BIOL Module 5

Inheritance of mutant forms of some genes may lead to a predisposition to develop cancer. Which of the genes listed below has not been linked to hereditary forms of cancer?BRCA-1
How do the daughter cells at the end of mitosis and cytokinesis compare to their parent cell when it was in G1 of the cell cycle?The daughter cells have the same number of chromosomes and the same amount of DNA.
Many growth factors are classified as which of the following?proto-oncogenes
The drug chloral hydrate prevents elongation of microtubules by preventing the addition of new subunits to the growing end. During which stage of mitosis would chloral hydrate be most harmful?prophase
Rebecca found out that she has a mass of dividing cells called a tumor in her ovaries. She has had tests and is returning to the doctor. What would the best results the doctor could tell her be?It is a benign tumor.
A mutation results in a cell that no longer produces a normal protein kinase for the M-phase checkpoint. Which of the following would likely be the immediate result of this mutation?The cell would never leave metaphase.
The G2 checkpoint prevents the cell cycle from continuing untilDNA is completely replicated AND damage to DNA can be repaired.
A protein that promotes apoptosis would be considered a(n)tumor suppressor.
A positive genetic test for telomerase indicates thata cell is probably cancerous.
Multicellular organisms undergo mitotic cell division toincrease the size of the organism.
If cancer is discovered at an early stage, which treatment method is most often used?surgery
All of the following statements are true about mitosis exceptthe cells arising from the process contain only half of the necessary genetic material.
Cancer cells have abnormal chromosomes because they express telomerase when they should not.False
Stem cells that contain telomerase can be found in adults.True
Which lifestyle choice is responsible for 90% of the cases of lung cancer among men?smoking
Which is NOT a correct association?interphase-shortest stage of the cell cycle
If a cell has 46 chromosomes at the beginning of mitosis, then at the end of anaphase there would be a total of92 chromosomes.
When during the cell cycle are chromosomes visible?during Mitosis
For the figure shown here, indicate the correct stage of meiosis and diploid chromosome number.metaphase I, 2n=4
During meiosis I, the homologous chromosomes of a tetradface opposite spindle poles.
Which of the following statements is true?Chromosomes are classified into two categories, the sex chromosomes that determine gender and autosomes that determine non-gender related traits.
During prophase I, a diploid organism contains how many copies of each gene?4
The human life cycle consists ofadults who are diploid and produce haploid gametes, these gametes fuse to produce a diploid zygote which grows into an adult.
Which of the following is a correct match?separation of sister chromatids – anaphase II
You are looking at a cell under the microscope, and see what appears to be several “X” structures being pulled to each side of the cell. What stage of meiosis are you looking at?anaphase I
A tetrad is composed oftwo chromosomes with two sister chromatids each.
Klinefelter syndrome can result fromnondisjunction during meiosis I or II in either parent.
Which of the following does not occur twice during meiosis?pairing of homologous chromosomes