CISS Exam 2

Components of an online profileDetilas about an individual that are combined from online and offline behaviors, including comments, postings, likes and shares
Report abuse quicklyFirst step to take when being cyberbullied or cyberstalked
NetiquetteA set of online communication practices and rules
Identity TheftThe nation’s fastest growing crime, where victims are unaware it’s being committed until the damage is done
Driver’s license, birth certificateItems and identity thief can obtain to impersonate you
LegalLegal or Illegal: Copying a quote from a website and citing the source
Not LegalLegal or Illegal: Copying a photo from a website and then using it without requesting permission
Not LegalLegal or Illegal: Copying content from a Wikipedia article, changing the words and using the text without citing the source
LegalLegal or Illegal: Receiving permission fro ma photographer to use one of his photos
LegalLegal or Illegal: Downloading a video in the public domain and using it in a presentation
TrueTrue or False: An expert system is programmed to follow rules specified by an expert in a field.
FalseTrue or False: Neural networks are patterned after computer networks, with one computer connected to another.
TrueTrue or False: The two broad categories of AI applications are conventional AI and computation intelligence.
FalseTrue or False: AI applications fall into two broad categories: virtual reality and medical diagnosis.
False; it DOES use AITrue or False: Speech recognition software does not really use artificial intelligence.