ART Unit 4

“Metallic flower” is the description given byFrank Gehry for his Guggenheim Museum Bilbao.
A sub-category of constructed sculpture — seen in the works of Deborah Butterfield — that involves the use of familiar objects in new ways isassemblage.

KEY: Deborah doesn’t wear a bra, she rides free on her horse made of butter, in the fields, with an emblem on its ass.

Alexander Calder was one of the first artists to explore the possibilities ofkinetic sculpture
Aqua Tower, ChicagoGreen construction
Bas-relief; aka low-reliefSculpture that is not freestanding, but projects slightly from a surface.
Cantileverthe overhanging portion of a beam or slab extended beyond its means of support
Chauvet Cave paintingsPaleolithic France.

KEY: When the French were Pale in their Caves, they said: Chau? wee! which meant Cave? yes!

Curtain wallan exterior wall that is not load bearing
During the Neolithic period, art went fromnaturalistic to abstract.
Early stone tools were developed about2,000,000 years ago.

TOOLS = 2 Ooo Ooo

Egyptian art remained relatively unchanged for about 2,500 yearsTRUE
Egyptian art’s main focus was on life here on earthFALSE
Frank Lloyd WrightFallingwater, 1936
Gothic builders were able to open large wall areas for windows because of the use of:pointed arches and flying buttresses
Great Pyramids at GizaEgypt Old Kingdom (c. 2500 BCE)
Groin vaultthe intersection of two barrel vaults
Hagia Sophia, InstanbulDome on pendentives
Head of Akkadian RulerBronze
In Egyptian art, the larger size of important figures in paintings and reliefs is referred to as a hierarchic scaleTRUE
InstallationUsing 3-dimensional media to visually tell a story, often involving an entire space.
Jeppesen Terminal Building, DenverSuspension
KineticSculpture that moves.
King Menkaure and Queen KhamerenebtyGreywacke stone
Le CorbusierDomino Construction System, 1914
LEED gives awards to architects forenvironmental design
Lost-wax processA casting process often used for bronze.
Louis SullivanWainwright Building, 1890
Lyre from the Kings GraveWood, gold, lapis lazuli, shell and silver
Michelangelos’s Awakening Slave is a good example of this kind of sculpture:subtractive
Olafur Eliasson’s Weather Project is an example ofsite-specific art
Our main source of knowledge about Egyptian art is from tombsTRUE
Petroglyphs are made byscratching an image onto a stone surface
Robert Longo’s Corporate Wars: Wall of Influence is an example ofa high-relief sculpture
Sculpture that is created by removing material, as from a block of wood or stone, is called _____ sculpture.subtractive
Seagram Building, NYCSteel-frame construction
StonehengeNeolithic England
The 25,000-year-old Venus of Willendorf is associated withthe Great Mother Goddess
The ancient Sumerians developed the world’s first wheel, plow andwriting system
The Chicago School’s contribution to 20th-century architecture wasthe skyscraper
The Crystal Palace by Joseph Paxton is an excellent example of architecture usingCast iron, glass and prefabricated modular units
The Mesopotamians built their temples, such as that of Ur-Nammu, on a type of structure called aziggurat
The Seagram Building is created using steel-frame construction and glass curtain walls — this is typical of theBauhaus style
Trussestriangular framework used to span or support
Wall Painting from the Tomb of NabamunPaint on dry plaster
Walter GropiusBauhaus, 1926
Which architect famously stated, “Less is more”?Mies van der Rohe
Which structure features a ring of posts and lintels?Stonehenge
Which structure features an arcade of round arches?Pont du Gard
Which work is an example of assemblage?Pablo Picasso’s Bull’s Head
Who led the Chicago School and is generally regarded as the first great modern architect?Louis Sullivan
Ziggurat of Ur-NammuMesopotamia (Sumer)
From a bicycle seat and handlebars, the artist ______________ formed a sculpture and titled it Bull’s Head.Pablo Picasso
The Crystal Palace by Joseph Paxton is an excellent example of architecture using:cast iron and glass
Michelangelo’s Awakening Slave is a good example of this kind of sculpture:subtractive
The architect Frank O. Gehry has the idea that architecture is similar to functional sculpture, as can be seen in his _______________.Guggenheim Museum Bilbao
Julio Gonzalez was the sculptor who first used the _____________ to create his metal sculptures.welding torch
The Roman aqueduct Pont du Gard is a good example of the _____________ method of construction.arch and arcade
The Chicago School of architecture was led by the first great modern American architect:Louis Sullivan
The cast aluminum work Corporate Wars: Wall of Influence by artist Robert Longo is an excellent example of a __________ sculpture.high-relief
Gothic builders were able to open large wall areas for windows because of the use of the pointed arch and _________________.flying buttresses
America’s contribution to twentieth-century architecture was:the skyscraper
Lara SchnitgerGrim Boy, 2005
Marc Andre RobinsonThrone for the Greatest Rapper of All Time, 2005
Elizabeth CatlettMother and Child #2, 1971
Charles RayFather Figure, 2007
All four ancient civilizations emerged in the valleys of the big rivers. Which territory was named Mesopotamia “the land between the rivers?”Tigris and Euphrates Rivers valley — in Iraq
Egyptian pyramids were built to serve as:tombs
Mask from Mummy Case was found in the tomb of which pharaoh?Tutankhamen
Paleolithic periodOld Stone Age
Neolithic periodNew Stone Age
PetroglyphRock engraving
Earthenware BeakerIran
Burial UrnChina
Murujuga PetroglyphsAustralia
Deer and Hands (Las Manos Cave)Argentina
StonehengeNeolithic Europe (England)
The Great Pyramids at GizaEgypt, Old Kingdom (c. 2500 BCE)
Ziggurat of Ur-NammuMesopotamia (Sumer)
Funerary Temple of Queen HatshepsutEgypt, New Kingdom (c. 1450 BCE)
Stonehenge was erected around 2,000 B.C.E., which we refer to as the _______ period.Neolithic
The ancient Sumerians developed the world’s first wheel, plow and _______.writing system
The Sumerians worshiped their nature gods in shrines set atop gigantic platforms called ________, which were made of sun-baked bricks (core) and fired bricks (facing).ziggurats
The first Paleolithic wall paintings were found in the caves of France and Spain just a short 100 years ago. The most recently discovered paintings, found in 1994 in the _________ , turned out to be the oldest (about 30,000 years old).Chauvet cave, France