Arts Appreciation Quiz 2

Artists Draw for many reasons including:

A.To define their ideas
B.To plan for larger projects
C.To resolve ideas in preparatory sketches
D.To record visual observations
E.All of the above
F.None of the above

E. All of the above
Paint is a combination of ____________ and a liquid binder


A. Pigment
The binding agent for tempera paint is


D. Egg
Painting process in which pigment is applied to fresh plaster


C. Fresco
Shallow carving that does not project significantly from the background

A. Bas-relief
B. High-relief
C. In the round
D. Modeling
E. Stucco

A. Bas-relief
Which is not a subtractive method of sculpting

A. Casting
B. Carving
C. Chiseling
D. Sawing
E. Drilling

A. Casting
Architectural construction made of two uprights and a crossbeam

A. Dome
B. Load bearing
C. Arch
D. Vault
E. Post and Lintel

E. Post and Lintel
The large central space or aisle in a Romanesque or Gothic cathedral

A. Apse
B. Nave
C. Ambulatory
D. Crossing
E. Aisle

B. Nave
Feature in Gothic architecture used to transfer weight away from walls and ceilings to piers built away from the main structure

A. Flying Buttress
B. Pointed Arches
C. Ambulatory
D. Aisle
E. Apse

A. Flying Buttress
Images created to inform as well as embellish the printed page

A. glyph
B. Illustration
C. pattern
D. Symbol
E. Logo

B. Illustration
a process where the clay is kneaded to work out pockets of air and make the clay easier to work

A. Glazing
B. Working
C. Wedging
D. Doughing
E. Folding

C. Wedging
A “happening” is a type of

A. Ceramic Art
B. Photographic art
C. Performance Art
D. Sculpture
E. None of the above

C. Performance Art
The visual form of printed letters, words, and text

A. Icons
B. Symbolism
C. Typography
D. Tesserae

C. Typography