Chapter 5 Homework- Neoplasms

What is a benign neoplasm originating from adipose tissue called?Lipoma
What are the malignant neoplasms arising from connective tissue cells called?Sarcomas
Which of the following is a characteristic of a benign tumor?Cells appear relatively normal.
Which factor provides the basis for grading of newly diagnosed malignant tumors?degree of differentiation.
A warning sign of possible cancer would be any of the following EXCEPT:sudden development of fever, nausea and diarrhea.
The common local effects of an expanding tumor mass include:obstruction of a tube or duct, cell necrosis and ulceration.
Which of the following does paraneoplastic syndrome refer to?the effects of substance such as hormones secreted by the tumor cells
Which term refers to the spread of malignant cells through blood and lymph to distant sites?metastasis
One reason for staging a malignant tumor at the time of diagnosis is to:determine the best treatment and the prognosis.
The process of carcinogenesis usually begins withan irreversible change in the cell DNA.
What would be an external source of ionizing radiation?gamma rays delievered by a cobalt machine.
radiation therapy destroysprimarily rapidly dividing cells.
the most critical adverse effects of chemo and radiation therapy arethrombocytopenia and leukopenia
Chemotherapy usually involves a combo of drugs in order to:reduce the adverse effects, be effective in more phases of the cell cycle. 1, 3
Why does ovarian cancer have a poor prognosis?Specific signs rarely appear until after secondary tumors have developed
Select the correct pair representing a malignant tumor and its marker:colon cancer: carcinoembryonic antigen CEA
Antiangiogenesis drugs act on a malignant tumor by:reducing blood flow and nutrient supply to tumor cells
The development of neutropenia during chemo for cancer means:the patient is at high risk for infection
Malignant brain tumors:Spread to other parts of CNS
Identify the common dose limiting factor for chemo:bone marrow depression
Glucocorticoids are often prescribed during a course of chemo and radition therapy because:inflammation around the tumor may be reduced
Vomiting frequently follows a chemo treatment because:the gastrointestinal tract is irritated and the chemicals stimulate the emetic center. A, b
What type of normal cells are often damaged during chemo and radiation treatment?Epithelial cells
Remission for cancer is generally defined as a period in which:signs and symptoms are absent
All of the following are true about skin cancer x:they are difficult to diagnose and treat. Not true!
High risks factors for Cancer include:all of the above. E.
The term apoptosis refers to:programmed cell death
The warning signs for cancer include:all of the above are warning signs for cancer
A classification of process that applies to a specifc malignnat tumor and describes the extent of the disease at a given time is called:staging
Benign tumors can often be differentiated from malignant tumors because benign tumors:are encapsulated and slow-growing
Benign tumors in the brain are often life threathening because they:because they create excessive pressure within the skull