Chapters 8-12

Organizing a buisness beings with:Determining the work to be done
Dividing tasks into smaller jobs:Job Specialization
Job Specialization often enables employees to:Imporve thier job performance
The term mass production refers to:efficiently producing large quantities of goods
Henri Fayol and Max Weber are best know for their contributions toOrganized theory
Max Weber used the term ________ to describe middle managers whose job was to implement the orders of top management:Bureaucrats
The line of authority that moves from the top of a hierarchy to the lowest level is called the:Chain of command
In a bureaucratic organization:employees follow strict rules and regulations
The management at Patriot Mills works hard to ensure that no one in its organization has more than one boss and all workers are treated with fairness and respect. Additionally, the firm divides the work inot areas of specialization so that everyone knows to whom they should report. The management o Patriot Mills reflects the ideas and principles of:Henri Fayol
Which of the following correctly identifies the rationale behind the unity of command principle of management?Workers can become frustrated and confused if they have more than one boss
Which of the following determines the degree of decentralization a firm might use?The degree to which lower level management is empowered to make decisions.
Compared to the centralized management structure, which of the following is a disadvantage of the decentralized management structure.Weakened corporate image
The optimum number of subordinates a manager can supervise is refferred to as the:Span of control
_________ refers to the process of dividing organizational functions into seperate unitsDepartmentalization
A __________ organization is characterized by direct two-way lines of responsibility, authority, and communication running from the top to the bottom of the organization, with all people reporting to only one supervisor.Line
Employees with the formal authority to issue orders, make policy decisions and enforce discipline are classified as:Line Managers
Matrix organizational structures were first developed in:The aerospace industry
All of the following are advantages of a matrix organization structure EXECPT:The project teams are temporary
Which of the following describes a group of employees from different departments working together on a semi-permanent basis?Cross-functional teams
Which of the following positions would be classified as a staff position?A lawyer employed in the legal department of a manufacturing position
Today U.S. companies in the manufacturing sector:have altered their production and managerial styles in order to regain thier competitive edge in many industries
Production maagement has been the traditional term used to refer to the activities managers perform to help their firms created:Goods
In recent years, the service sector of the U.S. economy has:grown much more rapidly than the manufacturing sector
The U.S. economy is now dominated by the:service sector
The basic reason the term production management has been replaced by the term operations management is that:the United States now is a service economy
The resurgence of U.S. mnufacturing firms in recent years can be credited to:a number of significant changes in both the production techniques and management styles used by U.S. firms
_________ is the process of selecting a geographic location for a company’s operations:Facility location
Firms that have a goal of __________ tend to locate facilities near major highways, ports, rail lines and airports.reducing time to market
________ is the arrangement of resources to produce goods and services effectively and efficiently.Facility layout
For services, the facility layout is usually desinged to:help customers find and buy things
Unlike an assembly line where workers perform only a few tasks, in a _________ layout teams of workers combine to perform a variety of tasks needed to produce more complex units of a final product.Modular
In today’s quality control programs, emphasis is placed on:achieving customer satisfaction
The idea behind the Deming Cycle is to:find potential errors before they occur
The ___________ National Quality Award is given to firms that achieve an outstanding level of overall quality based on performance in seven key areas.Malcom Baldrige
___________ standards are concerned with the best practices for managing an organization’s environmental impacts.ISO 14000
Which of the following statements best describes the impact of recent advances in information technology on business location decisions?Advances in information technology will give firms more flexibility in their location decisions by reducting the need to locate close to sources of labor
Which of the following statements about facility location is most accurate?Manufactures often seek to reduce time-to-market by locating facilities in areas which access to key modes of transportation
Which of the following statements about facility layout is most accurate?Facility layout is imporant for manufacturing plants because facilities layout decisions can have a huge impact on the firm’s costs.
Which of the following statments would best describe the quality standard for most service businesses?Our customers are our best guides as to what our quality standards should be.
For most service businesses the quality standard has become:delighting customers by anticipating their needs
The good feeling people get when they have done a job well is a(n):intrinsic
___________ was the father of scientific management.Frederick Taylor
Frank and Lillian Gilbreth developed the principle of _____________, which said that every job could be broken down into a series of elementary motions.motion economy
A basic idea of __________ was to conduct time-motion studies to find the best way to perform each task, then teach people to use these methods.scientific management
Frank and Lillian Gilbreth thought that every job could be broken down into a series of elementary motions that they called:therbligs
According to the principles of scientific management, the best way to improve productivity is to:Use time-motion studies to find the best method of doing each job, then teach those methods to workers.
The Hawthorne studies were conducted by _________ and his colleagues from Harvard UniversityElton Mayo
The original goal of the Hawthorne studies was to determine:the level of illumination that was associated with optimum productivity
The findings of the Hawthorne studies led researchers to look more closely at how ___________ could lead to better productivitythe human side of motivation
Which of the following statements would Elton Mayo be most likely to make soon after concluding his Hawthorne studies?Employees who enjoy their work environment and believe they are respected are likely to be more productive workers.
Which of the following statements about worker motivation is most conssistent with the findings of the Hawthorne studies?Workers are more motivated if they feelk they are part of a special group or project
Maslow was mainly concerned with explaining how:human motivation was related to a hierarchy of needs
Maslow called the needs people have for security at work and home:safety needs
Maslow placed__________needs at the highest level of his hierarchy.self-actualization
Abraham Maslow thought that once needs at one level of his hierarchy were met:another, higher order need would emerge to motivate that person.
Herzberg found that the factors that provided the highest level of motivation were mostly associated with:job content
Herzberg’s research found that the factor that ranked highest as a motivator was:a sense of achievement
Herzberg’s research found that safe working conditions and good pay:helped maintain worker satisfaction, but did little to increase motivation
The practice of moving workers from one job to anoher to make work more interesting is known as:job rotation
Douglas McGregor described two very different sets of managerial attitudes about workers, which he called:Theory X and Theory Y
________________ is the process of evaluating human resource needs, finding the people to fill those needs, and getting the best work out of each employee by providing the best incentives and job environment, all with the goal of meeting the organization’s objectives.Human resource management
The ultimate resource of a firm is its:employees
Today, human resource management has become so important that in many firms it has become:a function of managers in all areas of an organization
__________ workers have a higher skill level than thier current job requiresUnderemployed
Which of the following statements best describes the current view of the role of human resource management within a firm?Huaman resource management functions have become so important that in many firms all managers now perform them
The first step in the huamn resources planning process is to:prepare a human resource inventory
A(n)_____________is prepared as a part of the huamn resource planning process, and indicates the characteristics and qualifications of the organization’s labor force, thus helping the firm determine whether its employees are technically up-to-date and adequately trained.human resource inventory
A __________ is a study of what is done by employees who fill various job titles:job analysis
A________is a statement that identifies the minimum qualifications required of a worker in order to perform a specific job.Job specification
A job________is a statement that identifies the objectives of a job, the type of work to be done, the responsibilities nd duties that are associated with the job, the working conditions, and the relationship of the job to other functions.description
The_________, which is developed from the previous four steps of the human resource planning process, addresses how the firm will accomplish a wide array of human resource functions such as recruiting, training, compensating, scheduling, and compensating its employees.strategic plan
All of the following are essential elements of a job description EXCEPT:the minimum qualifications workers must have to fill the position.
Which of the following statements identifies a key difference between a job description and a job specification?A job description is a statement about the job, which a job specificatin is a statement about the person who does the job
_______ is the set of activities used to legally obtain a sufficient number of the right people at the right time and to select those who best meet the needs of the organization.Recruitmet
Help wanted ads, public and private employment agencies, and college placement bureaus are all _____sources that human resource managers can use in the recruiting efforts.external
Which of the following would be used by a manager who wanted to fill a position using an internal source?promotion of a current employee
Which of the following statements about recruiting is most accurate?It is important for a firm to recruit nd hire peope who are not only skilled but who also fit in with the firm’s culture and leadership style
The first step in the selection process is usually:obtaining complete application forms
One of the main complaints made by critics of employment tests in that these tests:Have been used to discriminate against certain groups
________introduces new employees to the organization, their fellow workers, their supervisors, and to the policies, and objectives of the firm.Employee orientation
A(n)________is an employee organization that represents workers in employee-management bargaining over job-related issues.labor union
The union movement in the United States was an outgrowth of the economic transition caused by the:Industrial Revolution
The first national labor organization in the United States was the:Knights of Labor
In a(n)________, all of the members are skilled specialists in a particular trade.Craft Union
Critics of labor unions argue that unions are no longer needed to protect workers from abusive and unfair treatment because:laws and modern management attitudes minimize the possibility of unsafe working conditions and unfair treatment of workers found in earlier eras.
The______Act established the National Labor Relations Board.Wagner
___________is the process by which representatives of a union meet with representatives of management to negotiate a labor contract for workers.Collective bargaining
The_________was established by the Wagner Act to oversee labor-management relations.National Labor Relations Board
The first federal minimum wage was established by the:Fair Labor Sandards Act
The __________outlawed the use of yellow-dog contracts and prohibited courts from issuing injunctions agains nonviolent union activists.Norris-LaGuardia Act
The_______guranteed the rights of individual union members when dealing with their union.Landrum-Griffin Act
The Taft-Hartley Act:allowed individual states to pass right-to-work laws prohibiting compulsory union membership
One goal of the Landrum-Griffin Act was to:clean up the corrupt practices of unions
The Wagner Act is best described as a(n):pro-union law
The Labor-management Relations Act ( or Taft-Hartley Act) can be best described as a law which:placed limitations on union activities and gave more power to management in dealing with unions
The primary purpose of collective bargaining is to:negotiate a labor-management agreement that both the union and management are willing to accept.
Over the past several decades unions have:frequently changed objectives as the result of shifts in social and economic conditions
Under__________workers are not required to join the union, but those who do not join still must pay a fee or regular dues to the shop agreements
Under a(n)___________shop agreement, workers must belong to the union before they are hiredclosed
If a union is present in a firm that has a(n)________shop arrangement, workers may join the union if they wish, but they are not required to join or pay a union fee in order to keep their jobs.Open