Chap. 5 pre/post test

Conservatives typically favorsmaller government
For accurate results, a public-opinion sample mustbe representative
If given the range of choices below, most Americans (until very recently) would probably have classified themselves asmoderate
New research suggests that opinion favoring marriage rights is increasing more quickly in states thathave legalized same-sex marriage than in other states
Normally, samples of how many people are considered sufficient for accurately measuring public opinion through the use of surveys?1,000
Studies show that even individuals with low levels of political knowledge are able to make relatively informed political choices by relying onvoter cues
The bandwagon effect occurs whenpolling results themselves influence people to support the probable victor
the practice of push pulling involvesasking loaded questions to subtly shape the respondent’s opinion
The processes through which underlying political beliefs and values are formed are collectively calledpolitical socialization
The set of underlying orientations, ideas, and beliefs through which individuals come to understand and interpret politics is calledpolitical idealogy
The social desirability effect can damage the accuracy of a poll by respondentscausing respondents to say what they think the interviewer wants to hear
The term used to denote the beliefs that people have about political issues, events, institutions, and personalities ispublic opinion
What is the so-called gender gap?political and voting differences between men and women
What is wrong with the following poll question: “Do you think it was appropriate for President Bush to lie so that he could start a war with Iraq?”push polling
What was the chief problem with the Gallup preelection polls that predicted a very close race between presidential candidates Mitt Romney and Barack Obama in the 2012 election?selection bias
when using a simple random sampleevery individual in a population has an equal probability of being selected as a respondent
Which group is the most influential agent of socialization in early childhood?family
Which kind of polling error arises when a sample of public opinion overrepresents or underrepresents some opinions?selection bias
Which of the following agents of socialization provides most people with their initial orientation to politics?family
Which of the following best describes political knowledge in the United States?the average American exhibits relatively low political knowledge
Which of the following is not a core U.S. value?big government
Which of the following statements about education as an agent of political socialization is accurate?college graduates are more likely than other Americans to be associated with greater involvements in politics
Which of the following statements about how the government and media mold public opinion is accurate?President Obama’s White House has been unique in the high level to which it has used social media to shape public opinion
Which of the following would be the most important factor in determining the reliability of a poll?the size of the sample
A key requirement of an effective ____ is that it is representative.public-opinion sample
A push poll might include a question with the following wording:Do you think it was appropriate for President Bush to lie to start a war with Iraq?
As opposed to a value or belief, an attitude representsa person’s specific preference on a particular issue
Big government is ____________ considered a core U.S. value.not
Equality of opportunity is abasic political value held by most Americans
How did the media affect the Bush Administration’s decision to go to war in Iraq in 2003?It helped to increase the public popularity of the preparations for war
If you prefer smaller government, you are probably aconservative
In contemporary politics being liberal has come to imply supportingsocial reform
Political and voting differences between men and women are known as the ____ gap.gender
Political socialization is the process through whichpolitical beliefs and values are formed
Selection bias occurs when a sample ____ some opinions.overrepresents or underrepresents
The bandwagon effect has been particularly problematic inthe presidential nomination process
The most important agent of socialization early in life isfamily
The size of the overall population under study is ____ in determining the reliability of a poll.not important
Until recently, the classification of “moderate” would have applied tomost americans
What argument does Nicholas Carr make in his best-selling book on the Internet’s effect on political knowledge and participation?The internet reduces depth of thought and analysis regarding political knowledge
What is the state of political knowledge among Americans?low
What kinds of questions are particularly problematic in relation to the social desirability effect?questions about race or gender
When a pollster asks a loaded question to shape a respondent’s opinion, it is known as apush poll
Which of the following best describes the characteristics of a “scientific” poll?representatives sample from a sufficiently large population with no selection bias
Which of the following is one of the two major ways that low levels of political knowledge can shape American democracy?Political power can more easily be manipulated by political elites, the media, and wealthy special interests.
Which of the following is true of political polarization in the United States?Party polarization may actually reduce levels of political knowledge
Which of the following is true of the effect of political party membership or loyalty on political orientation?Partisans tend to rely on party leaders and the media for cues on the appropriate positions to take on major political issues.
Which of the following views would a conservative be more likely to hold than a liberal?concern about law and order