astronomy 1

The time for the Moon to orbit Earth, relative to the stars is27.3 days
The south celestial pole is located at a declination of -90 degreestrue
That Polaris will not always be the pole star is due toprecession shifting the celestial pole
The synodic month is29.5 days
A star with a declination of +60.0 degrees will benorth of the celestial equator
The fact that the Earth has moved along its orbit in the time it took to rotate once is the reason forthe difference between solar and sidereal time
What are constellations?A number of stars making an apparent pattern in the celestial sphere
In the sky, declination is measured in degrees north or south of the celestial equator.true
f Scorpius is now prominent in the summer sky, in 13,000 years it will be best seenin the winter sky
You note that a particular star is directly overhead. It will be directly overhead again in23 hours 56 minutes
Over 20,000 stars are visible to the naked eye on the darkest, clearest nights.false
Into how many constellations is the celestial sphere divided?88
When the Moon is directly opposite the Sun in the sky, its phase isfull
There are 3,600 arc seconds in a degree.true
The twelve constellations the solar system bodies move through are thesigns of the Zodiac
Latitude and right ascension are coordinate systems used to find objects on the celestial sphere.false
The greatest distance above or below the ecliptic the Moon can move is5.2 degrees
In Ptolemy’s geocentric model, retrograde motion occurs when the planet is closest to us, on the inside portion of theepicycle
In an annular eclipse,the Sun appears as a thin, bright ring
In the scientific method, it is not necessary to test your theory.false
A solar eclipse can only happen during anew moon
If new moon fell on March 2nd, what is the Moon’s phase on March 12th?waxing gibbous
The star Wolf 1061 has a larger parallax, than the star Ross 652 (when viewed from Earth). What can you correctly conclude?Wolf 1061 is closer to Earth than Ross 652
If the Moon appears half lit, and the lit portion is getting smaller each night (you see less lit portion of the moon each night), its phase isthird quarter
In Ptolemy’s geocentric model, the normal eastward motion of the planets was alonga deferent
From Earth, the Sun and Moon have about the same angular size.true
What will occur when the full moon is on the ecliptic?a total lunar eclipse
If you are in the Moon’s umbral shadow, then you are witnessinga total solar eclipse
Changing the electric field will have no effect on the magnetic fields of a body.true
Which of these is the same for all forms of electromagnetic (E-M) radiation in a vacuum?speed
The total energy radiated by a blackbody depends onthe fourth power of its temperature
A jar filled with gas is placed directly in front of a second jar filled with gas. Using a spectroscope to look at one jar through the other you observe dark spectral lines. The jar closest to you containsthe cooler gas
Which of these is emitted when an electron falls from a higher to lower orbital?a photon
The two forms of electromagnetic (E-M) radiation that experience the least atmospheric opacity arevisible light and radio waves
The observed spectral lines of a star are all shifted towards the red end of the spectrum. Which statement is true?This is an example of the Doppler effect
Which of these is not a form of electromagnetic radiation?DC current from your car battery
In general, the spectral lines of molecules aremore complex than those of atoms
The Sun’s observed spectrum isa continuum with absorption lines
If a source of light is approaching us at 3,000 km/sec, then all its waves areblue shifted by 1%
The spectral lines of each element are distinctive to that element, whether we are looking at emission or absorption lines.true
Increasing the temperature of a blackbody by a factor of 3 will increase its energy by a factor of81
In the Kelvin scale, absolute zero lies atzero K
In Bohr’s model of the atom, electronsonly make transitions between orbits of specific energies
As a star’s temperature increases, the frequency of peak emission also increases.true
Electromagnetic radiationcan behave both as a wave and as a particle
If the rest wavelength of a certain line is 600 nm, but we observe it at 594 nm, thenthe source is approaching us at 1 % of the speed of light
The shorter a wave’s wavelength, the greater its energy.true
Medium A blocks more of a certain wavelength of radiation than medium B. Medium A has a higheropacity
Kepler’s first law worked, where Copernicus’ original heliocentric model failed, because Kepler described the orbits aselliptical, not circular
How much stronger is the gravitational pull of the Sun on Earth, at 1 AU, than it is on Saturn at 10 AU?100
Which of these was NOT seen telescopically by Galileo?stellar parallax
The speed of light in a vacuum is300,000 km/sec
Which of these observations of Galileo refuted Ptolemy’s epicycles?the complete cycle of Venus’ phases
According to Copernicus, the retrograde motion for Mars must occurat opposition, when the Earth overtakes Mars and passes between Mars and the Sun
A planet whose distance from the Sun is 3 AU would have an orbital period of how many Earth-years?sqrt 27
According to Newton’s second law, if you double the force acting on a body, the acceleration will double.true
A wave’s velocity is the product of thefrequency times the wavelength of the wave
A circular orbit would have an eccentricity of
If a new wave arrives on shore every two seconds, then its frequency is 2 Hz.false
The force of gravity varies with theA) product of the two masses.
C) inverse square of the distance separating the two bodies.

Both A and C are correct

When a planet’s orbit takes it closest to the Sun, it’s calledperihelion
A planet will speed up as it approaches the Sun.true
If a wave’s frequency doubles and its speed stays constant, its wavelengthis halved.
Tycho Brahe’s contribution to Kepler’s Laws of Planetary Motion werehis detailed and accurate observations of the planets’ positions.
As they move through space, the vibrating electrical and magnetic fields of a light wave must move 18) perpendicular to each other.true
According to Newton’s first law, an object traveling in a circle does not have a force acting on it.false