Top 100 Problem Solution Essay Topics

Dealing with complications is a part of life, if not life itself. You go from one problem to another, dodging and weaving the shots that fate throws at you. Existence is not meant to be easy, as we only learn from our mistakes. Doing them gives us experience that helps us build our strategy for overcoming future dilemmas and grow as people.

Problem Solution Essay Topics

We bump into obstacles on a daily basis. You either jump over them with little to no effort, or you crash and burn, gaining the knowledge that would help you next time. Our growth is directly influenced by the activity that we show in solving problems. The more difficulties we hop over – the better it will be for us in the future. Becoming an adult is in fact just a process of facing daily issues more often and managing to work around them without any help. To become a mature person you need to learn how to handle different situations and even assist the younger people in your life. You can’t run away from responsibilities!

Educational facilities give us a lot of knowledge, but sometimes it feels like the information we absorb in classes will not be useful to us in the long run. Some of it certainly won’t matter when we graduate, but there are fundamental practices that are given to us by professors. Writing a problem solution essay is a perfect task to provide you with a chance to learn about something without going through the sourness of failure. In this type of essay you need to introduce the issue, explain why it is relevant and that it needs solving, offer solutions and prove that your method would work. To get a great starting point, you need to pick an issue or a topic of the essay.

Here are one hundred themes to choose from!

  1. How To Prevent Poverty
  2. How To Decrease The Number Of Abortions
  3. Ways To Eradicate Ageism
  4. What Should Be Done To Fix Inflation
  5. How We Can Tune Down Social Media Activity
  6. Ways To Overcome Internet Addiction
  7. Methods To Deal With Racism
  8. How To Overcome Depression
  9. Social Anxiety and How It Can Be Handled
  10. How To Stop Bullying In Schools
  11. How To Prevent School Shootings
  12. What To Do When You are Bankrupt
  13. How To Avoid a Divorce
  14. Terrorism Prevention
  15. Gun Control Problem Solution
  16. How To Stop Teen Pregnancy
  17. A Plan To Stop Air Pollution
  18. What Can Be Done To Attract Kids To Studies
  19. How To Avoid Stressful Situations
  20. Renewed Health Insurance System
  21. Methods of Dealing with Sexual Harassment
  22. How To Prevent Drug Abuse
  23. A New Wage System For Pro Athletes
  24. Ways To Make Education Budget Friendly
  25. How To Get A Job Without Education
  26. How To Make Streets Safer
  27. Practical Ways To Prevent a Drinking Problem
  28. Why Fair Work Schedules Should Be Introduced
  29. Ways To Improve Cyber Security
  30. How To Make Society Smarter
  31. How To Tackle a Gambling Addiction
  32. Suicide Prevention Suggestions
  33. How To Make Roads Safer
  34. How To Reduce Traffic Problems
  35. How To Stop Drinking and Driving
  36. Ways To Boost Birth Rate
  37. Methods To Prevent Global Warming
  38. Practices to Minimize Political Tensions
  39. How To Get Rid Of Mental Issues Stigma
  40. How To Deal With Eating Disorders
  41. Cyberbullying Solution
  42. Answer To The Unemployment Issue
  43. How To Take Care of Poor People
  44. How To Make Dirty Jobs Prestigious
  45. Ways To Improve Nuclear Security
  46. Solutions for Public Smoking
  47. Solutions For Animal Cruelty
  48. How To Stop Underage Smoking
  49. How To Help Young Criminals
  50. Ways To Stop Police Brutality
  51. Methods of Fighting Laziness
  52. Methods of Fighting Gender Discrimination
  53. What To Do To Protect Children From Violence
  54. How To Eliminate Plagiarism
  55. How Can We Decrease The Number of Car Accidents?
  56. An Issue of Illegal Immigration and Ways of Dealing With It
  57. How To Break Social Barriers
  58. How Celebrities Can Get Some Privacy
  59. Mitigation of Death Penalty
  60. Ways To Ban Explicit Content from TV
  61. How To Fix a Toxic Atmosphere
  62. How To Help Terminally ill Patients
  63. Methods Of Preventing Gossip Spreading
  64. Why Monopoly Shouldn’t Be Allowed
  65. How To Avoid Procrastination
  66. How To Increase The Interest In Women’s Sports
  67. Ways of Balancing Sports and Studies
  68. How To Deal With Overprotective Parents
  69. Answer To Crowded Public Transports
  70. Ways To Make Property Cheaper
  71. How To Handle Rage
  72. How To Raise Children
  73. Runaway Children Issue Solution
  74. How To Use Technology For Good In Schools
  75. Water Pollution Problem
  76. How To Reduce Energy Consumption
  77. Peer Pressure Management
  78. Creating Conditions for Disabled People
  79. How To Stop Online Breaching
  80. Ways to Identify an Online Scam
  81. How To Reduce a Number of College Drop Outs
  82. Ways To Protect First Amendment
  83. How White Collar Crimes Can Be Stopped
  84. Worker Unions and How To Establish Them
  85. How To Approach the Same-Sex Marriage Dispute
  86. Ways To Handle Insomnia
  87. How To Make Shelter Conditions Better
  88. How To Stop Wellness Policy Violation
  89. What Should Be Done To Protect Our Children
  90. How To Stop Match Fixing
  91. Ways To Make Sports More Accessible
  92. Methods of Preventing Infidelity
  93. How To Reduce Radiation Levels
  94. Working Methods of Improving Poor Eyesight
  95. How To Limit Gunned Robberies
  96. Auto Theft Problem
  97. How To Stop Vandalism
  98. Tax Payment Revision
  99. A New Approach Of Dealing With Poaching
  100. Child Labor Eradication

There are many more problems that would make for a good topic for your essay, but this top 100 list puts a spotlight on the most relevant and significant social issues that we come across regularly. All of them are serious issues. Our community should take steps towards making the life on this Earth easier for everyone, making it mean more! We often can see that problems are created on purpose to extort the society and turn them into relentless consumers.

That is made to increase profits and form the need for certain services. Instead of educating people on how to avoid brain cancer, establishments offer the person in danger treatment for obscene amounts of money. A good way of dealing with problems is to prevent them from happening in the first place. The current obstacle on the running course for you is this writing, it’s high time for you to start working on that. Let that little assignment be the only issue you come across this week!