AP Gov Patterson ch 11

In initiating broad legislative proposals, the president enjoys all of the following advantages over congress exceptthe president is more likely to take a national perspective on policy issues
A pocket veto differs from a regular presidential veto in that the pocket vetoapplies only when the Congress is not in session
One must be ___ years of age to serve in the US House of Representatives, and ___ years of age to serve in the US Senate35; 45
For a bill to pass om either chamber of congressit must receive the support of a simple majority of it’s members
A standing committee in the House or Senateall these answers are correct
By and large, partisanship isa huge source of cohesion and division within congress
In contrast to the Speaker of the House, the Senate majority leaderis not the presiding officer of his/her chamber
Since the founding of the United States, the debate over the representative function of Congress has centered on whetherthe primary concern of a representative should be the interests of the nation or of his or her constituency
News media coverage of Congress and the president isheavily tilted to presidential coverage
The scheduling of bills in the Senate is left up toThe scheduling of bills in the Senate is left up to
The oversight responsibility of Congress isNone of these answers are correct
Senators are generally less likely to follow orders of their leaders than House members becausesenators think of themselves as being equals and are only willing to be led by persuasion
Most members of Congress areconcerned with national issues, but even more concerned with local ones
Committees kill roughly _____ percent of the bills submitted in Congress90
More than _____ percent of all PAC contributions go to the incumbents85
A bill has been approved in the House and Senate, albeit in slightly different versions. The bill now goes toA bill has been approved in the House and Senate, albeit in slightly different versions. The bill now goes to
Because of the inherent tension in Congress between the need for strong leadership at the top and the individual congressional member’s need to act according to local concernspower in the Congress is widely dispersed
About _____ percent of all state legislators are women20
There are currently _____ voting members of the U.S. House of Representatives and _____ voting members of the U.S. Senate435; 100
Compared to the Senate majority leader, the Speaker of the House has more power becauseAll these answers are correct
“Mark up” of a bill means thatNone of these answers is correct
The major function of Congress is toenact legislation
Incumbents may have some problems in reelection campaigns ifAll these answers are correct
Which of the following is true of the Democrats’ position in Congress after the 2006 election?They were unable to slow or halt the Iraq War despite controlling both houses of Congress
The modern Congress is different from the nineteenth century Congress in thatmost members are now career politicians who want to stay in Congress
Bills are formally introduced in Congress bymembers of Congress only
Which nation does not have a one-house dominant legislature?the United States
The trading of votes between members of Congress so that each gets the legislation he or she wants islogrolling
Committee staffs within Congressperform almost an entire legislative function
Defining the conditions and scheduling a bill for floor debate in the House of Representatives is the responsibility of theRules committee
Congress typically takes presidential proposalsonly as a starting point
Which of the following statements is true?Party-line voting has increased in recent years
What is the strategy employed in the Senate to prevent a bill from coming to a vote?filibuster
Most of the work on legislation in Congress is doneby committees and their respective subcommittees
Most of the legislative work of Congress is performed bythe standing committees and subcommittees with jurisdiction over particular policy areas
Congressional staffers spend most of their time onconstituency service and public relations
In the nation’s first centuryservice in Congress was not seen as a lifetime career for most of its members
Legislation whose tangible benefits are targeted solely at a particular legislator’s constituency ispork-barrel legislation
The second most powerful person in Washington, D.C. (after the president) is often said to bethe speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives.
In which area has Congress been more likely than the president to exert leadership?policies affecting special interests
Which one of the following statements about the seniority principle is most accurate?Seniority is no longer absolute in selection of committee chairs, but it is usually followed
The dominant policymaking political institution during most of the nineteenth century wasCongress
Compared to House incumbents, Senate incumbents are more likely to face the problem oa strong challenger
Congress’s inability to consistently provide leadership on broad national issues is duethe fragmented nature of Congress
When the House and Senate pass different versions of a bill, the differences are resolved by aconference committee
Compared to other congressional campaigns, open-seat races tend to have all of the following characteristics excepta more predictable outcome
The biggest obstacle to effective congressional oversight isthe sheer magnitude of the task
Through a vote for cloture, the Senatecan end a filibuster
Campaign spending tends to be greatly more importantfor challengers and non-incumbents rather than incumbents
If the Rules Committee applies the “closed rule” to a bill,no amendments will be permitted