astronomy final review

compared with earth’s orbit, the orbit of Jupiter is approximately5 times larger
compared with earths density the density of Jupiter ismuch less
the main constituent of Jupiter’s atmosphere ishydrogen
Jupiter’s rocky core islarger than earth
Jupiters atmosphere extends far into space, stretching5 AU ( astronomical units)
the moon of Jupiter most similar in size to Earths moon isIo
Io’s surface appears very smooth because itis continually resurfaced by volcanic activity
The Galilean moons of Jupiter are sometimes described as a miniature inner solar system becausethe moons’ densities decrease with increasing distance from jupiter
how many moons have been found orbiting Jupiter63 moons
Jupiters 4 largest moons areThe Gallilean moons- ( Io, Europa, Ganymede, Callisto)
What similarities does the Galilean moons have to the terrestrial planetsorbits have low eccentricity, largest moons are sone what larger than mercury, and density decreased as distance from jupiter increases
Ioactive volcanoes due to tidal forces
Europacrcaked icy surface may be liquid water underneath
Ganymede and Callistovery similar both rock and ice
Jupiter’s metosphere is30 million km across