Bisc 101 test 5

Which of the following is more fit?500 year old bristlecone pine trees hat produces 100 offspring
All of the following are true of evolution, Exceptindividual adapt their fiend to improve survival
Which is necessary for natural selection to proceed?all of the above
Natural selection causeschanges in allele frequencies within a pop
All of the following are true of natural selection, exceptworks best in genetically uniform pop
Natural selection that favors survival of extreme phenotypes of a population is calleddiversifyng selection
When extreme phenotypes are selected against and disappear, which pattern of natural selection is at work?stabilizing selection
Allele frequencies of a population can change byall of the above
The biological species concept defines a species asmember of a pop that interbreed and produce fertile offspring
Frog species mate at different times of the year. this is an example of which type of reproductive isolation?temproal isolation
Reproductive isolation based on location or geography is referred to asecolgoical isolation
Pollen from a tomato plant lands on a grapefruit flower. The pollen fails to grow a pollen tube. an example ofgametic isolation
Which of the following can influence the evolution of speciesall of the above
Which of the following best points to a close evolutionary relationship between two different species?both species have very similar DNA
The proportion of alleles present in a gene pool is called the _____________ and is an important tool in measuring evolutionary changesallele frequency
In an population of 100 mice, if the recessive allele frequency is 0.25 how many copies of the recessive alleles are found in the population?50
Which of the following does not influence allele frequencies in a population?all of the above influence allele freq in a pop
Inbreeding can lead to a decrease in genetic diversity and __________inbreeding depression
Which of the following is not an example of adapive evolution?all choices are non-adaptive
You examine a pop. and note that its allele frequencies for a particular gene are p+0.55 and q+0.45. if you com back and examine the pop after several generations and found that values for p and q have not changed? which is false?the pop is evolving
IF you examine a pop for a particulate gene where B is dominant allele and b is recessive allele, you did the allee frequencies for this gene are p=0.3 and q=
situations would represent a situation that reduces the effect of genetic drift?pop is very large
Which of the following conditions can lead to 2 pop becoming different species?all of the above can lead to speciation
If you examine the gene poll of pop that is evolving sure to genetic drift what do you predict will occurthere is no way to tel how p or q will change
Which is false?13 diff species of finches flew to the galapagos islands and speared themselves in response to different food enviromnets
All of Darwin’s finches came from a single species with a normal beak. Which factors can explain the development of the variety of beaks seen in finches today?a,b,c
dating of fossils is false?fossils can be dated using a microscope to examine tissue
least likely to result in a fossila jelly fish that dies and slowly floats to the botton of the ocean
changes in the evolutionary history of horses is documented by the fossil recordgradual decreas in the number of toes
characteristics would be expected to apply to a transitional fossilb,c
tiktaalik in the correct evolutionary order?lobe-finned fish,t,tetrapods
vertebrate evolution-tiktaalik that we didnt know beforehow vertebrates evolved tetrapod limbs
forelimb of a chicken in a primate contain many of the same bones arrange in the same order. an example ofhomology
variation in shape and function of the forelimb in tetrapods is a result of _____evolutionary adaptions to different environments
an organisms fitness depends onability to survive and reproduce
which is not a pattern of natural selectionall are patterns of natural selection
which of the following factors is not going to affect how natural selection acts on a given group of organismsall of the above are correct
hardy-Weinberg equilibriump squared plus two p q plus 9 squared equals 1
five necessary conditions for equilibriumno mutation introducing new allels into the population, no natural selection favoring some alleles over others, infinitely large population size, no influx of alleles from neighboring populations, random mating of individuals
ecological isolationdifferent environments
temporal isolationfertility at different times
behavioral isolationdifferent mating activities
mechanicalmating organs are incompatible
gameticgametes cannot reunite
hybrid inviabilityno viable offspring can form
hybrid infertilityviable hybrid offspring cannot reproduce
The collection of ___ in a population constitutes that population’s gene poolalleles
the proportion of alleles present in a gene pool is called the ___ and is an important tool in measuring evolutionary changesallele frequency
which of the following situations would represent a situation that reduces the effect of genetic driftthe population is very large
which of the following is not an example of adaptive evolutionall choices are non adaptive