byu i pathway life skills

The Learning Model was created to deepen the learning experiences of students and increase the responsibility students take in their own learning
As you learn to explain to others what you’ve learned, your ability to _______________.teach one another will be enhanced because you are edifying others
Students should reflect ______ and in ______.individually/groups
According to President Kim B. Clark, “leadership that serves and minsters, loves and supports, and blesses other people” is known as:Leadership with a small “L”
________________ unite the principles of disciple preparation and leadership development.Inspired learning and teaching
What are the three key words identified by President Kim B. Clark in 3 Nephi 18:25?come, feel, see
Which of the following are characteristics of BYU-Idaho and Missionary Training Centers? (Check all that apply)They are rather isolated geographically.
Those involved study there for relatively short periods of time.
The nature of the instruction is focused and intense.
They are located near a temple.
They have distinctive requirements for demeanor and dress.
Faith in the Savior Jesus Christ __________. (Mark all that apply.)is the first principle of the gospel
is not a trait to be developed, but a gift to be sought and is received from God
enables us to trust in Christ and in His power to cleanse, renew, redeem, and strengthen us
is obtained by obedience
According to Henry J. Eyring, God will do which of the following? (Mark all that apply)Help you get the education you need.
Take you to the people He wants you to encounter.
Did you view the feature video found on the Testimonials section of the Pathway website?yes
Elder Ballard suggested eight steps that will help us keep life’s demands in balance. What was step number two?Set short-term goals that you can reach.
Elder Wirthlin taught that one of the important lessons he learned about about setting and achieving goals is keep your eye on the ball
Elder Ballard taught that we should, “Keep foremost in mind the __________________________ as you write down your daily schedules …”sacred covenants you have made with the Lord
Elder Wirthlin taught about a self-improvement program comprised of three choices. Which choice will “remove emptiness from our lives” and “fill our souls with joy beyond description”?The third choice: choose the right. (choose the way of the Lord.)
Elder Eyring said that, “when you’ve got too much to do and too little time … the secret is learning to invest time rather than just spending it.” How do you do this?Gain confidence that God keeps His promises, gain God’s confidence that you will keep promises He asks you to make, and help others gain confidence that God keeps his promises.
President Uchtdorf taught, “We too often confuse ______ with truth, thinking that because something makes sense or is convenient, it must be true.”belief
Church members have the responsibility to work for their own spiritual and temporal well-being and solving their own problems under the direction of the Lord.True
“Our ultimate goal is to become like the Savior, and that goal is enhanced by our unselfish service to others. Our ability to serve is _________ or __________ by the level of our self-reliance.”increased / diminished
Match the scriptures to the principle taught in each verse.
hat is the principle of shared responsibility?Both males and females should know how to cook, clean the house, mow the lawn, and wash the car.
In the address, “Earthly Debts, Heavenly Debts,” Elder Wirthlin cautioned us to beware of ___________ which causes greed, resentment, and great afflictions.covetousness
In the pamphlet, “One for the Money,” which reasons are given for paying an honest tithe as the first step in successful management of your finances? (Mark all that apply.)the likelihood of financial mismanagement will be reduced
our commitment to paying tithing will be strengthened
teach us to be more honest
In the pamphlet, “One for the Money,” which of the following concepts are taught in Step 4—Use a Budget? (Mark all that apply.)Keep careful records of your spending and balance your records against your monthly bank statement.
Credit cards are for convenience and identification and should not be used carelessly.
Save enough money to purchase quality new items instead of purchasing poor quality goods.
Liquid savings should be sufficient to cover at least three months of your essential expenses.
Be honest in paying taxes.
Why are spiritual teachings the most important concepts that we teach in our homes? (Hint: look in the “Bringing Up Children in Light and Truth” video.)Because this is how you instill in children a desire for eternal life.
In the video, “Two Brothers Apart,” what was Sam’s “greatest weakness” that he turned into a strength through the gospel and help from Heavenly Father?depression
Complete the following quote from President Monson: “Life is perfect for none of us. Rather than being judgmental and critical of each other, may we _________________ our fellow travelers in this journey through life.”have the pure love of Christ for
Complete the following quote from President David O. McKay. “Man’s greatest happiness comes from ________________________.”losing himself for the good of others
In President Clark’s devotional address, “Drenched in Gratitude: Protection Against the Spirit of Entitlement,” he taught that entitlement makes us tough and insensitive, or ____________.hard-hearted