Chapter 6:1 Using medical Abbreviations

D/Cto discharge or to discontinue
OROperating Room
prnAs needed, (latin word is Pro Re Nata)
acbefore meals
RNRegistered Nurse
ApApical Pulse
NPOnothing by mouth (latin word is Nil Per os)
c (with a line on top)with
ss (with a line on top)one half
s (with a line on top)without
BPblood pressure
CDCcenter for disease control and prevention
DRGdiagnostic related group
LMPlast menstrual period
vpvenous pressure
AEDautomated electronic defibrillator
HIPAAHealth Insurance Privacy Act Association
LTClong term care
BMIbody mass index
TPR am and pmtake temperature, pulse, and respirations, twice a day. once in the morning and once at night.
2 gtts bidtwo droplets twice a day
1 cc IMone cubic centimeter intramuscular
BP q 4 htake blood pressure every 4 hours
2 oz OJ qid ac and HS2 ounces of orange juice everyday before meals and before bed
Wt and Ht daily in Amtake weight and height everyday in the morning
BR c BPR onlyBed rest with bathroom privileges only
1000 mL N/S Iv1000 milliliters of normal saline intravenous
Do ecg in ccudo an electrocardiogram in coronary care unit
dissolve 2 tsp NaCl in 1 quart H20dissolve 2 teaspoons of sodium chloride in one quart of water
1000 cc SSE at Hs1000 cubic centimeters of soap solution enema at bedtime
schedule BI lab in Am including: CBC, BUN, and FBSschedule before one week in the morning with complete blood count, blood urea nitrogen, and fasting blood sugar
Dilute 1 tab in 1 pt h20Dilute one tablet in one pint of water
1 cap po pc and HSone cap before bed
BP is measured in mm of Hgblood pressure measured in milliliters of mercury
NPO pre-opnothing by mouth, before an operation
do EENT exam in OPDdo ear, eyes, nose, and throat exam in the outpatient department
ob-gynobstetrics gynecologist
500 mg IM 8 am500 milligrams intramuscular at 8 am
VS stat and q2hvital signs immediately and every two hours
To PT by w/c for ROMs and ADL bidphysical therapy by wheelchair for range of motion and activities of daily living twice a day
FFL cl liq to 240 mL q2hforce fluids chloride liquid to 240 milliliters every two hours
insert NG for GERDinsert Nasogastric tube for gastroesophageal reflux disease
Dx: COPD, 02 prn, IPPB bid q 12hdiagnosis: chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, oxygen as needed, intermittent positive pressure breathing every 12 hours
sig: cap po tid c food or milkgive the following directions: one capsule by mouth three times a day with food or milk
Dx: CVA, CT of brain statcerebrovascular accident and computed tomography of the brain immediately
Rx: 20 ml KCL IV20 milliliters of potassium chloride intravenously
EMT is certified for ACLSemergency medical tech is certified for advanced cardiac life support
NS IV to KVOnormal saline intravenously to keep the veins open
SCD and PROM post-opsequential compression device and passive range of motion after operation