A&P Ch 19/29

If both mother and father are heterozygous for a trait showing simple dominance, what is the probability that one of their future children will show that trait?75 percent
Most of the plasma proteins required in the coagulation process are produced by __________.the liver
Granulocytes are produced in __________.red bone marrow
Which of these statements about basophils is not true?They are abundant
Red blood cells carry __________ to the lungs and __________ to the tissues.carbon dioxide; oxygen
The enzyme that dissolves fibrin is named __________.plasmin
Except for the amount of __________, plasma and interstitial fluid differ little in composition.protein
People with type “O” blood are considered “universal donors” for transfusions because __________.their blood lacks A and B antigens
The complex process that leads to the formation of fibrin from fibrinogen is called __________.coagulation
A person with a type A positive blood type can safely receive blood from all of these donors except __________.B positive
During fibrinolysis __________.clots slowly dissolve
Plasma makes up approximately what percentage of whole blood?55%
The agranular leukocyte (agranulocyte) that is capable of phagocytosis is the __________.monocyte
Megakaryocytes are the source of __________.platelets
Which of these is not a surface antigen found on red blood cells?O
If an individual has a functional allele on one chromosome but a non-functional allele at the same position on the homologous chromosome, they are genetically __________ for the trait.heterozygous
The largest white blood cell in circulation is the __________.monocyte
The common pathway in coagulation ends with __________.conversion of soluble fibrinogen to insoluble fibrin
Granulocyte-colony-stimulating factor (G-CSF) stimulates production of __________.neutrophils
Serum can’t coagulate because the __________ has been removed.fibrinogen
Red blood cells (RBCs) are removed from the circulation after about __________.120 days
If one parent is homozygous for a trait that exhibits simple dominance and the other parent is heterozygous for that trait, their offspring will have a __________ chance of possessing that trait.100%
The formed elements of blood consist of _________.red blood cells
white blood cells
—All of these are formed elements of blood—
The formed elements are largely produced within the __________.red bone marrow
The white blood cell type that most rapidly increases in number after a bacterial infection is the __________.neutrophils
Except for __________, the following statements about blood are true.pH is slightly acidic
The most abundant solute in plasma is __________.protein
If a patient has thrombocytopenia, the best therapy is infusion of __________.purified platelets
The most abundant protein in blood is __________.hemoglobin
An important function of thrombocytes is to __________.transport clotting factors
Reticulocyte is a stage in the development of __________.red blood cells