Colonoscopyexamination of the entire colon
Proctosigmoidoscopyexamination of the rectum and sigmoid colon
Sigmoidoscopyexamination of the sigmoid colon
Peritoneoscopydiagnostic laparoscopy
Excision, lesion of the palate with a simple primary closure42106
A diagnostic esophagoscopy was performed. During the procedure an esophageal polyp was found and removed by hot biopsy forceps.43216
A physician is placing a nasogastric tube using fluoroscopic guidance.43752
The destruction by electrosurgery of fourteen papilloma lesions in the anal area.46999
Plastic repair of a bilateral cleft lip, primary, in one stage.40701
Plastic repair of the cleft lip/nasal deformity primary bilateral, one of two stages.40702
Colotomy with removal of foreign body.44025
Transection of the esophagus with repair for esophageal varices.43401
Repair of an initial reduced inguinal hernia; with a hydrocelectomy in a patient who is 28 months of age.49500
Surgical repair of a reducible inguinal hernia of a 4 month old male, initial repair.49495
___________ is the term that describes the displacement of an organ or tissue that protrudes through the wall or from the cavity that usually contains it.hernia
A direct ligation of esophageal varices.43400
I&D of a peritonsillar abcess.42700
The gallbladder is removed under laparoscopic guidance.47562
A morbidly obese patient’s stomach is partitioned with a staple line on the lesser curvature. A short limb of small bowel 90 cm is divdided and anastomosis was accomplished to the upper stomach pouch.43846
The semen analysis following a bilateral code
Fulguration of a urethral prolapse.53275
The patient requires the lysis of post-circumcision penile adhesions.54162
A complete transurethral electrosurgical resection of the prostate.52601
Urethromeatoplasty with mucosal advancement.53450
Ureteral endoscopy through an established ureterostomy with irrigation and the removal of a foreign body.50961
Complex cystometrogram with calibrated electronic equipment.51726
A radical retropubic prostatectomy with nerve sparing.55840
Radical orchiectomy by inguinal approach due to a tumor.54530
A nephrectomy with a total ureterectomy and bladder cuff, through different incisions.50236
Cystourethroscopy with insertion of permanent urethral stent.52282
Bilateral vasectomy.55250
Urethral biopsy.53200
Colposcopy of the vulva with biopsy.56821
Colposcopy of the vulva with six biopsies.56821
Fitting and insertion of a pessary.57160
Removal of cerclage sutures under general anesthesia.59871
Colposcopy of the cervix with a biopsy.57455
Total abdominal hysterectomy with an anterior/posterior colporrhaphy and enterocele repair.58150
The marsupialization of a Bartholin’s gland cyst.56440
Partial removal of the vaginal wall, vaginectomy.57106
Code the vaginal removal of a 230 gram uterus.58260
Code the treatment of a septic abortion that was completed surgically.59830
External cephalic version without tocolysis.59412
Treatment of an incomplete abortion that was treated surgically during the second trimester.59812
Unlisted procedure, maternity care and delivery.59899
Catheterization and introduction of contrast for a hysterosalpingography.58340
Assign a code for a cesarean delivery with postpartum care and a ligation of fallopian tubes performed at the same operative session.59515
Code a diagnostic hysteroscopy.58555
D&C was performed on a patient with dysfunctional uterine bleeding.58120
Drainage of left ovarian cyst, abdominal approach.58805-LT
The patient presents with a perineal abscess of the vulva. The physician performs incision and drainage.56405
The patient is undergoing clinical brachytherapy with insertion of Heyman capsules.58346
The physician performs a surgical laparoscopy with fimbrioplasty.58672
Surgical hysteroscopy with lysis of multiple intrauterine adhesions.58559
A patient who has delivered twice by means of cesarean section receives complete obstetrical care and vaginal delivery services that include the postpartum care.59610
Amniocentesis. Code only the procedure, not the radiological service.59000
Vaginal delivery with episiotomy and use of forceps.59409
Dilation and curettage of cervical stump.57558
Intrauterine cordocentesis. Do not code the radiological portion of the procedure.59012
Induced abortion by dilation and evacuation.59841
Antepartum care only after vaginal delivery by another physician, eight visits.59426
Patient presents for a laparoscopic salpingostomy.58673
________ describes cutting into the vagina to gain access to the pelvic cavity.colpotomy
Total prenatal care for vaginal delivery after a previous cesarean delivery and postpartum services.59610
Loop Electrode Excision ProcedureLEEP
Introduction of saline into tubes/ovaries to determine patencyHysterosonography
Cervical dilatorProstaglandin
Vaginal birth after cesareanVBAC
Suturing of uterine cervixCerclage
Breath test for alcohol.82075
A chorionic gonadotropin stimulation panel with an estradiol response.80415
The physician ordered a hemogram, hepatitis B surface antigen, antibody rubella, qualitative syphilis test, antibody screen, blood typing ABO and a blood typing RhD on a pregnant woman.80055
A serum amylase.82150
A qualitative screening for methamphetamine.80300
A quantitative screening for methamphetamine.80324
A stool test for Helicobacter pylori.87338
A pap smear utilizing the Bethesda system done by manual screening and computer assisted re-screening under physician supervision.88166
An influenza B immunofluorescence antigen detection.87275
A wet mount to determine a vaginal yeast infection using KOH prep.87210
An intradermal tuberculosis TB test.86580
A blood count, CBC, automated with a differential.85025
A three specimen glucose tolerance test.82951
A dipstick urinalysis for ketones.81000
A thyroid stimulating hormone (TSH) test.84443
A screening for arsenic poisoning (a heavy metal).83015
Chemistry test for gases, blood, and 02 saturation only by direct measurement.82810
A blood creatinine.82565
An immunoassay for tumor antigen, quantitative; CA 125.86304
Code a hepatitis A, IgM antibody; hepatitis B core antibody, IgM; hepatitis C antibody, all ordered at the same time.86709
Hepatic function panel.80076
Drug screening, confirmation, one procedure.80304
Fecal occult blood, three determinations by guaiac.82272
Sodium, urine.84300
Peripheral blood smear interpretation by physician with a written report.85060
Alkaloids, quantitative, urine.80323
Three specimens for total gastric acid.82930×3
Blood analysis for HGH.83003
Bladder Biopsy – Pathology88305
Postmortem examination, gross only with brain and spinal cord.88007
__________ of the CPT manual lists some HCPCS modifiers.appendix A
Physical status modifier P3 indicates a patient with ______________ systemic disease.severe
Codes for qualifying circumstances are located in both the anesthesia guidelines and the ______________ section of the CPT manual.medicine
Anesthesia for diagnostic arthroscopic procedure of the knee joint.01382
Anesthesia for bilateral vasectomy.00921
Anesthesia for tracheobronchial reconstruction.00539
Anesthesia for burr holes.00214
Anesthesia for radical hsyterectomy.00846
Daily hospital management of epidural, continuous drug administration.01996
Assign a CPT anesthesia code and applicable modifiers for anesthesia services for an 81 year old patient with mild systemic disease who receives anesthesia for revision of total hip arthroplasty.01215-P2
Assign a CPT anesthesia code and applicable modifiers for anesthesia services or a 9 month old normal child who received anesthesia for hernial repair in the lower abdomen.00834-P1
Assign a CPT anesthesia code for debridement of third degree burns of right arm, 6% body surface area.01952
Assign a CPT anesthesia code for percutaneous liver biopsy.00702
Assign a CPT anesthesia code for total hip replacement, open procedure.01214
Assign a CPT anesthesia code for repair of cleft palate.00172
Assign a CPT anesthesia code for Strayer procedure.01474
Moderate or ___________ sedation is a type of sedation that may be provided by the physician performing the procedure.conscious
If anesthesia was provided to a patient who is not expected to survive without the surgical procedure being performed, which physical status modifier would be appended to the anesthesia code?P5
Anesthesia code or a biopsy of the clavicle.00454
Anesthesia code for a tympanostomy of the left ear performed on an 11 month old female.00126