Chapter 18 Homework

Which is incorrect about malaria?Merozoites enter and multiply in liver cells
The common causative agent of acute endocarditis isAll of the choices are correct
The fibrous sac that encloses the heart is thepericardium
Anthrax isAll of the choices are correct
Bubonic plague is transmitted byfleas
The leading cause of morbidity and mortality in AIDS patients is Pneumocystis pneumoniaTrue
The symptoms that occur in cyclic 48- to 72- hour episodes in a malaria patient arechills, fever, and sweating
Yersinia pestisis usually transmitted by a flea vector
Plague includesAll of the choices are correct
Most cases of septicemia are caused bybacteria
Each of the following may be used in the treatment of anthrax exceptchloroquine
Epstein-Barr virus has the following characteristics except itis more commonly found in adults
Acute endocarditis is most commonly contracted throughparenteral entry
______ occurs when bacteria flourish and grow in the bloodstreamSepticemia
Erythema migrans, a bull’s-eye rash, at the portal of entry is associated withLyme disease
Which is not associated with tularemia?symptoms include fever, swollen lymph nodes, ulcerative lesions, conjunctivitis, and pneumonia
Which new class of drugs will interfere with docking onto host cells?fusion inhibitors
Characteristics of Bacillus anthracis include all the following excepta one-time vaccine provides lifelong immunity
Rocky Mountain spotted feversymptoms include fever, headache, and rash
The cyclic bouts of fever and chills in malaria are caused byred blood cell lysis
The causative organism of malaria is aprotozoan
A vaccine for Lyme disease is available.False
A common cardiovascular/lymph system disease in AIDS patients isBurkitt’s lymphoma
Which of the following is not true of septicemia?respiratory acidosis
The causative agent of Lyme disease isBorrelia burgdorferi
Lyme disease is transmitted byticks
Documented transmission of HIV involvesunprotected sexual intercourse and contact with blood/blood products
Which of the following is a hemorrhagic fever?yellow fever
The white-footed mouse, deer, and deer ticks are important to maintaining the transmission cycle associated withLyme disease
Yellow fever and dengue fever areAll of the choices are correct
Which drugs interfere with the action of an HIV enzyme needed for final assembly and maturation of the virus?protease inhibitors
Under normal healthy circumstances the lymphatic system filters any microorganisms presentTrue
The cardiovascular and lymphatic systems have no normal biotaTrue
Which type of hemorrhagic fever can be treated with ribavirin?Lassa fever
Which type of hemorrhagic fever is also known as “breakbone fever” because of the severe pain in bones?dengue fever
The gram-negative bacillus associated with abscesses from cat bites or scratches isBartonella henselae
Rabbits and other rodents are the reservoirs of the causative agent oftularemia
In severe cases of Rocky Mountain spotted fever, the enlarged lesions of the rash can become necrotic and predispose the patient to gangrene of toes and fingertipsTrue
Symptoms of infectious mononucleosis includesore throat, fever, cervical lymphadenopathy, and splenomegaly
The highest numbers of cases of Rocky Mountain spotted fever occur along the eastern seaboardTrue
Lyme disease involvesAll of the choices are correct
All of the following pertain to HIV exceptELISA and Western blot tests detect HIV antigens
Retroviruses have the following characteristics exceptDNA genome
All of the following are associated with subacute endocarditis exceptcaused by immune system autoantibodies that attack heart and valve tissue
Which is incorrect regarding Q fever?transmitted by lice
All of the following are associated with bubonic plague excepttransmitted by human feces
The presence of viruses in the blood is calledsepticemia
Malaria may be prevented byAll of the choices are correct
All of the following pertain to patients with AIDS except theyhave the highest number of cases worldwide in the United States
Which of the following is not true of Ebola and Marburg?transmitted by mosquitoes
Pasteurization of milk helps to preventbrucellosis
Brucellosis isAll of the choices are correct
A frequent cancer that is seen in AIDS patients isKaposi’s sarcoma