Art Appreciation Ch. 1-3

No society that we know of has lived without some form of art. The impulse to make and respond to art appears to be as deeply ingrained as the ability to learn ___________.language
The famous Neolithic structure in England, made of megaliths that once formed several concentric circles, is called ___________stonehenge
Radiocarbon testing indicates that the earliest images made by humans date back to the ________ PeriodPaleolithic
“All art is basically Paleolithic or Neolithic: either the urge to smear soot and grease on cave walls or pile stone on stone” was said byAnthony Caro
The most famous of Maya Lin’s works is theVietnam Veterans Memorial
The 10th-century copper sculpture illustrated in this chapter is the work of an artist performing the role of “giving tangible form to the unknown.” The unknown, in this case, is the physical form of the deityShiva
Although Vincent van Gogh suffered emotionally throughout his life, he was able to give his emotions tangible form in works such as TheStarry Night
The sculptor Constantin Brancusi spent his life searching for forms that weresimple, pure, and timeless
The nature of _______ suggests that the most important key to looking at art is to become aware of the process of looking itself.perception
According to the author, the most important meaning of an artwork is what it means to theviewer
Vanitas paintings meditate on the fleeting nature of earthly _____ and happinesslife
Wheel of Fortune was created byAudrey Flack
All of the following methods were used by prehistoric painters: animal fats and _____ mixed together, the use of ____ brushes, and powdered _____ blown through hollow reedswater, animal hair or reeds, and pigments
Theo van Gogh was Vincent van Gogh’s ____ dealer, brother, and supporter; both _______ and _______art, financial and emotional
We owe our access to Vincent van Gogh’s thoughts and feeling about many of his paintings to the many ____ he wrote to friends and relatives.letters
The oldest drawings and paintings found in the Chavet cavewere not meant to embellish their habitats, used natural pigments and charcoal, created a connection with the beasts depicted, established a connection with these beasts, all of these answers
The function of artist to give tangible form to the unknown is evident in the 10th century sculpture Shiva Nataraja through images that represent the following concepts EXCEPT:The sculpture reports a story about a Hindu dancer
Van Gogh’s paintings are of high value because he plays a large role in Western art history. There are a _______ number of his paintings, but his work had a major influence on subsequent _______. It has been noted that his ______ allow the viewer to feel a connection with the artist himself.Limited, artists, painting
According to the author, Leonardo da Vinci’s Mona Lisa dazzled his contemporaries because the portrait was almost miraculously _______life like
During the _______ the term “art” was used roughly in the same sense as “craft.”middle ages
The field of philosophy called aesthetics asks the questionWhat is art, can we apply our concept of art to art of the past, can we apply our concept of art to art of different cultures, is there one correct standard for judging art, all of these
Fisherman’s Cottage on the Cliffs at Varengeville was painted byClaude Monet
These terms describe works done by nonprofessionals:Folk art, naïve art, intuitive art, outsider art
To discover why the sculptor of the Amida Nyorai depicted the subject with elongated earlobes, specific hand gestres, and a bun atop his head requires the use oficonography
The term style is used to categorize a work of art by its ______ characteristicsvisual
Our modern ideas about art carry with them ideas about the ____ and the ______artist and audience
During the 18th century, beauty and art were discussed together because both were felt to provide _____pleasure
_____ is the name for a standard subject in Christian art, that of Mary, the mother of Jesus, holding her son after he was taken down from the crossPieta
if a work of art is faithful to our visual experience, its style isnaturalistic
When discussing the size, shape, material, color, and composition of a work of art, we are discussing itsform
During the Renaissance in Western Europe, _____, ______, and ______ came to be regards as the more elevated of the artspainting, sculpture, and architecture
After much study of the Arnolfini Double Portrait, experts agree that they still debate the work’siconography
Context is a factor of ties that bind a work of art to thelife of its creator, tradition it grows from and to which it responds, audience for which it was made, society in which it was circulated, all of these
Ann Hamilton’s Mantle is an example ofinstallation
Andy Warhol’s images created from celebrities are portrayed through mass produced multiple _____ imagessilkscreen
which statement is NOT true regarding James Hamilton’s Throne of the Third Heaven… body of work?The artist intended the work to be viewed by everyone as a message of redemption
Representational art with an approach to naturalism covers:fabric drapes over bodies, recording effects of light and shadow on form, inner structures of bodies, all of these
According to the following was designed as a place of worship or meditation?all of these: Sainte-Chapelle, the Great Mosque at Cordoba, and the Buddhas in Bamiyan, Afghanistan
Iconoclasm means the _____ of images based on religious beliefsdestruction
Cimabue’s Madonna Enthroned and Rathnasambhava, the Transcendent Buddha of the South are similar in all these ways EXCEPTthey share the same iconography
___ and ____ are examples of themes in artart and nature
whereas the Christian image by Cimabue depicts the central figure surrounded by angels, the Buddhist image in this chapter shows the central figure surrounded bybodhisattvas
the pyramids at Giza Egypt wee built astombs
The subject matter of Edward Hopper’s Gas depict aspects of everydaylife
is the best-known work of the bizarrely inventive Hieronymus BoschThe Garden of Earthly Delights
The ____ often created equestrian statues of their emperorsRomans
Jeff Wall’s A Sudden Gust of Wind (after Hokusai) is a _____ that refer to a ____photograph, print
Pablo Picasso Painted Guernica in 1937 for the _______ ________ of the Paris World’s FairSpanish Pavilion
Christian Boltanski draws upon the _____ to create his work ___holocaust, Altar to the Chases High School
The painter, _____ , explores the varieties of visual delight, the natural instinctive pleasure we can take in the everyday experience of lookingPat Steir
19 century American painter employed the American landscape as a subject. One such artist was Thomas Cole who focused on an area of the Connecticut River to create theOxbow