02.08 Quiz Examples

What is one common cause of the development of feudalism in both Europe and Japan?A weak central government
How did tax exemptions for land reclamation programs affect the central government of Japan?It was weakened and could not provide military protection.
What influenced the Japanese belief that merchants did not contribute much to society?Confucianism
What is one way Feudal Japan was different than Feudal Europe?Japanese peasants owned the land they farmed.
How were the bushido of the samurai and the code of chivalry of knights similar?They both emphasized courage in battle.
What is one way Feudal Europe was different than Feudal Japan?Different estates sent warriors to fight religious wars in Europe.
The samurai in Feudal Japan were similar to what social class in Feudal Europe?Knights
Bushi who served a lord eventually came to be calledSamurai