Art, Ch.1-5, Exam I

An equestrian sculpture is one that includes a
In ancient Rome, ____ sculptures were seen as the ultimate symbol of imperial dignity and power.equestrian
What’s missing in this definition of art? Art is primarily a ____ medium that is used to express our ideas about our human experience and the world around us.visual
Content and form are interchangeable in a work of art.False
Van Gogh was not a member of another stylistic group.True
In a work of art, the word “composition” refers to ____.the arrangement of the formal elements of art
The content of a work of art refers to ____.its meaning
Contemporary art and popular culture often share the same images.True
Every culture, both past and present, has a word that corresponds to ours for art.False
Ancient Egypt had an ever-changing artistic style.False
Ways of categorizing art include:all of these choices
Craft refers to which of the following?pottery
The components of an artwork include perception, response, creativity and ____.expression
Art is always a serious endeavor and never functions as entertainment.False
Art has several functions, including:all of these choices
Traditional Chinese paintings were not made from life, but from memory.True
Eaves and ____ go together in construction.cantilevers
The ____ was most noted for its dome.Pantheon
Geodesic domes are a type of small dome used in early Roman residential architecture.False
Another name for atmospheric perspective is ____ perspective.aerial
Rectangular glass-covered, boxlike buildings are examples of the International style in architecture.True
Rhythm in art is demonstrated by the ____ of one or more of the elements of art.repetition
Visual texture consists of physical surface variations that can be experienced by the sense of touch.False
Value in art refers to ____ and ____.lightness and darkness
Gesture lines are a type of line with an expressive character.True
Ornamentation in architecture usually functions symbolically or ____.aesthetically
Intensity refers to a color’s ____ or ____.brightness or dullness
Horizontal lines mostly suggest
Recent innovations in structural systems include ____.reinforced concrete
An achromatic value scale doesn’t utilize ____.colors
Post and lintel construction is shown bythe Parthenon
Load-bearing construction is usually characterized byfew openings in the walls
Pendentives and squinches are associated with ____.domes
Buttressing occurs when a straight row of arches are placed side by side.False
Generally speaking, architectural structures are practical, aesthetic, meaningful and ____.symbolic
Steel-frame construction has been likened to ____.Skeleton
In ____ printing, areas that are not to be printed are cut away from the printing surface, so the areas to be printed are left higher.Relief
____ sculptures are meant to be viewed from all sides.Freestanding
The ____ is an early type of photographic process.daguerreotype
Printmaking excludes any medium that can produce multiple copies of an image or a design.False
Some contemporary artists use the craft of quilting as an art medium.True
A(n) ____ print is an example of a relief print.woodblock
Except for very small sculptures, all cast sculptures are created using the ____ method of casting.lost wax
A marble sculpture made by cutting away stone is made in a ____ process.subtractive
Some of the oldest surviving paintings were made on ____.clay vessels
The various branches of art making activity, like painting or sculpture, are called ____.disciplines
Gesso is a white, paint-like substance that is brushed onto paper or canvas to serve as a ground for painting or drawing.True
The surface or material that underlies a two-dimensional work of art is called the
____ is a type of printmaking process which uses a slab of limestone or metal and oily crayons, pencils or liquid.Lithography
A silverpoint drawing is ____.made by using a thin stylus made of silver
Gouache is a type of watercolor, which has Chinese white chalk added to it to create an opaque surface.True
Slip is an acid-resistant resin used to make aquatints.False
Ceramics are found in almost every culture, from ancient times to the present.True
Tempera paint is often used to create lines and details
From an art historical perspective, drawing is one of the newest forms of art making.False
Unlike most printmaking processes, monoprinting is a type of printmaking that makes only one copy of an image.True
A subtext of Hopper’s Nighthawks would be ____.a sense of impending doom or entrapment
Gerhard Richter’s series of fifteen paintings entitled October 18, 1977 reflects ____ ideas.poststructuralist
From the moment a work of art is made, its content is subject to change.True
Structuralists believe that in order to understand a work of art, one must study the structure of art and the complex ____ of all its parts.interrelationship
The Tlaloc Vessel is frontal and symmetrical, which is symbolic of ____.formality
Context refers to the social and ____ conditions that encompass a work of art.political
According to ____, all art supports some particular political agenda, cultural structure, or economic/class hierarchy.ideological criticism
The subtext in an artwork refers to ____.its underlying theme or message
The role of the art critic is describe works of art and evaluate their significance
In a work of art, content is conveyed primarily in three ways: through its symbolic references; through written materials and cultural context; and ____.through the subject matter
Ideological criticism deals with a work of art’s ____ significance.political
Symbols are culturally determined and cannot be taught.False
Art historians and art critics from different periods of time often have the same interpretations of the same works of art.False
While ____ was important to modernists, ____ is important to postmodernists.painting/photography
Psychoanalytic criticism helps to interpret artwork with strong ____ content.emotional
The most obvious factor in determining the content of a work of art is its subject matter.True
Content is about a work of art’s ____.theme
Formal analysis is important because it is helpful in understanding the ____ of a work of art.composition
Brazilian born Thai artist Rirkrit Tiravanja created a stainless steel Ping-Pong Table called Untitled 2008 (the future will be chrome). This work is a good example of ____ because gallery-goers can play on it.relational aesthetics
Dona Schlesier’s mixed-media piece Setting Cycles has a subject matter, which is ____.the materials used to make the piece
Most people who want to study art in the United States today study in a college or university.False
Due to an accelerated deadline, Michelangelo Buonarroti’s “Sistine Ceiling” was largely painted by his workshop. Michelangelo was responsible for the finishing details.False
In medieval Europe, specialized societies called ____ preserved technical information for artists and regulated art making.guilds
The opposite of an artist working on a commission is an artist working on ____.speculation
Art is kept by various cultures for the following reasons:all
In ancient Rome, art was often displayed in public baths.True
____ is the first artist in recorded history and was associated with the concept of genius.Imhotep
Artists always establish set standards for determining what is art within a culture.False
The pyramids of ancient Egypt served the purposes of the ____.rulers
The iconoclasts were known as:image breakers
An example of a community artwork is the ____.AIDS Memorial Quilt
The treasures given by the last Aztec ruler, Moctezuma, to Spain during the conquest of the Aztecs were carefully preserved for future generations to study and appreciate.False
Art Academies, or schools providing systematized art instruction, are a relatively recent invention for training artists.True
The first academy in Europe started in the ____ century.fifteenth
Persia’s “kitab-khana” were ____ that made illuminated manuscripts.libraries
Leonardo felt that observation was central to ____ and
Museums became common in ____ during the nineteenth century.Europe
Persia’s (Iran’s) “kitab khana” are early examples of academie-like training for artists.True
The pyramids of Egypt are an example of art as a ____
The view of an artist as a creative genius rather than a skilled worker began to form in Europe during the ____.Renaissance