Chapter 12 Homework Quiz- Intro to Criminal Justice

Prison language is also called ________.Prison argot
An enclosed facility separated from society both socially and physically, where the inhabitants share all aspects of their daily lives, is called a ________ institution.Total
The socialization of new inmates into the prison subculture is called ________.Prisonization
The ________ model of prison culture suggests that inmates bring values, roles, and behavioral patterns from the outside world.Importation
John Irwin described the lifestyle of an inmate who takes advantage of the positive experiences the prison has to offer as a(n) ________.opportunist
Which Supreme Court case provided a balancing test as the guideline for most inmate rights cases?Pell v. Procunier
Many sexual aggressors in prison must continue to participate in gang rapes because they ________.want to avoid becoming victims themselves
Which Supreme Court case set the precedent that disciplinary actions by prison officials could NOT be brought against the inmates without appropriate due process?Wolff v. McDonnell
Within a few years following the end of the hands-off doctrine, the ________ intervened in the running of prisons in numerous states.Federal courts
The ten years between 1970 and 1980 have been called the ________ of prison riots.“explosive decade”
Prisoners rights, because they are constrained by the legitimate needs of imprisonment, can be ________.Thought of as conditional
The ________ is the type of prisoner who thinks of prison as home and feels more comfortable institutionalized than on the streets.Colonizer
Which type of prisoners picture themselves as political prisoners?Radicals
“Rookie” correctional officers learn through socialization that ________.The ideals of professionalism stressed in training are rarely translated into reality
More than half of the children of female prisoners never visit their mothers during the period of incarceration. The lack of visits is due to all of the following reasons, EXCEPT that the ________.Children live with their fathers
What is NOT a cause of prison riots?Multiple treatment opportunities for inmates
Of the women entering prisons, about________ have at least one child younger than age 18.70%
Streetwise young women with little respect for traditional prison values are called ________.Crack kids
Rhodes v. Chapman dealt with which inmate issue?Double-ceiling
Challenges to prison conditions by inmates, which are brought under the Eighth Amendment, must show ________ by the officials responsible for the conditions.Deliberate indifference
Suits formally requesting that the person detaining a prisoner bring him or her before a judicial officer to determine the lawfulness of the imprisonment are called ________.Writs of habeus corpus
A wanton disregard by corrections personnel for the well-being of inmates is called ________.Deliberate indifference
A(n) ________ is a formalized arrangement, usually involving a neutral hearing board, whereby inmates have the opportunity to register complaints about the conditions of their confinement.Grievance procedure
Civil death refers to ________.inmates denied the opportunity to vote, hold public office, or enter into contracts.
Which act of Congress reduced the number of suits brought by state prisoners in federal courts?Prison Litigation Reform Act (PCRA)