agriculture, large cities, and major industrial activities?
North AfricaWhere do immigrant workers in France come from?
TurkeyWhere do immigrant workers in Germany come from?
India, Pakistan, Caribbean, AfricaWhere do immigrant workers in England come from?
IndonesiaWhere do immigrant workers in the Netherlands come from?
Northern European PlainBy what other names is the European Lowland known?
urbanization, industrialization, contraceptionWhat events/developments have contributed to the low population growth in Europe?
very slowWhat is the national growth rate in Europe?
GermanyWhich country of Europe has the largest population of the region?
acid rainWhat has damaged half of the forests of Poland and 3/4 of the forests of the Czech Republic?
Eastern EuropeIn which region of Europe are environmental conditions the worst?
euroWhat is the currency of the European Monetary Union?
1991When did the first Eastern European countries join the European Union?
coal and steelWhat commodities were considered a central part of economic cooperation in western Europe at the end of WWII?
schengen agreementWhat is the agreement that reduced border formalities within the European Union?
Maastricht TreatyWhat is the agreement that established the European Union?
germany, france, italy, ukWhat are the anchor countries of the European Union?
supranational organizationWhat kind of organization is the European Union?
EnglandIn which country of Europe did the industrial revolution start?
Czechoslovakia, yugoslaviaWhich former Soviet controlled countries divided after the Cold War?
Czechoslovakia and yugoslavia divided, germany reunited, soviet union dissolvedWhat events took place after the end of the Cold War?
buffer zonea region to protect Russia from further European invasion
Berlin Wallphysically separated east and west Berlin
Iron curtaina symbolic barrier separating the former Soviet block and the Western prior
shopping malls, skyscrapersHow has globalization changed the landscapes of cities in the former communist countries of Europe?
medieval, renaissance, industrialWhat three historical eras are represented in European city landscapes?
medievaldensely settled; buildings next to streets; green space next to churches and public squares
renaissancewider streets, large gardens, monuments, ornate architecture
industrialurban sprawl developed
TurkeyGermany’s population includes a large number of guest workers from which country of SW Asia and North Africa?
fall of berlin wallWhat is the major reason why people have migrated from east to west Germany?
fall of berlin wall and soviet unionWhat event has been an important cause of the surge of immigration to european countries such as Germany since the beginning of the 1990s?
low growth, gaps in labor forceWhy have many European countries encouraged immigration of foreign populations into their borders in the recent past?
FranceWhich country of Europe has a large Muslin migrant population?
irredentismWhat is the word for a state policy of reclaiming lost lands inhabited by people of the same ethnicity in another state?
Cold Warideological struggle between the United States and former Soviet Union; lasted from 1946-1991 and included Soviet-occupied countries
WWI, WWII, cold warEurope was the battleground for which three wars during the 20th century?
North Atlantic Treaty OrganizationWhat does NATO stand for?
41How many countries does Europe contain?
interfaith boundaryWhat has been an important source of conflict in Northern Ireland
secularizationWhat is the widespread movement away from the historically prominent organized religions that has occurred in Europe?
holocauseWhy did the population of Jews in Europe drop from 9.5 million before WWII to less than 2 million today?
Muslims more tolerantWhy did Jewish people cluster in the Muslim lands of the Iberian Peninsula around 900 CE?
south to eastIn what part of Europe is roman Catholicism the dominant religion?
northIn what part of Europe is Protestantism the dominant religion?
catholics have more ornate churchesWhat difference might you observe between Protestant and Catholic areas of Europe
marine west coast, continental, mediterraneanWhat are the 3 climate types of Europe?
marine west coastwinter averages above freezing with rain and snow; summers cloudy with drizzle and rain
england, ireland, france, belgium, netherlandsWhat countries are part of the marine west coast climate in Europe?
Continentalhot summers, cold winters, 1-2 months below freezing; rain good for farming
central EuropeWhere is the continental climate in Europe?
mediterraneandry summers, drought possible, irrigation used some
iberian, italian, balkan, pelopenesian peninsulasWhat countries are part of the mediterranean climate in Europe?
531 millionWhat is the approximate population of Europe?
fit in eastern 2/3 of the USHow does Europe compare in size to the US?
fjordflooded valleys created by glaciers thousands of years ago (mostly in Norway)
DanubeWhat is Europe’s longest river?
riversIn Europe, with what type of feature are the names Rhine, Loire, Thames, Danube, and Elbe associated?
AlpsWhat mountain range in Europe is over 500 miles long and has peaks reaching 15,000 feet?
ItalyWhich country of Europe experiences the greatest seismic activity, including both earthquakes and volcanic explosions?
high latitudeWhat is the one element that helps to understand geographies of climate, vegetation, and agriculture in the Russian domain?
continental climateWhat is the dominant climate type in the Russian domain?
Ural MountainsWhere is the eastern edge of Europe and the western edge of the Russian domain approximately located?
lasting influence of RussiaWhy is it called the Russian domain?
russia, ukraine, belarus, georgia, armenia, moldovaWhich countries are considered part of the Russian domain?
lake baikalWhich body of water in the Russian Domain is the world’s largest reserve of freshwater?
ukraineWhich part of the Russian domain has historically provided the most productive agriculture areas of the region?
largest land area of any country on earthWhat makes Russia distinctive?
black and caspian seaThe Caucasus Mountains are between which 2 bodies of water?
siberiaIn which region of the Russian domain is permafrost a problem?
eastWhich region of the Russian domain is semi-arid?
South Korean, Canadian, and Russian oil companies drilling where salmon spawnWhat is the source of the threat to Pacific salmon in the Russian domain?
off novaya-zemlya in barents seaWhere has the Russian domain dumped its nuclear wastes?
world’s largest nuclear disasterWhy is the city Chernobyl well known?
pulp and paper factoriesWhat kind of pollution has damaged Russia’s Lake Baikal?
RussiaWhich country of the Russian domain has the largest population in the region?
45 millionBy 2050, how much could the Russian population decrease?
rising death rates in middle aged malesWhat is a characteristic of the demography of Russia today?
persistently decliningWhat has been the pattern of population growth in the Russian domain since the demise of the USSR?
westernthe highest population densities in the Russian domain are found in which part of the region?
urbanDo most people live in rural or urban environments?
trans-siberian, baikal-amur2 important railroads that helped facilitate eastward movement
moscow, vladivostokWhere does the Trans-siberian railroad begin and end?
georgiaWhich region of the former soviet union became known as “repository for political dissidents and trouble makers”?
siberiaIn what region of the Russian domain was the soviet union’s Gulag Achipelago located?
reversedSince the collapse of the Soviet Union, what has become of the policy of russification within former soviet republics?
mail order brides, jews, well educated peopleSince the fall of the soviet union, what group of people would be likely to emigrate from the Russian domain?
stalinWhich Soviet leader encouraged eastward movement into siberia?
increase russian dominanceWhat was the purpose of Russification?
kazakhstanIn which Union Republic was Russification most intense?
moscowWhat city is Russia’s largest metropolitan area as measured by population?
cityWhere russian cities were carefully planned by the soviets
circularWhat is the shape of the land-use zones in the russian domain?
mikroayonsself-contained housing projects of the 70s/80s
high rise apartmentIn what kind of housing do most average Russians live?
bolsheviksfaction of Russian communists representing the interests of the industrial workers
leninWho was the main architect of the Soviet Union?
factory workersWhat did most Russians do for a living in 1917?
St. PetersburgWhat was the capital of Russia until 1917?
sunni muslimsIn the russian domain, what non-christian religion has the greatest number of believers?
religious revivalWhat is the current policy toward religion in the russian domain in the post-soviet era?
discouraged, prosecutedWhat was the policy of the former Soviet Union regarding religion within its borders?
80Approximately what percentage of Russian citizens claim a Russian linguistic identity?
turkishWhat is the language of the Volga Tatars of the russian domain?
slavicWhat language group dominates in the russian domain?
western europeBy the early 1900s, high culture citizens of russia emulated which world region?
social realisman art style devoted to the realistic depiction of workers challenging nature or struggling against capitalism
warriors from swedenWho were the original founders of Russia?
moscowThe russian empire had its origins as a small principality in the vicinity of which russian city?
vladivostokWhich russian port provides russia with the most rapid access to the pacific ocean?
st. petersburgWhat russian city was known as Leningrad during the soviet era?
right to secedeIn theory, which unique right was given to each of the former USSR’s administratively autonomous “union republics”?
attempted to establish independent stateWhy did the russian military invade Chechnya in 1994?
Kuril islandsWhat territories have russians refused to return to Japan?
glasnota USSR policy of greater openness during the 1980s that encouraged several Union Republics to demand independence
perestroika?planned economic restructuring; an early move to a free market
1980sDuring what period of time did Russia experience “the most abrupt economic contraction within the industrial world since the great depression of the 1930s”?
steady growthWhat happened to the economy in the Russian domain after the demise of the former soviet union?
allowed to flourishWhat influence did the break up of the soviet union have on the russian mafia?
Western europeWhat is the primary destination for russian petroleum products?
mostly desert, no waterWhy is development in siberia limited?
britain, germanyWhat countries are Russia’s major trading partners?
megatons to megawattsa deal made with the US to convert highly enriched uranium from nuclear weapons to low enriched uranium