Chapter 22: From Modern to Postmodern

Laurie AndersonOne of the names most closely associated with Performance art is ___________, who is known for the multimedia work Stories from the Nerve Bible.
bring attention to gender inequalities in the art world.The Guerrilla Girls use posters and on-site appearances to
the psychological use of color.Jasper Johns chose familiar images for his subject matter so that he could then concentrate on all of the following EXCEPT
a movement in painting that explores the way a camera “sees.”Photorealism refers to
land artRobert Smithson’s Spiral Jetty is an example of
that art was most like life itself.Allan Kaprow took art in a new direction with “happenings.” His primary claim was
attempting to eliminate the art object.Early Conceptualists reacted to the burgeoning art market by
began as a graffiti artist.Artist Jean-Michel Basquiat
is unstable and communal.Appropriation contends that the meaning of a work of art
can take many directions at the same time, all of them equally valid.One of the ideas behind Postmodernism is pluralism, which proposes that art
three ways of documenting an idea.In Joseph Kosuth’s One and Three Chairs, the viewer is presented with
seen as shocking and brutal.The Women series of paintings by Willem de Kooning caused a stir in the art world. They were
PostmodernismThe artistic recycling of existing images is an aspect of
architectureThe term postmodern was first used in reference to a certain style in
dealt directly with the trauma of Germany’s past.Anselm Kiefer was one of the most prominent Neo-Expressionists. His work
traced the actions of the painter.The term action painting refers to the fact that this new type of painting
Louise Bourgeois.Painting is the primary medium used by all of the following artists EXCEPT
a physical objectMinimalism, a trend that coexisted with Pop, emphasized a continuation of the exploration of nonrepresentation and the idea that a painting or sculpture is primarily
was a convenient way to lump together the Abstract Expressionists.The term New York School refers to a postwar art movement that
Robert Rauschenberg.A Neo-Dada artist who made art from “found” materials and images and named his new art form “combine paintings” is
comic bookRoy Lichtenstein often based his imagery on the
creates an environment for the viewer to enter and experience.A new art form known as “installation”