Baroque 2

An ____ is a play, set to music, sung to orchestral accompaniment, with scenery, costumes, and action.opera
The text, or book is called the _____.libretto
Operas are usually written by the ______librettist
A song for solo voice with orchestral accompaniment is called an ____.aria
_____ refers to a vocal line that imitates the rhythms and pitch fluctuations of speech.Recitative
When three or more singers are involved the composition is called an ____ensemble
A ____ is a musical number for two solo voices with orchestral accompaniment.duet
An ______ is an orchestral composition performed before the curtain rises on a dramatic workoverture
Members of the Camerata wanted to create a new vocal style based on the ______music of the ancient Greek tragedies
The first opera house in Europe to offer entry to anyone with the price of admission opened in the year ____ in ____1637, Venice
The earliest opera that has been preserved in fragments is _______Peri’s “Euridice”
Monteverdi spent the greater part of his career in ________St. Mark’s in Venice
True or False: All twelve of Monteverdi’s operas are regularly performed in Europe and America.False, most have been lost
True or false: The story you learned was that, Orpheus, son of Apollo, is married to Eurydice. But she is killed by a poisonous snake. He goes to hades to bring her back to life, and is allowed to do this because of his beautiful music. He is told to not look back at her as he is bringing her out of hades, but he does and she vanishes. Apollo feels sorry for Orpheus and brings him to heaven for forever.True
The texture of “Tu se morta” is _____homophonic
The ____ genre has three melodic lines: two high lines and a basso continuotrio sonata
trio sonata involves ____ instruments4
A baroque musical composition usually expresses _____ within the same basic mood
In the baroque era, dynamics consisted mainly of sudden alterations between loud and soft called _______.terraced dynamics
The main keyboard instruments of the baroque period were the ____ and the ________.organ, harpsichord
The word _______ in music normally refers to a piece that sounds fairly complete and independent but is part of a larger composition.movement
The large group of players in a Concerto Grosso is known as the ____ with the _______ parts.tutti, concertino
The concerto grosso most often has ______(number) movements whose tempo markings are: fast, slow, fast.three
A _______ is polyphonic composition based on one main theme.fugue
The main theme of a fugue is called the ______.subject
Baroque Sonatas (trio sonatas—4 movements-fast-fast-slow-fast) usually involve four performers (basso continuo/melodic bass line is _______).doubled
A sonata intended to be played in church, and therefore dignified and suitable for sacred performance, was called a ________.sonata da chiesa
A sonata to be played at court, and therefore dancelike in character, was called a _______sonata da camera
______ spent most of his life working at an institution for orphaned and illegitimate girls in Venice.Vivaldi
His Spring of Four Seasons is an example of a new genre: (_____) Solo ___________violin, concerto with orchestra