“Macbeth” Essay Topics

Every single day we discover something new to us. Every single day something significant happens around us. Every single century several outstanding persons are born. To live an interesting life we need to learn and find out about these new events and persons. We have not to be afraid of new tasks. Even if something looks like a Chinese wall, we just need to make the first step towards its overcoming.

When you get a task to write an essay on one of the tragedies, written by one of the most outstanding writers in the World, Shakespeare, you feel excited, are not you? You are because William Shakespeare is not an ordinary writer — he is a legend of English poetry! And to write about his works is an honor! You have heard about Shakespeare but have not read his writings before? No worries! Everything happens for the first time!

The core of William Shakespeare’s art is tragedies. He put his genius thinking and the spirit of his time into them. “Macbeth” is one of the most famous of Shakespeare’s tragedies. It was written in 1606 and consists only of 1993 lines. But despite this fact it can be an amazing topic for essay writing. In the tragedy you are going to find a huge amount of events, expressions, trace the development of the story, meet with different characters and themes, so you will have a desire to talk about in your paperwork. To help you figure out what you wish to concentrate your attention on, catch the following top 30 essay topics on this play. There is one which is waiting for you to be developed in your study.

”Macbeth” essay topics

  1. The horror of atrocity in William Shakespeare’s tragedy;
  2. Shakespeare and problems of Cesarean operation;
  3. Victim named Macbeth;
  4. Shakespearean anachronism traced in the tragedy. Military ranks in the army of Scotland;
  5. Do you think that eclipses have been firstly described by W. Shakespeare in “Macbeth”?;
  6. Why is the central role in the tragedy given to a woman?
  7. What do you like about the heroes of William Shakespeare’s ”Macbeth”? What do you dislike?
  8. Is it acceptable to justify the crime committed in the name of love?
  9. Is the character of Lady Macbeth actual in the 21st century? Why?
  10. If I could, what would I ask Lady Macbeth?
  11. How would I change the course of events in the tragedy?
  12. Lady Macbeth is the reflection of.(continue the phrase);
  13. Who is more guilty in the murder of King Duncan: Macbeth or Lady Macbeth?
  14. Do you think that Lady Macbeth is an entire evil, or she could behave differently?
  15. Do you think that the husband messed his wife up or it happened without a purpose?
  16. How do you understand the role of the witches telling the Bank that he is going to be a father of the future kings? Did he take this prediction positively or negatively? Did he believe the witches?
  17. Has sleepwalking of Lady Macbeth in the Act V any relation to the overall play? Why does her speech in the scene provoke to the action?
  18. One of the significant themes of the entire tragedy is devoted to Macbeth who is learning the news about his wife’s death. What is the theme? What hints are hidden in his wife’s revelation?
  19. Choose any character from the Shakespeare’s given tragedy and represent your point of view on behalf of the chosen character;
  20. Do you think that the main characters are less important than the minor ones in the tragedy of William Shakespeare? Prove it by examples or citations from the play.
  21. Argue that the blood is a symbol of something different in the Shakespeare’s drama;
  22. Conduct your own investigation and give a verdict on who is more responsible for Duncan’s death: Macbeth or his wife?
  23. The problem of the nation in the tragedy, written by William Shakespeare;
  24. Show the changes in the Macbeth’s character. What did influence on his behavior? Provide the examples of these changes.
  25. Could the life of the Macbeths be different unless he did not meet the witches? Is the happy ending possible to this play?
  26. What does Shakespeare say about the nature of prediction? Does he provide any support to the witches predictions?
  27. Does Shakespeare criticize the behavior of Lady Macbeth? Can you find his opinion regarding her actions in the tragedy?
  28. Are you satisfied or upset with the defeat and the death of Macbeth?
  29. Through the course of the play the marital relationships, the personalities of the spouses changed dramatically. What are these changes? What are the reasons for these changes?
  30. How do you understand the quotation “Fair is foul and foul is fair / Hover through the fog and filthy air” in Shakespeare’s “Macbeth”?

The said above tragedy written by this legendary poet is the only one work which shows the transformation of a nobleman into the evildoer. Writing an essay using one of the provided above topics will carry you away from the real life into the Gothic World of kings and war for ruling the kingdom. You will discover the new but already familiar phenomena of nature and human relationships and will be surprised at how you will be involved in the process of essay writing.