ukessays review

Review of the UkEssays Services

UKEssays is a UK based writing company whose services include essay, assignment, dissertation, and report writing as well as assignments paper marking, proofreading, and PowerPoint presentation, and exam revision services. The company also boast of having a skilful team of writers from various fields of studies. UKEssays attributes its 15 years of existence, professionalism, and trendsetting in writing academic papers for students who have challenges with doing their assignments. Moreover, UKEssays are one of the few companies that have a physical office and address, which makes it more authentic and legit than many other writing services companies in the industry.

Are UKEssays Services Legit?

One of the essential requirements that teachers check in students’ essays is plagiarism. In this respect, according to UKEssays, they provide a 100% plagiarism-free work that has been scanned by certain plagiarism detecting tools. At the same time, though the work is plagiarism-free, it is still not a student’s original paper. Therefore, it is important, as the company emphasizes, to use the completed order as a foundation to write your own paper rather than to directly submit it as your own work. However, some students just submit the ready-made assignments without any alterations.

In such a case, you should understand that once you submit the work that has been done by someone else, the lecturer might notice it. At the same time, if you stressed up, or you don’t have enough time, or you are dealing with a new concept that you not fully conversant with, you can always seek other alternatives. Personally, whenever I (writer at Brainy Bro) see that I can’t complete my assignment in time, I would definitely seek for assistance. Otherwise, I prefer doing the tasks on my own.

UKEssays Website and Social Media

UKEssays has a generic website that has quite a convenient design. The site does not have unnecessary content as compared to other sites, which makes it easier to navigate. The site has a clear outlook and menu of the services they offer as well as their pricing. Therefore, even if you are new on the site, you will not find complications when looking for their services. Also, their contacts are easily found even without having to go to the end of the page. Actually, the order menu and the contact section is on top of the site. Therefore, if you do not have adequate time to go over the site, you can just place an order within a few minutes.

However, you may take a bit longer when navigating on specific things due to the complexity of different services integrated on the site. For instance, if you want to order a dissertation you will have to go through several services so that you can be sure of where to place your order. Personally, having an experience of using several platforms, UKEssays are not bad at all. Moreover, the site is integrated with all popular social media platforms such a Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, WhatsApp, Google+ among others. You can, therefore, use multiple platforms to interact the company representatives as well as get assistance through your favourite social media platform.

Writers Experience and Service Delivery

The quality of essays produced by UKEssays writers is not bad, and so is the pricing. As an experienced used of such services, I can say that the cost of the UKEssay services is average in the industry. At the same time, the company provides price discounts to its customers for various services, which is a rare scenario to get from other essay writing sites.  Since my first order with them, I have ordered several other works from other sites, so I know what I say.

Though it might have happened to me alone, the quality of work they delivered to me didn’t exceed my expectations. I ordered a 3000 words computer science essay that I was struggling with. It was on a topic in computer securities, and I was feeling disturbed due to the lacking time to write it. Ultimately, I ordered this paper from the UKEssay and managed to meet the deadline since the paper was delivered in time. I would say that the work was structured, formatted, and referenced normally, according to what I wanted.

Quality of UKEssays Writing Services

The quality of their essays is undoubtedly better in comparison to some dubious writing services providers. Consequently, there is some concrete proof that some of their writers are competent professionals who have a full understanding of what the student requires. For instance, I have done a random check on one of the essays in the Computer Science titled “Content-Based Video Retrieval Method”, and I can say with no doubt that the work has been okay.

Personally, being a computer science student, I know what is required and through this essay, I can say that UKEssays have services of satisfying quality. The essay is structured according to computer science criteria for it has an abstract, which highlights the objective of the paper as well as definitions of scientific terms used on the paper. It also has an introduction that contains a clear thesis of the study, a body part that has well-structured arguments and subtitles as well as a conclusion part. Moreover, the paper is properly cited.

Overall Rating

I would say that UKEssays services are overall above board, especially in comparison with other similar companies I have used, and I have used quite a lot of them. Specifically, the customer support availability, timely delivery, and plagiarism mechanism of the UKEssay are not bad at all. On the whole, I stand on the neutral ground while recommending you to check them if you are facing challenges with your assignment. Well, you can try them if do not have time to complete your work or you are stuck with your assignment, and perhaps you may get a different experience than the one I have got.