chapter 16 history review

with of the following called for african americans to pull themselves up from their own bootstrapsBooker T Washington
some african american leaders responded to segregation byeducating themselves and writing pamphlets
W.E.B. Du Bois and Booker T. Washingtondisagreed over whether achieving equality was the burden on the nation or of african americans
which gilded age president was known for his integritybenjamin Harrison
the populist party lost power in large part as a result ofthe 1896 election of McKinley
republicans argued that high tariffs wouldallow american industries to grow
what encouraged president Arthur to pursue civil service reformassassination of presided garfield
the spoils system made political parties more powerful byfilling important government positions with party supporters
in the late 1800s the republican partysupported both high tariffs and the gold standard
the populist partycalled for “free silver” to help raise process for farm goods
what did Thomas Nast work to exposethe illegal actives of “boss” tweed
party loyalty was to he spoils system as _____ was to the civil servicean individual’s skills
harvard graduate who cricked BookerT. Washington’s ideasW.E.B. Du Bois
tool used to prevent African americans from voting by charging them moneypoll tax
political group that demanded “free silver” and government ownership of railroadspopulist party
democratic presidential candidate who supported “free silver”William Jennings Bryan
organizations that brought farmers together to form farm cooperativesfarmers’ alliances
republican winner of the 1896 presidential electionWilliam McKinley
schoolteacher, journalist, and anti-lynching activistsIda B. Wells
legislation meant to segregate blacks and whitesjim crow laws
founder of an organization that taught farmers new farming techniquesOliver H. Kelly