Abnormal Psycho Chapter 4

Which is an argument for doing away with diagnoses?Diagnostic labels can be self-fulfilling prophecies.
A mental status exam is an example of a(n) _____ interview.structured
Dr. Reed, a psychiatrist, has been asked by Sally’s primary care physician, to perform a _____ as Sally’s present complaints have no organic basis.clinical assessment
In order to help clinicians become more familiar with and apply research findings, there is an ever-growing movement in the United States, the United Kingdom, and other parts of the world called _____ treatment.empirically supported
The DSM-5 lists approximately _____ mental disorders.500, 400
In terms of test-retest reliability, people who take the MMPI a second time after a period of less than _____ receive approximately the same scores.two weeks
A(n) _____ has tried to identify a set of common strategies that may run through the work of all effective therapists, regardless of the clinicians’ particular orientation.rapprochement movement
Studies suggest that therapy often is _____ no treatment or placebos.more helpful than
The most RECENT DSM was published in:2013
Deciding whether a person is displaying a specific psychological disorder involves the use of:categorical information.
Nancy is trying to stop smoking, but she doesn’t realize what triggers her need to smoke. What technique could help her understand what her triggers are?self-monitoring
_____ is a disorder found in Southeast Asia in which a man suddenly becomes intensely fearful that his penis will withdraw into his abdomen and that he will die as a result.Koro
A psychopharmacologist is a _____ who primarily prescribes medications.psychiatrist
The MMPI-2 consists of _____ self-statements that make up 10 clinical scales.567
These inventories measure the severity of such emotions as anxiety, depression, and anger.affective
The DSM-5 requires the use of both _____ information and categorical information as part of the diagnosis.dimensional
_____ is a disorder once common among Algonquin Indian hunters wherein they believed in a supernatural monster that ate human beings and became cannibalistic.Windigo
_____ tests require that clients interpret vague stimuli, such as inkblots or ambiguous pictures, or follow open-ended instructions, such as to “Draw a person, place, or tree.”Projective
The MOST widely used personality inventory is the:Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory.
_____ percent of people in the United States qualify for three or more diagnoses during their lives.17.3
These types of tests detect brain impairment by measuring a person’s cognitive, perceptual, and motor performances.neuropsychological
He developed the first modern classification system for abnormal behavior in 1883Kraepelin
Which is NOT a drawback to using a projective test?The clinician can gain supplementary insights
Field studies were run as the DSM-5 was being developed in order to ensure:reliability
This neuroimaging technique converts MRI pictures of brain structures into detailed pictures of neuron activity, thus offering a picture of the functioning brain.fMRI
This neuroimaging technique takes X rays of the brain’s structure at different angles.CAT
This type of projective test involves people making up dramatic stories about 30 black-and-white pictures of individuals in vague situationsThematic Apperception Test
_____ is a disorder found in Malaysia, the Philippines, Java, and some parts of Africa where people jump around violently, yell loudly, grab knives, or other weapons and attack any people or objects they encounter.Amok
Is therapy generally effective? Are particular therapies generally effective? Are particular therapies effective for particular problems? These three questions are asked in _____ outcome studies.Therapy
A cluster of symptoms that usually occur together is known as a:Syndrome
MOST other countries use what classification system for mental disorders?ICD
This is the process in which a test is administered to a large group of people whose performance then serves as a norm against which any individual’s score can be measured.standardization
This is the measure of the consistency of test or research results.reliability
This type of projective test is MOST likely to be administered to children.Kinetic Family Drawing Test
A list of disorders, along with descriptions of symptoms and guidelines for making appropriate diagnoses, is known as a:classification system
_____ is a disorder found among members of Indian tribes in Central and South America and is MOST likely to occur in infants and young children.Susto
Security personnel at airports, as well as clinical observers, may experience a steady decline in accuracy as a result of fatigue or of a gradual unintentional change in standards used when an observation continues for a long period of time. This is known specifically as observer:Drift
Currently in the United States, there are more than _____ clinical tests in use.500
Dr. Jones believed she had selected the best anxiety assessment for her study because it made sense and seemed reasonable. This is known as:face validity
Dr. Williamson discovered that the latest depression instrument had a less than moderate correlation when administered over time to the same patients. The test lacked:test-retest reliability
Which category appears for the first time in the DSM-5?binge eating disorder
A test that actually measures what it is supposed to measure is known to have:validity.