abnormal psychology 2 chp 3 and 4

A panel of psychologists and psychiatrists evaluates the test results and clinical interviews of a client in a sanity hearing. They all arrive at the same diagnosis. The panel has high:interrater reliability
A new assessment tool does a good job of differentiating those who later will be depressed and those who will not be depressed, and it produces results similar to those of other tools measuring depression. Therefore, the new assessment tool has good:predictive validity
If a clinician begins by asking, “would you tell me about yourself?,” the clinician is MOST likely conducting a (n):unstructured interview
If a particularly interested in a client’s family background and community influences, that clinician is MOST likely from which orientation?sociocultural
The assumption behind the use of projective tests as assessment tools is that:the responses come from the client’s unconscious
a patient looks at a series of black and white pictures, making up a dramatic story about each. The patient is taking:the thematic apperception test
The test that reports one’s results on clinical scales such as “hypochondriasis” (HS) and “Psychopathic Deviated” (PD) is the:Minnesota multiphasic personality inventory
Compared to projective tests, personality inventories:have higher validity
a response inventory that asks individuals to provide detailed information about their typical thoughts and assumptions is a(n):cognitive inventory
a client is hooked up to an apparatus that measures galvanic skin response and blood pressure, after which the client verbally answers a series of questions. The type of clinical test being used ispsychophysiological
a client reports having infrequent, but extremely disturbing, tactile hallucinations. The MOST useful of the following ways to gather information about this person would involve:self-monitoring
Deciding that a client’s psychological problems represent a particular disorder is called:diagnosis
symptoms such as sadness, loss of appetite, and low energy cluster together to form a:syndrome
DSM-5 was developed by:American Psychiatric Association
DMS-5 is the classification system for abnormal behaviors that is:most widely used in the U.S.
Assessment tools such as the Severity of Illness Rating Scale are used to provide what kind of information for making a diagnosis?dimensional
therapies that have received clear research support are called:evidence-based
patients receiving therapy for a psychological problems, on average, experience improvement greater than____of people with similar problems who do not receive treatment.75%
Are people ever harmed by therapy for DSM-diagnosed disorders?sometimes; at most, about 5-10% of those treated seem to get worse
the movement that has tried to find the common strategies that “good” therapists used is called:rapprochement
the MOST common mental disorders in the U.S are the:anxiety disorders
people with one anxiety disorder are most likely to:experience another anxiety disorder too.
a person who is restless, keyed-up, and on edge for no apparent reason is experiencing:free floating anxiety
someone interested in the effects of culture, poverty, and race on the risk for generalized anxiety disorders, probably represents the _____perspective.sociocultural
according to freud, children who are prevented from expressing id impulses like making mud pies, playing war, and exploring their genitals are at risk for developing:neurotic anxiety
according to freud, a generalized anxiety disorder is most likely to result when:defense mechanisms are too weak to cope with anxiety
if you criticized everything you did, looking for flaws, and never could measure up to your personal standards, you would be exhibiting what Carl Rogers called:conditions of worth
a person who believes that it is awful and catastrophic when things are not the way he or she would like them to be is displaying a:basic irrational assumption
research on the cognitive explanation for the development of generalized anxiety shows that people with generalized anxiety symptoms:over estimate their chances of being harmed
if your therapist gave you homework that required you to challenge your maladaptive assumptions and replace them with healthier ones, the therapist would be using:rational-emotive therapy
benzodiazepines are believed to be effective in treating generalized anxiety disorder because they mimic the effect of _____at certain receptor sites in the brainGABA
which of the following is a nondrug biological treatment for anxiety that is in general use today?relaxation therapy
an intense, persistent, and irrational fear that is accompanied by a compelling desire to avoid the object of the fear, to the point of interfering with the life of the person calledphobic disorder
a woman you know constantly avoids crowded streets and buildings, and is very reluctant to leave home, even with a friend. Recently, she has experienced extreme, sudden fear every time she enters a crowded street or building. Most likely, this woman would be diagnosed with:agoraphobia
little Karen was bitten by a tan pony she was riding at a carnival. The incident left her hurt and frightened. The next month she was visiting her uncle, who has a tan Great Dane (dog). It frightened her even though she had never had a bad experience with a dog. Fear of this dog is an example of:stimulus generalization
You are suffering from arachnophobia. Your therapist first has you go through relaxation training, then has you construct a fear hierarchy, and finally, has you go through a phase of graded pairings of spiders and relaxation responses. This approach is called:systematic desensitization
Steve is afraid of eating in public, expecting to be judge negatively and to feel humiliated. As a result, he always makes up excuses when asked out to eat. His diagnosis would MOST likely be:social anxiety disorder
You notice someone who is sweating, experiencing shortness of breath, choking, feeling dizzy, and is afraid of dying. If what is happening is not a heart attack but an indicator of an anxiety disorder, the person is MOST likely experiencing a:panic attack
the cognitive explanation for panic disorders is that people who have them:misinterpret bodily sensation
People who experience obsession show:thoughts that are intrusive and foreign to them
According to behaviorists, why do patients engage in compulsive behaviors?those behaviors reduce anxiety and are thus reinforced