Most of us liked listening to tales before it was time to sleep, they were engaging and had a moral lesson. They were captivating our attention or putting us in the dreamland, and you could have the same effect on your professor by delivering him a paper written in narrative style.

Narrative Essay Topics

This essay type is all about storytelling. We like to tell stories and listen to them, there’s something to them that grabs our attention. It has to do something with the style of delivery, easy-going, entertaining and friendly most of the time, unlike officialized materials we have to submit to pass our courses. Stories take place in welcoming and sympathetic settings. They provide us with a special atmosphere and let us express our feelings and thoughts in the process without much limitation. In academical terms, this essay must deliver a message to the reader using your experience as a crutch. For you to be able to hit all the checkmarks, you need to pick a theme that will give you depth. The more – the better. If you have enough words you want to get out of your mind and chest – you are passionate about the topic, you believe in it, and you feel the need to share your perspective with others.

Here is a big list of best topics that would help you choose the direction you want to move in. One hundred and fifty exciting subjects to choose from! 

  1. Things I Wish I Could Change In My Past
  2. Era I Would Prefer To Live In
  3. The Most Shocking Event In My Life
  4. What Made Me Scream Like a Girl
  5. How I Got a Life-Threatening Injury
  6. How I Saved My Neighbor From Flood
  7. The Animal I Always Wanted To Have
  8. My Guilty Pleasure
  9. Song That Changed Me As A Person
  10. Why I Hate Parties
  11. My Role Models
  12. Person I Would Love To Have A Dinner With
  13. My Biggest Pet Peeve
  14. My Biggest Regret
  15. One Thing I Never Had
  16. How I Would Spend a Million
  17. The Most Embarrassing Episode In My School Life
  18. The Best Moment Of My Life
  19. Happiest I Have Ever Been
  20. Best Gift I Ever Got
  21. How I Lost My Best Friend
  22. Fears I Overcame
  23. My Proudest Moment
  24. How I Overcame Depression
  25. The Most Painful Experience
  26. Disasters I Look Back On Till This Day
  27. My First Kiss
  28. My Most Memorable Christmas
  29. The Night I Will Never Forget
  30. How I Got My Car
  31. How I Met My Idol
  32. Historical Events I Witnessed Myself
  33. Anomalous Event That Still Haunts Me
  34. How I Earned My Pocket Money In a Tender Age
  35. Things I Wanted When I Was a Kid
  36. What Made Me Stutter
  37. Story Behind This Scar
  38. That Time I Was Betrayed
  39. How My Ideal Day Would Go
  40. A Sports Team I Wish I Was A Part Of
  41. A TV Drama Episode That Made Me Cry
  42. How I Quit Smoking
  43. What Forced Me To Eat Healthier
  44. A Disease I am Scared of The Most
  45. My Boyhood Dream
  46. Wishes That Never Came True
  47. How I Lied To My Parents
  48. My Most Valuable Item
  49. A Tattoo I Wanted To Get
  50. How I Lost My Smartphone
  51. Accidental Collision
  52. Things I am Not Proud Of
  53. My Biggest Flaw
  54. How I Laughed For Five Straight Minutes
  55. Person That Showed Me The Way
  56. A Reality Show I Once Participated In
  57. How I Got on National TV
  58. My Celebrity Crush
  59. The Biggest Disappointment Of My Life
  60. How I Survived A Week Without the Internet
  61. TV Show I Miss The Most
  62. Celebrity I Came Across Once
  63. My Most Nervous Moment
  64. How I Proved My Teacher Wrong
  65. The Best Compliment I Ever Got
  66. My Dream Job
  67. The Most Influential Person In My Life
  68. How I Dropped Out of School
  69. The Biggest Trouble I Crushed
  70. Coolest Conversation I Ever Had
  71. Things That Made Me Paranoid
  72. A Nasty Habit I Got Rid Off
  73. How I Got Into a Fight
  74. How I Earned My Father’s Respect
  75. My First Part-Time Job
  76. Things That Scare Me In The Future
  77. A Feeling I Never Experienced
  78. What Forced Me To Volunteer
  79. How I Decided On My Future Profession
  80. A Person I Never Thought I Would Become
  81. How I Lost My Diary
  82. How I Got My A+
  83. How I Got My Last F
  84. My Most Exciting Road Story
  85. An Enemy That Became My Best Friend
  86. Moment When I Realized How Important It Is To Strategize
  87. The Funniest Story About My Younger Sibling
  88. How I Wasted All My Savings
  89. Craziest Move I Ever Attempted
  90. How I Was Knocked Out Cold
  91. A Story Behind a Tree in My Backyard
  92. How I Met My Best Friend
  93. How I Felt After Getting Expelled
  94. Scary Things I Grew Up With
  95. Why I Love My Parents
  96. The Biggest Opportunity In My Life
  97. The Worst Day Of This Year
  98. My Failed New Year Resolutions
  99. How I Met My Annoying Neighbor
  100. Why I Hate Public Transport
  101. The Biggest Storm I Have Ever Seen
  102. How I Got Pneumonia
  103. Why I Am An Aloof Person
  104. How I Decided On A Topic Of My Essay
  105. My Brightest Kindergarten Memories
  106. Things That Inspired Me In The Past
  107. That Time When I Cursed In Front Of My Mother
  108. The Most Disgusting Smell I Ever Came Across
  109. How I Prevented A Robbery
  110. Day Without Parents
  111. A Loss That Made Me Cry The Most
  112. How I Disappointed My Professor
  113. A Moment I Want To Relive Again
  114. How My Heart Got Broken
  115. How I Decided To Become An Artist
  116. A Music Band I Have Seen Live
  117. From Zero To Hero Moment
  118. A Computer Game I Completed Five Times
  119. The Most Frustrating Level of My Favorite PC Game
  120. A Sight That Made Me Pass Out
  121. How I Almost Lost My Eye
  122. A Place That I Want To Return To
  123. I Wish I Never Met My Hero
  124. How I Realized That Drinking Is Not For Me
  125. That Time When I Tried Beer
  126. Why I Deserved a Beating From My Parents
  127. How I Stepped Out Of My Comfort Zone
  128. The First Thing I Googled
  129. How I Was Preparing for an Apocalypse
  130. How I Broke My Leg In Two Places
  131. How I Got Into Fishing
  132. What Made Me a Perfectionist
  133. Why I Like My Colleagues
  134. Things I Always Wanted To Try But Never Could
  135. How I Learned My Curse words and Got Punished for It
  136. The Funeral Of My Grandpa
  137. My Initial Gambling Experience
  138. How I Helped My Sister Get a Good Grade
  139. Why I Hate Sports
  140. What Made Me Despise Reality Shows
  141. How I Got An Extra Role On TV
  142. Movies I Watched One Hundred Times
  143. My First Day In The New City
  144. How I Spent My Last Summer
  145. The Most Unique Person I Ever Came Across
  146. Things I Asked For When I Was a Child
  147. My Last Midnight Exam Binge
  148. How I Overslept My Class
  149. Misunderstanding That Made Me Blush
  150. A Place I Wish I Never Visited

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If you have a ton of stories that you want to share with your peers or find a lesson in – involve them in your essay. Our life experiences are unique. Every single one of us have something interesting to tell. If you think that you don’t have anything to talk about, and you think that your life is boring, then write an essay about how you struggled to come up with a topic until a magic list helped you rediscover the past events of your life. There is absolutely no way you have spent the last couple of years under a rock!

Note down every detail that is somehow connected to that event and build a structure that would help you describe that occurrence in the most exciting fashion. For your narrative essay to become a hit, you need to build up the characters in your story, develop a great plot and keep it as simple as possible. It’s a very simple essay to write. Talk to your friends about the essay and ask them for feedback, if not additional details that would make the story even cooler. Good luck with writing and getting a top grade!