APUSH Chapter 9-10

From what segment of society did Andrew Jackson much of his political support?Farmers and laborers
Which statement regarding the American electorate during the 1820s is TRUE?The right to vote was expanded to include many more white males
in 1840, efforts to expand voting rights in Rhode Island resulted intwo governments claiming control of the state
By 1828, in all but one state, presidential electors were chosen bypopular vote
By the 1830s, political parties were generally regarded asa desired and essential part of the democratic process
In the years after the War of 1812, support for the idea of political parties was greatest inNew York
In the 1830s, an argument in favor of political parties was the belief thata permanent political opposition was useful to the democracy
Today, the oldest political part in the United States isDemocrat
According to Andrew Jackson’s theory of democracyall white male citizens should be treated equally
President Andrew Jackson sought to apply his democratic principles by first targetingfederal officeholders
The “spoils system” refers togiving out jobs as political rewards
In 1832, supporters of President Jackson held a national convention in order tomake the nominating process more democratic
As President, Andrew Jackson believed the power of the federal governmentshould be reduced and was supreme over individual states
When John C Calhoun put forth his doctrine of nullification hew wasvice-president
In the 1820s, John C Calhoun proposed his doctrine of nullificationas an alternative to possible secession
John C Calhoun drew his doctrine of nullification ideas from theUnited States Constitution
In his doctrine of nullification, John C Calhoun arguedthat states were the final authority on the constitutionality of federal laws
What political ally had the closest ties and greatest influence with President Jackson?Martin Van Buren
The political significance of Peggy Eaton on Andrew Jackson’s administration wasthe presidential aspirations of John C Calhoun were likely ended
In 1830, the Daniel Webster-Robert Hayne debate was begun by a political dispute overthe sale of public land
In 1830, Senator Robert Hayne sought to attract support from westerners in Congress forSouth Carolina’s drive to lower the tariff
In the 1830 Daniel Webster-Robert Hayne debate. Webster considered Hayne’s arguments to be an attack onfederal authority
In 1830, what political figure said, “Our Federal Union – It must be preserved”?Andrew Jackson
In 1830, what political figure said, “The Union, next to our liberty most dear”?John C Calhoun
In 1833, the nullification crisis came to an end after President Andrew Jacksonauthorized the use of military force to see the acts of Congress were obeyed
The primary goal of the United States’ policy toward Indians in the early 1800s was toassimilate Indian tribes into white society
The Black Hawk Waras notable for its vicious behavior by the white American military
The Supreme Court ruled in Cherokee Nation v. Georgia (1831)that Georgia had no authority to remove the Cherokee tribes
The “Trail of Tears” taken by the Cherokees led them to the area that later becameOklahoma
IN 1830, the first of the “Five Civilized Tribes” to be removed to the west was theChoctaw
Of the “Five Civilized Tribes” the tribe that best resisted the pressures of removal were theSeminoles
As a result of the United States government’s Indian policy in the 1830s and 1840snearly all American Indian societies were removed to west of the Mississippi
In the 1820s, under Nicholas Biddle, the Bank of the United Stateswas financially sound and profitable
In the 1830s, the Bank of the United States was opposed by“soft-money” advocates and “hard-money” advocates
In the debate over the Bank of the United States, President Andrew Jackson supported the interests ofthe “hard-money” advocates
In 1832, Henry Clay sought to use the debate over the Bank of the United States primarily toboost his presidential candidacy
Which of the following statements regarding the Bank of the United States is FALSE?President Jackson ordered the Bank closed before the expiration of its charter
President Andrew Jackson’s success in abolishing the Bank of the United Statesleft the nation with an unstable banking system for many years
The Supreme Court ruling in Charles River Bridge Company v. Warren bridge Company (1837)reflected the Jacksonian ideas of democracy and economic opportunity
Jacksonian Democratsneither A nor B
In the 1830s, Democrats were more likely than Whigs to supportterritorial expansion
In the 1830s, the so-called Locofocos wereradical Democrats
The political philosophy of Whigsfavored expanding the power of the federal government
From the following groups, support for the Whigs was weakest amongsmall western farmers
In the 1820s, the Whig support for the Anti-Mason Party demonstratedthe desire of the party to attract the largest possible number of voters
During the 1830s, evangelical Protestants tended to supportWhigs
Who among the following was NOT a leading Whig at some point during his political career?Martin Van Buren
During its two-decade history the Whig Party won the presidencytwo times
The Whig Party was least successful atuniting behind a strong national leader
In 1836, Martin Van Buren won the presidency becausethe political opposition offered multiple candidates
In 1836, Congress passed a “distribution” act that required the federal government todisperse its surplus fund to the states
In 1836, President Andrew Jackson’s “specie circular”resulted in a severe financial panic
President Martin Van Buren’s “subtreasury” systemwas a financial system to replace the Bank of the United States
The presidential election campaign of 1840 sawthe first influence of the “penny press” in politics
In 1840, William Henry Harrisonwas part of a wealthy, large land-owning, frontier elite
As president, John Tylerwas a Whig who had once been a Democrat
In 1841, the story of the American ship the Creole saw the British governmentsupport the rights of mutinous slaves on the ship
Which statement about the 1842 Webster-Ashburton Treaty is FALSE?It included an American pledge not to allow slave ships to land at British ports
Today’s Democratic Party traces its’ heritage back toJefferson
Between 1820 and 1840, the population of the United Statesrapidly grew, in part, due to improved public health
In 1860, the percentage of the population in free states living in town (2,500+ people) wastwenty-six percent
Which city did NOT owe its growth to the Great Lakes?Cincinnati
Between 1840 and 1860, the overwhelming majority of immigrants who arrived in the United States came fromIreland and Germany
Before 1860, the largest single group within the Irish immigrants wereyoung, single women
Before 1860, compared to Irish immigrants to the United States, German immigrantsgenerally arrived with more money
Prior to 1860, hostility among native-born Americans toward immigrants was spurred, in part, byfears of political radicalism
The “Know-Nothings” movement was directed at reducing the influence ofCatholics
The Erie Canal wasa tremendous financial success
The Morse Code used electrical current to createa series of alternating electrical bursts which represented individual letters
By 1866, telegraphic communicationsexisted between the United States and Europe
Before the 1830s, American corporations could be chartered only bystate legislatures
In the 1830s, limited liability laws were developed in the United States that