Chapter 8 Quiz: Bureaucracy

The value of explicit rules in bureaucratic institutions is that they:Create standardization and predictability
The civil service replaced the _________ as a method of choosing government workers.Spoils system
The goal of the Pendleton Act and the Hatch Act was to:Reduce political influence over federal government employees
The fundamental difference between most private bureaucracies and public bureaucracies pointed out in the text is that:Most private bureaucracies have the explicit goal of making money, so accountability is straightforward.
Groups of citizens whose interests are affected by an agency and who work to influence its policies are called:Clientele groups
All of the following are trends or events that have led to growth in or creation of government agencies EXCEPT:The end of slavery
Congress sets up most regulatory agencies as boards or commissions, with members having fixed terms, in order to:Make them independent of political pressure, particularly from the president
The bureaucracy engages in the lawmaking process:Because Congress often passes very general laws that require clarification before they can be enforced
The Whistleblower Protection Act of 1989 has:a step toward counteracting negative behavior
The term iron triangle refers to the:Phenomenon of members of interest groups, congressional committees, and bureaucratic agencies cooperating for mutual benefit