Chapter 6 Review Questions

lymphangiomaWhich term describes a benign tumor made up of abnormal lymphatic vessels?
intact skinwraps the body in a physical barrier to prevent invading organisms from entering the body.
inflammatory breast cancer_____ is a rare but aggressive form of breast cancer.​
breast-self examinationWhich term refers to a self-care procedure for the early detection of breast cancer?​
Rubellais a viral infection that is also known as German or three-day measles.​
macrophageWhat type of leukocyte surrounds and kills invading cells?
adenoidsWhich masses of lymphoid tissue are also known as the nasopharyngeal tonsils?​
Brachytherapyis the use of radioactive materials in contact with or implanted into the tissues to be treated.​
cytotoxicA/An ____________________ drug is a medication that kills or damages cells.​
localized allergic responseWhich term is also known as a cellular response?​
virusesVery small infectious agents that live only by invading other cells are called _____.​
monocytes_____ are leukocytes that provide immunological defenses against many infectious organisms.​
taxoplasmosis____________________ is a parasite that is commonly transmitted from pets to humans by contact with contaminated feces.​
Lymphoscintigraphy____________________ is a diagnostic test to detect damage or malformations of the lymphatic vessels.​
autoimmuneA/An ____________________ disorder is any of a large group of diseases characterized by a condition in which the immune system produces antibodies to work against its own tissues.​
lymph nodeA/an _____ is a small, bean-shaped structure containing specialized lymphocytes that are capable of destroying pathogens.​
againstthe prefix anti- means
carcinomaA/An ____________________ is a malignant tumor that occurs in epithelial tissue.​
mumpsSwelling of the parotid glands is a symptom of ________________.
malignantThe term ____________________ means becoming progressively worse and life-threatening.​
malaria____________________ is a disease caused by a parasite that lives in certain mosquitoes and is transferred to humans by the bite of an infected mosquito.​
western blotWhich blood test is most accurate at confirming the presence of HIV?​
thymusThe _____ is a mass of lymphoid tissue located above the heart.​
hemolyticThe term ____________________ means to destroy worn-out red blood cells and to liberate hemoglobin.​
synovial sarcomaWhich term is an example of a soft-tissue sarcoma?​
Antiangiogenesis_____ is a form of treatment that disrupts the blood supply to the tumor.​
herpes virus____________________ is a viral infection that is commonly known as shingles.​
B cellsWhich cells are specialized lymphocytes that produce antibodies?​
influenzaWhich highly contagious viral respiratory infection is commonly known as the flu?​
streptococciThe bacteria that form a chain are known as ____________________.
​radical mastectomyWhich procedure involves the surgical removal of an entire breast and many of the surrounding tissues?​
cytomegalovirusThe ____________________ is a group of large herpes-type viruses that cause a variety of diseases.​
varicellaThe medical term for the condition commonly known as chickenpox is ____________________.​
immunosuppressantA/An ____________________ is a medication that prevents or reduces the body’s normal immune response.​
antiviral drugA medication used to treat viral infections is known as a/an _____.​
anthraxBacilli, which are rod-shaped, spore-forming bacteria, cause ___________________.
adenocarcinomaWhich term means a carcinoma derived from glandular tissue?
Kaposi’s sarcomaAn opportunistic infection that is frequently associated with HIV is ___________.
anaphylaxisA severe systemic reaction to an allergen causing serious symptoms that develop very quickly is known as ____________________.
cervical​_____ lymph nodes are located along the sides of the neck.
needle breast biospyA _____ is a technique in which an x-ray or MRI-guided needle is used to remove small samples of tissue from the breast.​
antigenA/An ____________________ is any substance that the body regards as being foreign.​
west nile virusWhich infection is spread by the bite of an infected mosquito?​
benign____________________ means not life-threatening, though this type of tumor can cause damage.​
cancer_____ is a class of diseases characterized by the uncontrolled division of cells.​
acquiredWhich type of immunity develops from having had a contagious disease?
toleranceWhich term refers to an acquired unresponsiveness to a specific antigen?​
metastasizeWhich term is the verb describing the process by which cancer spreads from the primary site to a secondary site?
parasites____________________ live within other organisms.
splenomegalyAn abnormal enlargement of the spleen is known as ____________________.​
teletherapy​Radiation therapy that is administered at a distance from the body is known as ____________________.
oncologistA/An _____ is a physician who specializes in diagnosis and treatment of malignant disorders such as tumors and cancer.​
​bioimpedance spectroscopy​A noninvasive method of diagnosing lymphedema, _____ measures the resistance to an electrical current passed through the limb.
natural immunity​Which term is also known as passive immunity?