Business Ethics: Unit 1 Quiz

Former NBA referee Tim Donaghy entered a guilty plea to two federal felony charges in connection with his bets and tips to others on NBA games. Mr. Donaghy picked teams to win in games he was scheduled to referee. Experts have said that Donaghy committed the equivalent of insider trading on Wall Street by providing outsiders with information about games, players, and referees. He got $5,000 from his tippees for correct picks. Apart from the criminal charges, what category of ethical breach does Mr. Donaghy’s conduct fall into?Conflict of interest
How long had former MIT admissions dean Marilee Jones concealed her lack of a college degree?Twenty-eight years
Into which of the following categories do patent and copyright infringement fall?Taking things that don’t belong to you
The Declaration of Independence relied on which ethical school of thought?Divine Command
The Graduate Management Admissions Council announced that it would begin using a “palm vein” scan to eliminate proxy test taking after the FBI broke up a ring of six test takers who had taken the GMAT for 590 applicants, for a price of $3,000 each. Which ethical category does the conduct of the proxy test takers fit into?Giving or allowing false impression
The Theory of Moral Sentiments:Was written by Adam Smith.
There are no laws that cover cutting in line. However, those who do take cuts in line are viewed with disdain by others because:Normative standards govern this behavior.
Under the Blanchard/Peale model, which of the following statements is correct?If it’s illegal, it’s unethical.
Under the Rights Theory, who holds the responsibility for protection of rights?Government
What happened to the Piper High School teacher, Ms. Pelton?Her decision was reversed and she quit
What is the variable in uncovering resume fraud?The amount of time it takes to uncover the fraud
What reason did Jimmy Dunne III of Sandler O’Neill give for dedicating his time and resources to helping the families of his employees who were killed in the World Trade Center attacks?His son will also be judged by how Jimmy Dunne responded to his employees’ families’ needs
Which is Warren Buffett’s test for ethics?The Front-Page-of-the-Newspaper test
Which of the following does the Sadhu represent in the “Parable of the Sadhu”?Ethical challenges in business
Which of the following is not an element of the Laura Nash’s model for evaluating ethical dilemmas?Is it legal?
Which of the following people is associated with the “Front-Page-of-the-Newspaper” test for ethical dilemmas?Warren Buffett
Which philosopher developed the “greatest happiness principle”?John Stuart Mill
Which philosopher feels that we all hold a set of rights and that it is the role of government to protect those rights?Robert Nozick
Which philosopher is associated with the Rights Theory?Robert Nozick
Which philosopher would start with a tabula rasa and then develop ethical standards?John Rawls
Who is the lead character and author of the article, “The Parable of the Sadhu”?Bowen McCoy
Who of the following follows the Front-Page-of-the-Newspaper test?Warren Buffett
With reference to “The Parable of the Sadhu”, how many times had the author successfully climbed Mt. Everest?Never
With reference to “The Parable of the Sadhu”, what happened to the Sadhu?None of these
You had quite a night last night of partying. Because of excessive drinking, you are unable to get to work today. When you call your supervisor you:Should disclose the prior night’s activity.